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Another Goose siting

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:12 pm
by Rajay
As a kid, I often spent a couple of weeks every summer at a YMCA day camp in Towson, MD. Out of each 2-week session, the big deal was a single overnight camping "trip" during the second week. We usually cooked out on a campfire somewhere in the extensive grounds surrounding the "Y" and it also always included a movie. There was one called something like "Frankenstein's Daughter" that gave me nightmares for years, but the one that they showed more often than anything else was a sci-fi "classic" called "20 Million Miles to Earth" starring William Hopper who is probably best known for playing PI Paul Drake on the Raymond Burr "Perry Mason" series.

Well, "20 Million Miles to Earth" was just on AMC last night and I watched a bit of it for the first time in 30+ years. After the spaceship coming back from Venus crashes into the Med off the coast of Sicily, a couple of fishermen rescue two people from out of the spaceship before it sinks. (As big as it was, it should have stuck in the bottom of the ocean like a lawn dart - it sure as heck wouldn't have floated in the attitude it was in!) After they get them ashore, the boy who was with them finds an "egg" that later hatches a dinosaur-like monster who grows very quickly and starts terrorizing the Italian countryside (not sure how it got from Sicily to Italy - I didn't watch it that far last night.)

The 10 second money shot for me was when the "brass" showed up at the Sicilian fishing village in a Grumman Goose in a post-war USAF/USCG SAR silver and yellow paint scheme (the movie was B&W but the scheme was obvious.) Unfortunately, there were no obvious markings on it to be able to identify it conclusively. It was probably just film library stock footage anyway, but it was one more "silver screen" Goose sighting that I didn't remember and that is not yet listed on the Wikipedia article about the Goose.