Canadian Grumman G-73 Mallards

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Canadian Grumman G-73 Mallards

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This is a list of 21 of the 59 Grumman G-73 Mallard's that have been registered in Canada.

There are no G-73 Mallards left in Canada, the last one leaving in 2010 exported to the U.S.A.

I did not copy word for word from the book, "The Grumman Amphibians" by Fred J. Knight and Colin R. Smith but just kinda followed the life of the Grumman G-73 Mallard's registered in Canada and what happened to them and where they are now.

Dates are: (Year) (Month) (Day)


Built as G-73 prototype, reg NX41824 to Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. Bethpage, NY., and first flight 1946-04-30. Approved Type Certificate No. 783 was issued 1946-09-08, aircraft reg. NC41824 and used as a demonstrator. Sold to Avalon Industries Ltd., (K. C. Irving), St. John's, NL., and exported to Canada, 1949-03-23. Reg. VO-ACC, with CofR 1949-03-19. Re-reg. CF-GPA with CofR and CofA to Avalon Industries Ltd., 1949-04-26. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 1,411hrs., valid until 1950-11-05 and at TFH: 1,780hrs., valid until 1952-01-02. Accident, 1951-12-04; shortly after take-off from Millidgeville Air Port, St. John's, NL. to Quebec City, PQ, the right engine caught fire. The pilot was unable to maintain direction with full power applied to left engine, necessitating a reduction in power which, in turn, resulted in the aircraft losing height and striking trees which sheared off the left wing. No serious injuries but aircraft destroyed b fire, Cancelled from CCAR.1952-01-09.


Built as a G-73. CofA and CofR issued for CF-BKE to McIntyre-Porcupine Mines (J. P. Bickle), Toronto, ON., 1946-09-28. Cof R to Major Andrew P. Holt, Montreal, PQ., 1948-04-16. CofR to Terence F Flahiff (attorney for Ontario Paper Co.), Thorold, ON., 1950-12-19. CofR to Ontario Paper Co. Ltd., Thorold, ON.,1958-09-30. Aircraft named: "Celeste" TFH: 6,500hrs. as of 1967-01-01. CofA renewed at TFH: 8,365hrs., valid until 1971-10-02. Bill of 10% sale from Ontario Paper to Continental Can Co., 1973-05-25. CofR to Ontario Paper/Continental Can Co. of Canada Ltd.,Thorold, ON., 1973-06-06. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 0,989hrs., valid until 1974-10-02. Nominal change 1976-12-29: Continental Can Co became Continental Group of Canada Ltd. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 9,945hrs., valid until 1978-12-16. Nominal change: Continental Group became Continental Can Canada Inc., in 1983. Bill of sale for 90% from Ontario Paper to QNS Paper Co., 1984-01-24. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH:11,525hrs., valid until 1985-05-27. CofR to QNS Paper Co. LTD., St. Catherines, ON., 1984-05-15. Inspected and CofA renewed at 12,556hrs., valid until 1988-05-27. Nominal change: QNS became Quebec & Ontario Paper, 1987-06-12. CofR issued 1988-03-17, TFH: 14,181hrs., reported on Due Date of 1991-05-27. Nominal change: Quebec & Ontario Paper became QUNO Corp., 1992-12-03. TFH: 14,548 reported on Due Date of 1995-05-27. Aircraft damaged (but no details known) and repaired 1995-08-22. QUNO Corp., amalgamated with Donohue Acquisitions Inc., to form Donohue QUNO Inc., 1996-03-01 and another nominal change saw Continental Can Canada became Crown Cork & Seal Canada Inc. also in 1996. TFH: 14,721hrs., reported on Due Date of 1996-05-27. CofR to Donohue QUNO Inc.., (90%) Crown Cork & Seal Canada Inc., (10%), Montreal, PQ.., 1996-12-31. Merger with Donohue QUNO Canada Inc., (10%) Montreal, PQ., 1996-12-31. Merger of Donohue QUNO with Donohue Forest Products to form Donohue Forest Products Inc.., 1997-03-01. Bill of sale (of the 10%) Crown Cork & Seal to Donohue Inv., 1997-04-08. TFH: 14,841hrs., reported on Due Date of 1997-05-27. CofR to Donohue Forest Products Inc., Montreal, PQ., 1998-02-02. TFH: 14, 841hrs. reported on Due Date of 1998-05-27. Bill of sale to Tanglefoot Wing & Wheel Co., Coolin, ID., 1998-10-06. Cancelled from CCAR on export to U.S.A., 1998-10-22. Aircraft restored to original condition by Tanglefoot and reg N12YZ, 2000-05-23 and Transport CofA issued 2003-07-03. Grounded by FFA after Chalk's crash in December, 2005, but current and airworthy May 2013, with CofR due to expire 2014-04-30. As of March, 2021 USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 2000-05-23
Expiration Date: 2023-04/30
Reg. Owner: Tanglefoot Wing & Wheel Co., Coolin, Idaho.


Built as a G-73, October, 1946 , first flight, 1946-11-04 and CofA, 1946-11-05. CF-GAM applied for but ntu and CF-EIZ, allotted to Toronto Globe & Mail, Toronto, ON., 1946-08-21. Bill of sale Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., to The Globe & Mail, 1946-11-08. CofA and CofR issued 1946-11012 to Globe Printing Co., Toronto, On. Bill of sale to Canada Veneers Ltd., St John, NB., 1953-08-04. CofR to Irving Oil Transport Ltd., St. John, NB., 1957-01-02. Cancelled from CCAR: 1962-06-21. Bill of sale to Madden & Smith Aircraft Corp., Miami, FL., 1962-05-16. CofR as N74842, 1962-08-22. Cancelled from USCAR: 1963-02-14 and exported to Panama. To Club de Pesca de Panama, SA, Bay of Pinas, Panama and reg. as HP-383 in 1964. Bill of sale Club de Pesca de Panama, SA to Club de Pesca de Panama, a division of Chemical Express Inc., Dallas, TX., dated 1964-04-03 but not signed until 1966-09-01. Bill of sale Chemical Express Inc. to Jack Richards Aircraft Co. Inc., Oklahoma City, OK., 1966-07-11 as N74842. Bill of sale to Tulakes Aviation Inc., Bethany, OK., 1966-07-15 and cancelled from Panama HP Register, 1966-08-19. Reg. N168W, 1966-11-07. Bill of sale to Baslser Flight Services Inc., Oshkosh, WI., 1967-09-28. Bill of sale to Business Aircraft Inc., Green Bay, WI., 1967-11-17. Bill of sale to Jack Richards Aircraft Co. Inc., Oklahoma City, OK., 1979-02-09. Bill of sale to Westernair of Albuquerque, NM. (book shows AZ but I can't find one in AZ). 1971-01-08. Bill of sale to Combs Aircraft Inc., Denver, CO., 1971-03-31. Bill of sale to Edward F. Dixon, Mt. Carmel, PA., 1971-06-06. Bill of sale to International Aircraft Fuel Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas 1978-0614 and cancelled from USCAR: 1978-07-03. Reg. C6-BDW to Visair Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas in 1978. Bill of sale to Smilax Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas 1985-04-22. Aircraft based at Fort Lauderdale, Executive Air Port, FL., after circa March 1986. Cancelled from Bahama's register, 1987-03-23. Reported reg. N15WJ (not on FAA file) and offered for sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL., in 1987 at TFH: 7,073hrs. Bill of sale to Trans American Executive Jet Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL., 1989-07-14 with CofR as N168WA, 1989-09-01. Bill of sale to John H. Naysmith, Kent WA., 1991-07-23. Bill of sale to Tropical Sea Air Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand, 1992-08-10. Cancelled from USCAR: 1992-08-27 and reg. HS-TPB 1992-08-31. Prepared for ferry flight in Canada and Camarillo, CA., but never reached Thailand due to oil/fuel leaks preventing ferry flight. Noted stored engine-less at Chalk's, Fort Lauderdale, FL. in July 1993. Thailand reg. cancelled March, 1994. Bought at auction 1994-04-05 by James Confalone, after Tropical Sea Air had been taken to court. Bill of sale Chalk's to US Distributors Inc., Miami, FL., 1994-04-05 with CofR as N168WA, 1994-09-28 and re-reg. N168TM, 1994-09-30. Bill of sale to Pantechnicon Aviation Ltd., Glenbrook, NV., 1996-11-19. Re-reg. as N168WA, 1997-06-25. Address change to Ketchikan, AK., 1998-01-07 and to Portland OR., 2000-09-06. Major overhaul at Victoria Air Maintenance, Sidney, B.C., September, 2003. Pantechnicon address changes to Minden, NV., 2004-08-26. Grounded by FAA after Chalk's crash in December, 2005. Undergoing wing spar checks/repairs at Minden, NV., June, 2007. As of July, 2007 TFH: 7,448hrs. Cleared to fly by FAA 2008-04-27. First flight after grounding 2008-04-09. Aircraft current and airworthy as of May, 2013 with CofR due to expire 2014-01-31. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 1997-04-26
Expiration Date: 2023-01-31
Reg. Owner: Pantechnicon Aviation Ltd., Minden, Nevada.


Built 1946-11-29 as G-73, CofA issued 1946-12-19 and sold to Powel Crosley Jr., Cincinnati, OH., 1946-12-19. Reg. NC2944 and CofR issued 1947-01-10. Address change to Crosley Air Port, Sharonville, OH., October, 1947. Later to N2944. Authority to ferry St. Louis, MO. to Montreal, PQ., 1954-05-18 and exported to Canada, 1954-05-20 via sales agent Remmert-Werner Inc., St Louis, MO., and purchasing agents Babb Co. Ltd. St. John's, PQ. Cancelled from USCAR: 1954-05-28. CofR and CofA for CF-HPA issued to Pacific Western Airlines, Vancouver, B.C., 1954-05-21. CofR issued to B.C. Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, 1959-06-15. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 11,120hrs, valid until 1965-04-06 and at TFH: 18,064hrs., valid until 1971-05-14.Bill of sale B.C Airlines to Abitibi Paper Co. Ltd., Toronto, ON., 1970-05-20 for $75,000. Bill of sale to Dean Franklin, Miami, FL., 1973-03-08, for $85,000. Cancelled from CCAR: 1973-03-12. Reg. N17552, to Dean Franklin Aviation Enterprises Inc., Miami, FL., 1973-03-23. Reg. CF-HPA allotted to North Coast Air Services Ltd., 1973-06-20. U.S authority to ferry Miami, Fl. to Vancouver, B.C., 1973-07-19. Bill of sale Dean Franklin to North Coast Air Services, 1973-07-24. Inspected 1973-07-30 at TFH: 18,289hrs. and cancelled from USCAR: 1973-08-09. CofR issued to North Coast Air Services Ltd., Prince Rupert, B.C., 1973-10-11. Accident on 1974-03-05: on a flight from Seal Cove, Prince Rupert to Masset, B.C. the aircraft became airborne after a longer than normal run (allegedly due to being overloaded). It then veered slightly to the left and then started a turn to the right. The turn continued for about 180º after which the wings leveled, but the aircraft then was heading towards steeply rising ground. It began to hit the trees at circa 425 feet above sea level and came to rest against a tree in a steep nose-down attitude, 2 miles SE of Seal Cove, B.C. 3 killed (including pilot, Robert Norman Anderson, son of the company President and 15yr. old Celeste Winnifred Yeltatzie, her 19yr. old brother Richard Silas Yeltatzie, both from Masset, B.C ) and 7 other passengers injured. Cancelled from CCAR: 1978-10-02


Built as G-73, reg. as NC2946, 1946-11-18, to Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, NY., and used as a demonstrator, including a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1947. To 20th. Century Fox Film Corp., Beverly Hills, CA., 1948-11-23 and later to N2946 Featured in 1953 film "Slattery's Hurricane", which also stared Richard Widmark. Authority to ferry Los Angeles, CA. to Vancouver, B.C., 1954-09-21. Bill of sale to Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., 1954-09-21. CofA issued 1954-09-23 and CofR issued for CF-HPU to Pacific Western Airlines, Vancouver, B.C., 1954-09-24. Aircraft named: "Kitimat Princess". Accident, 1958-09-19 on a flight from Tofino, B.C to Vancouver, B.C., the undercarriage was selected down but showed "unlocked", A wheels up landing was made on the grass but aircraft ran father than expected and crossed the runway, damaging the keel. repaired, inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 7,180hrs., valid until 1960-04-20. Bill of sale to B.C. Air Lines Ltd., 1959-05-25, included sale of 2 Mallards, 4 Norseman, equipment, wharves and docks, plus transfer of ABT licenses, for $400,000. CofR issued to B.C. Air Lines, Vancouver, B.C., 1959-06-15. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 8,194hrs., valid until 1961-04-20, at TFH: 12,815hrs., valid until 1966-04-20 and again at TFH: 18,587hrs., valid until 1971-03-21. Permanent CofA Granted. Lease to Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., 1970-09-01, with CofA issued 1970-09-24, TFH: 19,949hrs. as of June, 1970. Bill of sale (for Mallards CF-HPU s/n J-9 and CF-MHG s/n J-21) from B.C. Air lines to Pacific Western Airlines, 1973-12-13. TFH: 22,149hrs., as of August, 1973. Bill of sale to West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1973-12-28 (for Mallards CF-HPU s/n J-9 and CF-MHG s/n J-21), but leased back to Pacific Western with CofR issued 1974-02-13. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 23,008hrs,m valid until 1975-05-15. Sold to Gander Aircraft & Engineering Corp., Miami, FL., 1975-01-08 and cancelled from CCAR: 1975-01-28. Reg. N123DF to Chalk's Flying Service (Dean Franklin) Miami, FL., June, 1975, at TFH: 24,000hrs. Converted to G-73T with UAC PT6A-34 engines and reg. N609SS to Frakes Aviation, Cleburne, TX., November, 1984. First flight after conversion 1984-11-21. Total time 33,340hrs as of April 1988. Withdrawn from use at San Juan, Puerto Rico, October, 1989, after damage by Hurricane Hugo, 1989-09-17. To Caribbean Airline Services Inc., Carolina, Puerto Rico. May 1990 at TFH: 35,000. Leased to Sea Air Shuttle Inc., San Juan, Puerto Rico, January, 1992. Returned to Caribbean Airline Services Inc., Carolina, Puerto Rico, 1993-08-01. Damaged beyond repair when blown ashore while anchored off Venezuela in 1994. Aircraft dismantled and reported to have been taken to a "military airport". Presumed rebuilt still listed as airworthy, but CofR expired 2012-06-30. Cancelled from USCAR: 2012-10-11.


Built as G-73, reg. NC2947 to Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, NT., December, 1946 and used as a demonstrator. Hull damaged and repaired July, 1947. To Popular Mechanics (magazine),Chicago, IL., 1947-11-04, as N2974. Aircraft named: "Apache III". To Meurer Co. Inc., New York, NY., 1948-12-10. To Bower Roller Bearing Co., Detroit, MI., 1948-12-13. Re-reg. N294Z to Federal Mogul Bower Bearings, (nominal change) 1955-07-29. TFH: 3,770hrs. at 1955-09-28. To Federal -Mogul-Bower Bearings Inc., (nominal change) 1961-03-17. Accident, 1964-02-26: substantially damaged when gear collapsed landing at Clinton County Air port, Frankfort, IN. 2 crew and 3 passengers uninjured. To Frakes Aviation, Angwin, CA., 1972-08-09 and restored as N2947. Allotted G-GHLA, 1974-10-31. Bill of sale to West Coast Air Service, Vancouver, B.C., 1974-11-18. Cofa issued 1974-11-27. TFH: 12,962hrs. as of 1974-12-13. Cof R for C-GHLA issued to West Coast Air Service, 1974-12-16 CofA renewed at TFH: 15,343hrs., valid until 1978-11-27. Bill of sale to Amphibian Sales Inc. (Dean Franklin), Miami, FL., 1978-05-26. Cancelled from CCAR: 1978-08-02 and reg. as N26DF. TFH: 15,680 as of 1978-09-27. To Antilles Air Boats (AAB) Inc., Christiansted, US Virgin Islands, 1978-10-26. To ANTL Inc/Resorts International, North Miami, FL., 1978-10-27, at TFH: 15,700hrs., and leased to AAB. Transport CofA issued 1979-03-29. Withdrawn from use at TFH: 17,721hrs., 1981-09-11 and stored at St. Croix. To Virgin Island Seaplane Shuttle, St Croix, US Virgin Islands and in service 1982-03-15. Withdrawn from use due to severe wing damage during maintenance, 1984-04-03. Dismantled and shipped to Frakes for turboprop conversion, July, 1984. To Associated Consultants International, 1984-12-28. Re-reg. N610SS in 1985, but not converted to G-73T. Sold to Frakes Aviation, Cleburne, TX., with CofA, 1991-09-24. Grounded by FAA after Chalk's crash in December, 2005. Current and airworthy August, 2012 but CofR expired 2012-09-30. Reg still assigned to Frakes but cancelled from USCAR: 2013-03-11. As of March, 2021, shown by USCAR as:
Deregistered Aircraft: N610SS Grumman G-73, s/n J-10
Certificate Issue Date: 1991-09-24
Cancel Date: 2013-03-11
Reg. Owner: Frakes Aviation, Cleburne, Texas.


Built as G-73, Reg. CF-FFG allotted to Lord Beaverbrook, 1946-12-20. Transferred by bill of sale from Beaverbrook to Canprint Securities Ltd.,March, 1947 and CofR and CofA issued to Canprint Securities Ltd., Montreal, PQ., (Beaverbrook), 1947-01-25. Bill of sale to New Brunswick Holding Co. Ltd., Fredrickton, NB., 1947-10-30. Bill of sale to Herbert P. Holt, Montreal, PQ., 1948-06-09 for $125,000. Bill of sale to Asiatic Petroleum Corp., New York, NY., 1951-04-02 and cancelled from CCAR: 1951-04-23. JZ-POA allocated April, 1951 but ntu. Reg. PK-AKG to Nederlandsch Nieuw Guinea Petroleum Maatschappij (Dutch New Guinea Petroleum Co. - NNGPM), Babo, Dutch New Guinea, April, 1951. Re-reg. JZ-POB, 1955-01-15. To Trans Australia Airlines, Melbourne, VIC., 1962-01-16 and first flight after overhaul, June, 1963. Re-reg. VH-TGA, 1963-06-13. To Utah Construction & Mining Co., Invercargill, NZ., 1963-09-02 and reg. as ZK-CDV, 1963-09-11 at TFH: 2,300. Delivered ex Melbourne 1963-10-08 and arrived Invercargill, 1963-10-17. TFH: 4,931hrs as of 1966-01-11. NZ reg. cancelled 1969-02-08. Sold to Air Pacific Ltd. Suvs, Fiji and reg. VQ-FBC. 1969-02-25. Reg. N2442H on sale to Crow Inc., Toledo, OH., 1971-04-14 and departed Fiji the same date. To Pelican Seaplanes Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL., 1973-12-15. To Barnett Leasing Co., Fort Lauderdale, FL., 1973-12-19 and leased to Seagull Air Services. To P. M. Davis dba Seagull Air Services, Miami, FL., 1975-05-09. Bill of sale R. Slade, 1977-10-06. Authority to ferry Kalispell, MT. to Hamiliton, ON., October, 1977. Reg. C-GRZI allotted to R. Seaton, Bowmanville, ON.., 1977-10-11. CofA and CofR for C-GRZI issued to Reginald Slade, Burlington, ON., 1978-06-26 at TFH: 5,295. Bill of sale from Sade to Harold Serpass, Dallas, TX., 1978-11-17 for US$199,999. Cancelled from CCAR: 1978-11-24 and reg. N2442H. To Chalk's International Airline Inc., Miami, FL., 1979-10-25. Leased to Antilles Air Boats (ABB), Christiansted, US Virgin Islands, 1980. TFH: 6,068hrs. as of June, 1980. Returned to Chalk's when AAB ceased operations September, 1981. For sale in Florida at TFH: 7,125hrs. in 1983. To Champlain Enterprises Inc., Miami, FL., October, 1983, To Kermit A. Weeks, Tamiami, FL.,1984-08-01. To David B. Robinson, Miami Springs, FL., August, 1984. To Airport Facilities Inc., Miami, FL., November, 1985. Sold back to To David B. Robinson, Miami Springs, FL., January, 1987. Noted derelict at Miami, 1987-07-26, but repaired and Transport CofA issued 1990-05-30. To Amphibian Parts Inc., Miami, FL., October, 1990. To Steven T. Hamilton, Carson City, NV., November, 1992. To Erickson Group Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., but ntu, Restored to Steven T. Hamilton, Reno, NV., 1993-06-17. Re-reg. N2950., March, 1998 but carries NC2950. Rebuilt to original specifications by Victoria Air Maintenance, Victoria, B.C., in 2000. Aircraft based in Minden, NV. Current and airworthy May 2013, with Cof R due to expire 2014-10-31. As of March, 2021 USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 1993-06-17
Expiration Date: 2023-10-31
Reg Owner: Steven T. Hamilton, Reno, Nevada.


Built as G-73, January, 1947 and allocated NC2965, for a US customer but ntu. Bill of sale Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., to Algoma Steel Corp. Ltd., 1947-03-14. US CofA for export issued 1947-03-19. CofR and CofA for CF-FOD to Algoma Steel, Sault Set Marie, ON., both issued 1947-03-24. CofA renewed at TFH: 506hrs, valid until 1951-05-09. CofR issued to McIntyre Porcupine Mines Ltd., Toronto, ON., 1951-02-02. CofA renewed at TFH: 589hrs., 1952-05-09. Bill of sale to Union Producing Co. Shreveport, LA., 1951-04-05, for US$142,000. Authority to ferry Toronto to Canadian/US border, 1951-04-05 and cancelled from CCAR: 1951-04-06. Reg. as N4949N to Union Producing Co., Shreveport, LA., on 1951-04-20. Accident 1954-01-10: crashed near Wallace Lake. 10 miles South of Shreveport, after taking off from a duck hunting camp on Lower Mud Lake, LA., some 190 miles SSE of Shreveport, All 12 on board, crew of two and 10 passengers, including Tom Elmer Braniff, President and Founder of Braniff Airlines, were killed. The aircraft was destroyed by impact and subsequent fire. TFH:1,730hrs. Weather at the time was sleet and the probable cause of the crash was "rapid accumulation of wing icing to such a degree that the aircraft could no longer maintain altitude" It was also adjudged that pilot W. C. Huddleston, had not taken sufficient account of the weather conditions and forecasts. Cancelled from USCAR:1954-04-05.

J-19 (The dates in the book seem to be out of whack, see: NC2959 to N50Q)

Built as G-73 and reg. NC2959 to Howes Brothers Leather Co., Boston, MA., 1947-04-10 . Nominal change to Howes Leather Co., Boston, MA., 1947-08-14 and later as N2959. Re-reg. N123W to Perfect Circle Co., Haggerston, IN., 1951-12-03 Aircraft named: "Magic Carpet", To Trade Ayer Corp., Linden, NJ., 1957-04-04. To W. B. Osborn, San Antonio, TX., 1951-04-04 and re-reg. N50Q, 1951-04-25. Ferry reg. CF-KOZ issued 1958-04-17 for Carl Millard Ltd., Toronto, ON., (agent). CofA issued 1958-04-29. Sold 1958-05-12 to George W. Crothers Ltd., Toronto, ON., and re-reg. CF-JFC with CofR dated 1958-05-05. CofA renewed at TFH: 4,717hrs, valid until 1960-054-29, CofRand CofA issued for CF-HWG to Timmins Aviation, Montreal, PQ., 1960-02003. Leased to Spartan Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON., 1960-04-06. Sold by Timmins Aviation to Spartan Air Services Ltd., 1961-02-08, for $115,000. Sold by Spartan to Bristol Areo-Industries Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1961-02-08.Sold to Great Lakes Paper Co., Fort William, ON., for $85,000 and CofR issued 1961-08-30. Bill of sale to Northland Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1969-04-29. Bill of sale Midwest Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., with CofR 1969-05-08. Bill of sale to Courier Trading & Enterprises Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1969-08-06 with CofR 1969-08-19. CofA renewed at TFH: 6,677hrs. valid until 1971-06-08. Bill of sale to Northland Fisheries Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1971-04-02 with CofR 1971-04-23 and CofA renewed at TFH: 6,678, valid until 1972-06-08. To Edward F. Dixon, Mount Carmel, PA., as N176W, 1971-10-19 and cancelled from CCAR: 1971-10-25. Seized by Inland Revenue Service at Watson Island, Miami, FL. 1972-11-29. To Dean Franklin, Miami, FL., 1973-02-26. C-GEFE allotted to Northwestern Flying Services Ltd., Nestor Falls, ON., 1975-04-29. Authority to ferry Miami, FL. to Nestor Falls, ON., 1975-04-30. To James F Kayfes, Prescott, WI., 1975-05-01. Bill of sale Dean Franklin to Northwestern Flying Services (Kayfes), 1975-05-01. TFH: 6,736hrs. as of 1975-05-22. CofR for C-GEFE issued 1975-05-30. CofA renewed at TFH: 7,179hrs, valid until 1978-06-07. Returned to Dean Franklin, Miami, FL., as N95DF December, 1977, although a Canadian Bill of Sale, dated 1978-01-05, transfers title from Northwestern Flying Services to Dr. Ivan C. Namihas, Villa Park, CA., dba Trans Catalina Airlines. Aircraft named: "Catalina Clipper" and Transport CofA issued 1978-01-27. Cancelled from CCAR: 1978-01-30. Crashed 1979-01-14 at Santa Catalina Island, CA., withdrawn from use at Long Beach, CA. To Dixon-Hill Aircraft Leasing Co., Santa Ana, CA., 1979-08-15. To Chalk's International Airlines Inc., Miami, FL. for spares, 1980-05-27. Fuselage and centre section to Frakes Aviation Inc., Cleburne, TX., May 2013, due undelivered Triennial, although listed as airworthy with CofR due to expire 2013-12-31. As of March 2021 USCAR shows:
Deregistered Aircraft: N95DF Grumman G-73, s/n J-19
Certificate Issue Date: 1983-02-01
Cancel Date: 2018-01-24
Reg. Owner: Frakes Aviation Inc., Cleburne, Texas.


Built as G-73, March, 1947. Reg. CF-FLC allotted to Hudson's Bay Air Transport, 1947-02-19. Authority to ferry from US/Canadian border to Winnipeg, MB., 1947-04-03. Bill of sale Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., to Hudson's Bay Mining & Smelting, Winnipeg, MB., 1947-04-04 with US CofA for export same date. Inspected 1974-04-10 at TFH: 21hrs. Transferred by bill of sale to Hudson's Bay Air Transport Ltd., 1974-04-10. CofR and CofA both issued 1947-04-11. CofA renewed at TFH: 309hrs, valid until 1949-05-20, at TFH: 1,484hrs, valid until 1954-04-07, at TFH: 2,249hrs., valid until 1959-05-15 and at TFH: 2,657hrs, valid until 1963-06-04, Destroyed by fire of unknown origin, in company hangar at Flin Flon, MB., 1963-04-04. (Otters CF-JOR and CF-KTI also destroyed) Cancelled from CCAR: 1963-06-11.


Built as a G-73 and reg. NC2961 to William Boeing, Seattle, WA., 1947-04-22 and later as N2961. Aircraft named: "Rover". To Crowley Launch & Barge Corp. dba Puget United Transportation Companies, San Francisco, CA., in 1960. Bill of sale to B.C. Air Lines, 1960-03-14, for US$75,000. CofA issued 1960-03-29 and CofR for CF-MHG, to B.C. Air Lines Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1960-04-19. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 1,928hrs., valid until 1962-03-28 and at TFH: 6,243hrs., valid until 1966-03-28. Permanent CofA granted Pacific Western Airlines 1970-03-03 at TFH: 12,656hrs., while under lease . CofR issued 1970-09-24 to Pacific Western Airlines (under lease from B.C. Air Lines) To West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1973-12-31 and CofR issued to Pacific Western Airlines, 1974-02-13 (under lease from West Coast Air Services) CofA renewed at TFH: 16,955hrs., valid 1975-05-16 and CofR issued to West Coast Air Services, 1974-05-16. CofA renewed at TFH: 17,822hrs., valid until 1976-05-18. CofR re-issued as C-FMHG, 1975-05-16. CofA renewed at TFH: 20,087hrs., valid until 1979-05-15. Bill of sale J. N. Anderson to North Coast Air Services Ltd., Prince Rupert, B.C., 1978-06-25 and CofR issued 1978-07-28. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 21,536hrs., valid until 1983-09-02. Bill of sale Rileik (Corporation) SA, Panama City, Panama, 1984-05-02, for $125,000 and canceled from CCAR: 1984-07-30. Reported reg. HH-RLA in Haiti 1985 (for CIA operations). Reg. N775WA to Worldwide Air Inc., Miami, FL, April, 1986 and CofA issued 1986-06-20, TFH: 22,114hrs., as of 1986-08-20. To Wilson C. Edwards, Big Springs, TX., with CofR 1987-06-17. Grounded by FFA after Chalk's crash in December, 2005, Current and airworthy M ay, 2013 with CofR due to expire 2014-07-31. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 2019-11-26
Expiration Date: 2022-11-30
Reg Owner: Yanks Air Museum, Baldwin Park, California.


Built as G-73 (With R-1340-S3H1 engines). First flight 1947-04-18 and reg. NC2962 to New York Daily News, New York, NY., 1947-05-01. Later as N2962 and dba WPIX Inc., with aircraft named: "Miss Daily News". To Dean Franklin, Miami, FL., in 1973, at TFH: 4,422hrs. Allotted CF-HUB and authority to ferry Miami, FL. to Vancouver, B.C., 1973-12-07. Bill of sale Dean Franklin to West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1973-12-31. Inspected 1974-03-22 at TFH: 4,479hrs., and CofA issued. CofR issued for CF-HUB, 1974-03-22, (replacing J-7, CF-HPA). Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 5,792hrs., (now with S1H1 engines), valid until 1976-03-22. Certificates re-issued as C-FHUB, 1978-05-10. CofA issued to Air B.C. Ltd., Richmond, B.C. (nominal change) and CofA renewed at TFH: 11,020hrs., valid until 1983-05-10. Bill of sale to Kevin W. Bowe, Santa Paula, CA., 1983-03-07, and cancelled from CCAR: 1983-03-10. To Air Whitsunday, Airlie Beach, QLD, AU., March, 1983. Reg. N2416X for ferry from Canada to Australia, at TFH: 11,286hrs. Departed Vancouver, B.C., 1983-03-09 (with J-26, formerly C-GHUM and now for ferry flight N2419X) and arrived Brisbane, QLD, AU., 1983-04-12. Reg. VH-LAW to Air Whitsunday, Airlie Beach, QLD, 1983-05-06. Aircraft named: "Tropic Bird". TFH: 11,905hrs., as of December, 1984. To Seair Pacific Pty. Ltd, Airlie Beach, QLD. (nominal change), dba Reef World Airlines, 1987. Arrived Darwin, NT., 1990-04-06 for Paspaley Pearling Co. re-reg VH-PPE to Paspaley Pearling Co. Pty. Ltd., Darwin, NT., 1995-11-06. Converted to G-73AT, with CofA February, 1998. From March, 2006 operated for Paspaley by Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter Pty. Ltd. Current as of March, 2013 with TFH: 23,767hrs. As of March, 2021 is still shown on Australian registry, with same owner.


Built as G-73, April, 1947 and reg. NC2964. Bill of sale Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., to Superior Oil Co., Houston, TX., 1947-05-12, with CofA same date and CofR 1947-05021. Later as N2964. CofA renewed 1952-06-14 at TFH: 2,743hrs. Spray rails fitted 1957-01-17 at TFH: 4,680hrs. Bill of sale to Lincoln 1st. Federal Savings & Loans Association, Spokane, WA., 1962-11-28 at TFH: 7,131hrs., with CofR, 1963-01-09. P&W R-1340-S1H1 engines installed, October, 1964. Bill of sale to St. Lawrence Aviation Co., Wilmington, DE., 1966-03-25, with CofR, 1966-04-06. Accident, 1967-04-11; substantial damage to flaps on landing in Hudson River, at Ossining, NY., Aircraft landed nose high into gusty headwind and 2ft. waves. 2 crew uninjured. Bill of sale to Gordon W. Blair, Huntington Valley, PA., 1969-04-16, with CofR, 1969-04-19. Aircraft named: "Patricia". Bill of sale to Dean H. Franklin Aviation Enterprises Inc., Miami, FL., 1974-04-26. Cancelled from USCAR: 1974-05-07. Sold to North Coast Air Services Ltd., Prince Rupert, B.C. and CofR as C-GHDD, 1974-05-15. CofA lapsed 1983-06-28, To Waglish Air, Richmond, B.C. by 1987. North Coast Air Services cancelled reg. 1988-04-18. CofR to Charles Rogers, Vancouver, B.C., 1988-04-18. Cancelled from CCAR: 1989-05-09 and aircraft arrived Brisbane, QLD, AU., 1989-05-10, still as C-GHDD, Reg. VH-OAW, 1989-05-12 to Seair Pacific, Airlie Beach, QLD. Arrived Darwin, N T., 1990-03-11 for Paspaley Pearling Co. Pty. Ltd. Re-reg. VH-PPI, 2002-02-28. Converted to G-73AT, with CofA May, 2005 From March, 2006 operated for Paspaley by Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter Pty. Ltd. Current as of March, 2013 with TFH: 22,900hrs. As of March, 2021 is still shown on Australian registry, with same owner.


Built as G-73, first flight 1947-08-23. Reg. NC2966 to Ben E. Smith, New York, NY., 1947-08-27. Transferred to Ben E. Smith/American Cosmopolitan Development Co., New York, NY., 1948-05-14. Aircraft named: "The Golden Jennababe", Transferred to Ben E. Smith/Van Leer's Metal Products Inc., New York, NY., 1948-07-07. To Christian Dior New York Inc., New York, NY., 1950-04-28 as N2966 but based at Toussus-le-Noble, near Paris, France and operated by Marcel Boussac, using the post war radio call sign "WMHEZ". Also allegedly operated by Bata Shoe Co., Bekcamp, MD., in 1950's. TFH: 556hrs. as of 1957-05-16 and 1,659hrs by 1964. To GEMO Inc.. 1966-03-11 and departed Toussus-le-Noble 1966-03-24 to U.S.A., via Prestwick, 1966-03-15. To Boyne Mountain Lodge Inc., Boyne Falls, MI., 1966-03-22. Converted to G-73T with PT-6A-34 turboprops by Frakes, with first flight 1972-06-29 at TFH: 2,650hrs. Bill of sale B & B Aviation Inc. to West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1975-05-19. CofA issued 1975-06-02 with authority to ferry Cleburne, TX, to Vancouver, B.C., 1975-06-03. Arrived Vancouver, B.C., 1975-06-06 on delivery. TFH: 3,148hrs. as of 1975-06-26, CofR for C-GHUM issued 1975-06-27. Cof renewed at TFH: 4,294hrs., valid until 1977-06-02 and at TFH: 9,398hrs. valid until 1981-06-02. CofR to Air B.C. Ltd., Richmond, B.C., (nominal change). CofA renewed at TFH: 11,776hrs. valid until 1983-06-02. Bill of sale to Kevin W. Bowe, San Paula, CA., 1983-03-07 and cancelled from CCAR: 1983-03-10. Reg. N2419X for ferry flight Canada to Australia and departed Vancouver (with J-22, formerly C-GHUB and now for ferry flight N2416X), 1983-03-09 at TFH: 12,508hrs. Reg. VH-JAW Air Whitsunday, Airlie Beach, QLD, 1983-05-13. Aircraft named: "Frigate Bird". TFH: 13,427hrs. as of December, 1984. To Vowell Air Services (Helicopters) Pty. Ltd., Tyabb, VIC., 1985-06-28. To Helicopter Resourses Pty. Ltd., Tyabb, VIC., (nominal change), 1987. Aircraft based Karratha, WA., 1986-1989, still named: "Frigate Bird". Damaged in forced landing in Indian Ocean off Varanus Island, WA., 1988-08-25. Port wing torn away but repaired and back in service at Karratha, January, 1989. Delivered to Tyabb, VIC., for storage November, 1989. Reg, N73AH, to Aircraft Holdings Inc./Lloyd Helicopters, Miami, FL., 1990-05-04 and delivered Tyabb, VIC. to Miami, FL., June, 1990. To Lloyd Helicopters (Singapore) Pte. in 1992. Reg cancelled from USCAR: 1994-06-16. Delivered to Naumea-Cairns, QLD., 1994-06-04 and to Darwin, NT., 1994-06-05. Re-reg. VH-JAW to Paspaley Pearling Co. Pty. Ltd., Darwin, NT., 1994-06-24. Converted to G-73AT and re-reg. VH-PPT, 2001-04-09. CofA as G-73AT July, 2001. Operated for Paspaley by Lloyd Aviation Jet Charter Pty. Ltd. Current as of March, 2013 with TFH: 26,720hrs. As of March, 2021 is still shown on Australian registry, with same owner.


Built as G-73 1947-12-18. Allotted CF-GEU 1947-10-31. Bill of sale Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., to Ontario Hydro-Electric Power Commission, Toronto, ON., 1947-12-22, for $115,000. CofR as CF-GEU and CofA both issued 1947-12-24. CofA renewed at TFH: 2,417hrs, valid until 1955-02-07. Accident 1955-01-15: whilst en route from Windsor Air Port, ON. to Toronto, experienced heavy icing and attempted a precautionary landing at London (Crumlin) Air Port, but lowering the undercarriage imposed additional drag. The aircraft stalled in close proximity to the ground and crashed at midnight at West Nissouri, ON., due North of the airport and 4,800ft. from the East-West runway. The severe impact was with the left wing down and slightly nose down. Crew of two and three passengers aboard. One passenger, Robert Saunders, Chairman of Ontario Hydro, died approximately 30hrs. after the crash, the rest were only injured. The aircraft was written off. TFH: 2,595hrs. Cancelled from CCAR: 1955-09-28.


Built as G-73 and sold to Canadian Breweries Ltd., Toronto, ON., 1948-01-09. CofR and CofA for CF-GEV, both issued 1948-01-13. Bill of sale to Rodair Inc., Montreal, PQ., 1961008-19 with CofR issued 1961-08-21. CofA renewed at TFH: 5,460hrs. valid until 1962-12-24. CofR amended to Commercial, 1964-03-06. CofA renewed at TFH: 5,888hrs., valid until 1985-03-21. Bill of sale to George W. Sherwood, dba Aero Quality Sales Co., Detroit, MI., 1966-03-24. Aero Quality Sales given authority to ferry Montreal, PQ. To Detroit, MI., 1966-03-25 and cancelled from CCAR the same date. CofR N2977 to George W. Sherwood, 1966-03-26. Allotted CF-UOT 1966-07-19. CofR and CofA for CF-UOT to Canadair Ltd., Montreal, PQ., 1966-07-21. TFH: 6.073hrs as of 1966-12-02. CofR to Nordair Ltd., Montreal, PQ., 1971-07-08. Converted to G-73T by Frakes, with PT6A-28 turbines, by July, 1973. Inspected and CofA renewed at TFH: 7,760hrs., valid until 1976-09-18, Leased to Survair Ltd., Ottawa, ON., 1976-07-15, for summer service out of Frobisher Bay. CofA renewed at TFH: 7.936hrs., valid until 1977-09-18. CofR to Business Air Services Ltd, Montreal, PQ. 1977-05-25. CofA renewed at TFH: 8,282hrs., valid until 1980-09-18. Certificated re-issued as C-FUOT 1980-05-30. CofA renewed at TFH: 8,566hrs., valid until 1982-09-18. Leased to Canadair Ltd., Montreal, PQ., and CofR issued 1982-08-04. CofA renewed at TFH: 8,812hrs., valid until 1984-09-18. Bill of sale to Bannock Aerospace Ltd., Toronto, ON., 1984-07-11. Bill of sale Gold Bar Developments Ltd., Edmonton, AB., with CofR 1984-08-20. CofA renewed at TFH: 9,463hrs., valid until 1987-11-21. Bill of sale 343066 Alberta Ltd., Edmonton, AB., 1986-11-28 with CofR 1986-12-23. CofA renewed at TFH: 9,973hrs., after conversion to PT6A-34 engines. Inspected 1996-11-13 at TFH: 10,998hrs., Transferred back to Gold Bar Developments Ltd., by bill of sale 1997-11-18, Bill of sale to Seaspray Aviation Corp., George Town, Cayman Islands, 1997-11-19 and cancelled from CCAR on export to Cayman Islands, 1997-12-15. Reg. VP-CLK to Clayton Lewis, dba Mallard Aviation Corp., George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, 1998-11-20. Advertised for sale/long lease from the company's Seattle, WA., office January, 2012 at TFH: 11,871hrs., noting that the aircraft was in storage in the U.S.A. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Deregistered Aircraft: N380GB Grumman G-73T, s/n J-34
Certificate Issue Date: 2014-07-14
Cancel Date: 2020-12-28
Reg. Owner: TCC Air Services Inc., Stamford, Connecticut.


Built as G-73 and reg. NC2975 to J. J. Ryan, Arlington, VA., July 1948. Damaged in water landing at Set Jovite, PQ., Canada and returned to Grumman for rebuild. Bill of sale Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. to Imperial Oil Ltd. 1949-10-03. Transferred by bill of sale to Imperial Oil Air Transport Ltd., Toronto, ON., 1949-10-31. CofA and CofR for CF-IOA, both issued 1949-10-05. CofA renewed at TFH: 951hrs., valid until 1951-10-13 and at TFH: 2,625hrs., valid until 1955-10-13. Bill of sale K. J. Springer, Toronto, ON., 1955-04-13, with CofR issued 1955-04-14. Leased to Pacific Western Airlines, Vancouver, B.C. Accident 1955-05-27; while flying at 3,500ft. en route Vancouver to Kitimat, B.C., the right wing was hit by an eagle causing considerable damage to the wingtip and slot. Accident, 1955-08-03: disappeared en route Kemano to Kitimat, B.C., whilst operating Flight No. 63 from Vancouver to Kitimat with a crew of 2 and three passengers. The aircraft was seen to fly up the Kemano River valley towards Kemamo Camp 5. the pilot reported that he was taking the transmission line route, as his passengers wanted to see it. The aircraft was last seen at Camp 11 flying at an estimated 500ft. over the mountains in fog and low cloud. An extensive search was made by the RCAF between 3rd. and 24th. August, 1955, but nothing was found. Wreckage was sighted 1958-07-23 by M. R. McGowan, of Okanagan Helicopters Ltd., after a record mild summer in B.C. had melted ice-caps on the mountains, causing a slide which carried the wreckage down from the 5,000ft. level. Investigation showed that the G-73 had hit the mountain with great force, at the 5,000ft. level and exploded and burned. Cancelled from CCAR: January, 1956. Pilot, Edward "Ed" Norman Bell, co-pilot, Kendall R. King and three passengers, David Milton Owen, MacGregor Fullerton MacIntosh and Albert Patrick "Al" Gorman, all fatalities. Mr. Gorman was Assistant to the Manager of Sagenay-Kitimat Co. and he was the one who wanted to show the other two the transmission line.


Built as G-73 and reg. N2983 to Copano Oil Co., Victoria, TX., 1950-06-30. To D. H. Braman, Victoria, TX., 1958-12-17. To United Aircraft Corp. (Sikorsky Division), Stratford, CT., at TFH: circa 1,200, 1960-03-26. To Humble Oil & Refining Co., Houston, TX., 1960-05-28. To Chicago Steel Service Co., dba House of Stainless, Chicago, IL., 1963-03-13. To Riverside Business Flight Service, Riverside, IL., 1964-02-21. To K. C. Machine & Tool Co., Detroit, MI., 1967-03-21. TFH: 2,545hrs. as of 1968-03-31. To Tulakes Aviation Inc., Oklahoma City, OK., 1973-02-28. To Two Jacks Inc., Olive Branch, MO., 1973-09-18. Authority to ferry Portland, OR. to Vancouver, B.C. 1974-03-01. U.S. CofA for export issued 1974-05-08 at TFH: 3,504hrs. CofA issued 1974-05-08. CofR for C-GIRL to West Coast Air Services, Vancouver, B.C., 1974-05-09. CofA renewed at TFH: 4,562hrs., valid until 1976-05-08 and at TFH: 8,941hrs., valid until 1981-06-15. CofR to Air B.C. Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1981-01-16 (nominal change). CofR to Jim Patterson Industries Ltd. (operating as Trans Provincial Airlines) Richmond, B.C., (nominal change) 1985-05-17. CofA renewed at TFH: 10,784hrs., valid until 1985-06-15. Bill of sale Jim Patterson (dba Air B.C.) to Frakes Aviation, and cancelled from CCAR: 1984-09-04. Reg. N2983 to Frakes Aviation Inc. Cleburne, TX., for "mods". To Virgin Island Seaplane Shuttle, Christianland, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1985-04-12. Re-reg. N653SS May, 1985, with Transport CofA 1985-06-21. TFH: 13,177 as of April, 1988. Substantially damaged by Hurricane Hugo, 1989-09-17. To Caribbean Airline Service Inc., San Juan, Puerto Rico, May, 1990. Leased to Sea Air Shuttle Corp., Carolina, Puerto Rico, 1992 and returned to lessor 1993. To Carolina Airline Services Inc., Carolina, Puerto Rico, 1994-01-20. To U.S. Distributors Inc. (James Canfalone), Miami, FL., with CofR 2000-05-10. Grounded by FAA after Chalk's crash in December, 2005. Noted derelict in Puerto Rico, February, 2008. CofR expired 2011-09-30 and was revoked. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Deregistered Aircraft: N653SS Grumman G-73, s/n J-53
Certificate Issue Date: 2000-05-10
Cancel Date: 2013-06-14
Reg. Owner: U. S. Distributors Inc., Miami, Florida.


Built as J-73 and reg. N2984 to Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, NY., November, 1950; used as a demonstrator and company hack. To Union Oil Co., Los Angeles, CA., at TFH: 800hrs., 1954-01-08. Re-reg. N76U, 1954-10-25. TFH: 7,4000hrs as of 1966-12-06. Re-reg. N76UL to AiResearch Aviation Co., Los Angeles, CA., 1964. Allotted C-GENT, 1974-07-10. To Dean H. Franklin Aviation Enterprises Ltd., Miami, FL., at TFH: 9,500hrs., 1974-08-20. Bill of sale to West Coast Air Services Ltd., 1974-07-27. CofA issued for export 1974-08-13 and N76UL cancelled from USCAR: 1974-08-20, at TFH: 9,552hrs. CofR for C-GENT to West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1974-08-21. CofA renewed at TFH: 10,244hrs., valid until 1976-08-13 and at TFH: 12,526hrs., valid until 1979-08-13. Bill of sale to Amphibian Sales Inc., Miami, FL.,1979-01-16, cancelled from CCAR: 1979-0124 and re-reg. N27DF to Pan Aviation, Dover, DE., 1979-01-30. To William E. Murphy, Coral Gables, FL., 1980-02-08. Reported used by General Noriega in Panama. Impounded in Panama for drug smuggling in 1985. To William E. Murphy, Coral Gables, FL., November, 1985. To Nasmyth & Partners in 1987. Moved from Panama to San José, Costa Rica for overhaul. Test flown by Spike Nasmyth at Pavas Air Port, Costa Rica, September, 1988 then delivered via Belize, and Key West to Miami to Amphibian Sales Inc., (Dean Franklin), Miami, FL. Re-reg. C-FWAF to Waglisla Air Inc., Richmond, B.C., with CofR 1988-11-16. Cancelled from CCAR: 1989-03-23 and Re-reg. N6DF (assumed) to Dean Franklin, Miami, FL., March, 1989. Cancelled from USCAR: 1989-03-28 and re-reg. HP-1035 (Panama) to P. Janson (address unknown) March, 1989. Re-reg. C-FWAF again with CofR 1989-04-03. CofR to Spike Air Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1990-01-26. Ferry flight from California to Don Muang, Thailand via Honolulu and Australia as C-FWAF, March 1991. Cancelled from CCAR: 1991-04-11 and aircraft reg as HS-TPA to Tropical Sea Air, Bangkok, Thailand, 1991-04-17. Noted at Phuket in full colour scheme, 1993-03-03. CofA issued 1993-10-04 but reported in open storage at U-Tapao Navy Base by September, 1993 until 1997. Bill of sale 1997-11-11 from Tropical Sea Air to Turbo North Aviation and John Schwamm. Transferred by bill of sale to John Schwamm, Anchorage, AK., (as sole owner), 1997-11-12. Bill of sale to Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd., Sidney, B.C., 1997-11-12. HS-TPA de-registered 1997-11-14. Allotted C-GBQN, 1997-11-18. CofR for C-GBQN to Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd., Sidney, B.C., 1997-12-18. Shipped from Koh Sichang, Thailand to Gray's Harbour, WA., on board the "Kite Arrow". Authority to ferry Hoquiam, WA. to Victoria, B.C., 1998-08-04. Bill of sale to Philip Bingman, Lester Bingman Partners, Anchorage, AK., 1999-05-04 and cancelled from CCAR: 1999-05-06. Re-reg. N7777Q, 1999-05-27. To Westernair Inc., Albuquerque, NM., 2003-02-10 and CofA issued 2003-10-04. Cancelled from USCAR: 2005-11-05 and reg. C-GGMZ, to Reg Stewart, Victoria, B.C., 2005-12-05. Grounded by FAA after Chalk's crash, December, 2005. Cancelled from CCAR: 2010-02-05, to Pacific Flying Boats Inc., Bear, DE., with CofR N54GZ, 2010-02-10 and Transportation CofA 2010-08-26. Current and airworthy May, 2013, with CofR due to expire 2013-12-31. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 2014-05020
Expiration Date: 2023-05-31
Reg. Owner: Pacific Flying Boats Inc., Middleton, Delaware.


Built as G-73, 1950-11-18. Sold to John W. Galbreath & Co., Columbus, OH., 1959-12-07, and reg. N2986, (as a replacement of J-46 reg. NC74044, which crashed 1950-09-30). CofR issued 1951-01-28. TFH: 660hrs as of December, 1952. Allotted CF-HAV, 1953-04-07. Authority to ferry Columbus, OH. to Montreal, PQ., 1953-04-07 and U.S. CofA for export 1953-04-08. CofR and CofA for CF-HAV to Miron & Fréres Ltée, Montreal, PQ., issued 1953-04-08. CofA renewed at TFH: 1,914hrs., valid until 1955-04-24. Authority to ferry Montreal,PQ. to Prestwick, U.K. (reason unknown) 1954-07-08. Cancelled from USCAR: 1955-05-13 and CofR issued 1955-06-08 to Quebec Dept. of Colonisation. CofA renewed at TFH: 2,057hrs., valid until 1960-03-11. Transferred to Quebec Dept. of Transport & Communications, Ancienne Lorette, PQ., 1960-02-05 and CofA renewed at TFH: 2,992hrs., valid until 1961-03-11. CF-HAV cancelled and re-reg as CF-PQE, 1960-04-04. CofA renewed at TFH: 3,573hrs., valid until 1963-03-11. Sold for $70,000 to Dennis Ferranti Meters Ltd. Bangor, Wales. U.K., at TFH: 3,595hrs., and cancelled from CCAR: 1962-08-03. Re-reg ads G-ASCS, 1962-08-07 and arrived Speke, U.K. for service by Starways Ltd., q962-09-07. Transferred to Dennis Ferranti Co. Ltd., Oldham, U.K., 1962-09-12 with CofR 1962-09-13. Sold to Francois Maurice Lawreys, London, U.K., 1967-11-01 and with CofR 1967-11-02. Sold to J. A. Goldschmidt Ltd., London, U.K., 1968-04-26 with CofR 1968-05-08 and used by Grosvenor Estates Ltd., U.K., during June, 1968. Aircraft stored at Cambridge, U.K. from July, 1968. Sold for £17,000 by Terravia Trading Services Ltd., Ascot, U.K. to Northland Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1969-02-21. U.K. reg. cancelled 1969-04-13. Allotted CF-YQC, 1969-04-14. Sold to Midwest Airlines, Winnipeg, MB., 1969-05-04. CofA issued at TFH: 4,911hrs., 1969-07-17 and CofR for CF-YQC issued 1969-07-30. Midwest merged with Transair, November, 1969. CofA renewed at TFH: 4,913hrs., valid until 1972-09-27. Sold for $68,000 to Chalk's Flying Service, Miami, FL., 1971-09-28. Cancelled from CCAR: 1972-03-23 and re-reg. N73556 in March 1972. Aircraft named: "City of Miami". Transport CofA issued 1972-04-17. TFH: 6,200hrs as of January 1974 and painted bicentennial colour scheme 1976. To Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle, Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands in 1982. Re-reg. N655SS, repainted, and first flight with new reg. 1985-03-01. TFH: 17,600hrs., as of April 1988 and withdrawn from service. Destroyed by Hurricane Hugo 1989-09-17, and sold for parts to Caribbean Airline Services Inc., San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 1990. To Flying Boats Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL., 1992-07-15 as parts. CofR expired 2012-03-31 and cancelled from USCAR:
2013-05-06. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Deregistered Aircraft: N655SS Grumman G-73, s/n J-55
Certificate Issue Date: 1992-07-15
Cancel Date: 2013-05-06
Reg. Owner: Flying Boats Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Last G-73 built. Reg. N2993 to Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, NY., 1951-5-04 and used as demonstrator and company hack. Modified with slot-less wing (for test flights?), but then converted to original specifications. TFH: 643hrs. as of 1954-03-11. Authority to ferry Bethpage, NY., to Montreal, PQ., 1954-07-27 with U.S. CofA for export. CofA and CofR issued for CF-HPN to Robertson & O'Connell Ltd., Montreal, PQ., 1954-08-04, and cancelled from USCAR: 1954-08-09. Aircraft destroyed when hanger of Aircraft Industries of Canada Ltd., burned at St. John's, PQ., 1954-12-08. Cancelled from CCAR: 1955-01-03.
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Re: Canadian Grumman G-73 Mallards

Postby dogsbody » Mon Mar 29, 2021 6:17 pm

Nice addition! Thanks.

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Re: Canadian Grumman G-73 Mallards

Postby OGJ » Mon Mar 29, 2021 7:49 pm

dogsbody wrote:Nice addition! Thanks.


Thanks for the reply, and checking the "Amphibian Bible", I see it shows 21 G-44's, 8 G-44A's and 4 Scan Type 30 of the Grumman Widgeon that were listed under Canadian Registry, I may be a while.

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Re: Canadian Grumman G-73 Mallards

Postby MrWidgeon » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:56 am

J-54 N54GZ is still owned by Reg Stewart and based in Victoria even though it's registered in the US. I understand it has come up for sale though.
J-53 N653SS was scrapped in May, 2015.
J-34 was re-registered as N380GB and is in storage after an incident in Central America where it had and accident on takeoff and sank in shallow water next to the beach, remaining there for several days before it could be salvaged. Then sitting on a dock for some more time before being taken apart and shipped back to the US.
It had just been through a complete overhaul and interior replacement a few months prior. It's repairable, but more big $$$ ahead and the longer it sits, the more $$$ it's going to take.
J-9 there has been no sighting of the airplane since it was taken and has been presumed scrapped.

Another Well Done !

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Re: Canadian Grumman G-73 Mallards

Postby seawings » Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:55 am

Hi All,

This is me, catching up.......

What a posting..! Thank you so much for taking the time to produce this listing, it's priceless.
Best Regards,

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