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Pics & Info of Float Planes and Seaplanes + others

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:59 pm
by OGJ
Looking over this forum, as where to post is a little confusing, but then again I get confused very easy. I decided to post it here in "Float Planes and Seaplanes ONLY - General Discussion" as it didn't seem to fit the others in this category. If it needs to be moved, by all means, move it and I hope it's ok to send people to other forums to see the pics.

As everyone knows Grumman built many different types of aircraft besides the well known Amphibian type. In the links below there are around 4400 pics (stated, as I didn't count them) of some of the earlier type aircraft, not all of them on amphibian type aircraft and there are lots of other makers of aircraft other than Grumman included in the 4400 pics. They are truly remarkable aircraft pics from bygone days of aviation.

Some have the dreaded " photobucket" stamped on them but a vast many don't.

The following came from the: "Warbird Information Exchange" forum, located at:
http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.o ... /index.php

There are 57 pages on Aircraft that was posted by a person known as "armyjunk2" beginning in May 2007 and ran until Dec. 2010.

They can be found here:
http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.o ... =3&t=13327

He also posted about 203 pics of the people who built and worked on these Grumman aircraft between the 1940's to the 1980's, they can be found here:
http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.o ... hp?t=15351

I do see that some people from this forum have been to the"Warbird Information Exchange" forum and have seen these pics but I thought I would send them for all on here to enjoy anyway.

I'm going to try and find out the info into some of the pics of the Grumman Amphibians and other makers posted on that forum using the "Grumman Amphibian Bible" better known as "The Grumman Amphibians - Goose, Widgeon & Mallard" by Fred J. Knight, with Colin R. Smith, the USCAR on-line records, Joe Baugher site & the good old internet.

If I can find a registration number or serial number on the photo, I will try and track it down. I will start with page #1 and post it, if those out there want me to continue, let me know and I will but remember, it's time consuming and it's not going to happen over night.

Let's start:

Pic with #3006 on photo, page #1 is a Grumman JF-2 Duck Model G-9 U.S. Coast Guard #170 s/n 263. Re-serialed as V144. To U.S.Navy as 00372 Jan. 1941., fate unknown.

Pic with #5024 on photo, page #1 is a Grumman JF-2 Duck Model G-7 U.S. Navy #9440, no further info known.

Pic with #2622 on photo, page #1 is a Grumman JF-2 Duck Model G-7 U.S. Navy #9434. Assigned to NACA Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, VA., June 1, 1934 to Aug. 2, 1934. Further info unknown.

For anyone interested in the JF-2 Duck, you can start here:

If you want to check out about 2 hr. 46 min. on the Grumman JF Duck, these are links to some
flying ones today:

Grumman Duck - Part 1 - Kermie Cam (Kermit Weeks - Published on Dec 9, 2012)
15:37 min.

Grumman Duck - Part 2 - Kermie Cam (Kermit Weeks - Published on Dec 10, 2012)
10:53 min.

Grumman Duck - Part 3 - Kermie Cam (Kermit Weeks - Published on Dec 11, 2012)
16:30 min.

Grumman Duck - Flight w/ Voice-Over & Cockpit Tour (Kermit Weeks - Published on Oct 3, 2018)
42:04 min.

Grumman Duck - Full Flight - Tail View (Kermit Weeks - Published on Oct 31, 2018) ... jreload=10
11:03 min.

Grumman Duck Walkaround Mid America Flight Museum ... jreload=10
14:56 min.

Interesting article about one Grumman JF-2 Duck can be found here: ... nland.html

Pic with #7534 on photo, page #1 is a Grumman JRF-3 Goose (c/n 1086) delivered to U.S. Coast Guard as V191 on Oct. 19, 1940. Sold by War Assets Administration, Apr. 16, 1948, for $13,000 to Seth Atwood, Rockford, IL. CofR NC5538N issued May 20, 1948 to Atwood Vacuum Machine Co. To Motorcar Transport Co./ Contract Cartage Co, Pontiac, MI., as N5538N Nov. 22, 1950-1956. To
Dean H. Franklin/ Franklin Flying Service, Miami FL., Nov. 8, 1956-1962, (test flown Miami Nov. 1961-Mar. 1962 after mods by Franklin). To Gander Aircraft Corp, Miami, FL., Aug. 8, 1962-1967 op: Catalina Seaplanes Inc, Long Beach, CA. 1965-1969. damaged, water landing, Catalina Island, CA., July 11, 1966. Re-registered N12CS Catalina Seaplanes Inc, Long Beach, CA. June 1969, damaged water landing with gear extended, Pebby Beach, Catalina Island, CA. Jan. 30, 1970, taxying collision with Mooney, Long Beach, CA. Dec. 3, 1970. Bill of sale, Dec. 29, 1976 to Catalina Airlines Inc., Gardena, CA. Used at Universal Studios back-lot as a prop for TV Series "Tales of the Golden Monkey". Bill of sale to Red Stevenson (dab Red "S" Aircraft Sales), Leonard, OK., Aug. 29, 1983. Bill of sale to Charles G. Hyde (aka Glen Hyde), Roanoke, TX., July 11, 1986. Bill of sale Feb. 1, 1987 to IR3T Inc., Pahrump, NV. FAA wrote to IR3T Inc., Sept. 3, 1993 requesting confirmation of sale to "Naval Aviation Museum" Cancelled from USCAR as "expired" Jan. 21, 2011 (still quoted as c/n 1085) (N5538N - N12CS incorrectly quoted as 1085 due War Assets Admin. paperwork error) NMNA, NAS Pensacola, FL., 1986-2019. (displayed as "US Coast Guard V190") due to paperwork mistake, should be V191.

Pic with #6620 on photo, page #1 is a Grumman JRF-2 Goose (c/n 1063) delivered to US Coast Guard station Brooklyn, Dec. 7, 1939 as V174. In use NAS Charleston Dec. 1941, CGAS Biloxi Feb. 1943, CGAS Port Angeles Aug. 1944, NAAS North Bend Jan. 1945, To St. Louis for flood protection duties, Feb. 1945, CGAS Port Angeles May 1945 to Dec. 1945. SOC in 1946. Sold to Keith Thomas Petrich, Seattle, WA. Jan. 1947 & registered as G-12A, NC68902, fate unknown.

Pic has no number but is 4 pics below the above #6620

Pic of "City of New York POLICE, NC1200V" on page #1 is a JRF-6B Goose 1A, (c/n 1145) built for Great Britain, accepted with serial FP495 on May 1942, TOC by 749 sqn. FAA Piarco, Trinidad, coded 'W2W'. Returned to US Govt. in 1945 and taken on U.S. Navy charge with new serial 66351. NAS Miami by Jan. 1946, NAS Seattle Feb. 1946 and SOC there Sept. 30, 1946. Registered as G-21A, NC1200V to Police Dept., New York, NY., Apr. 1947 and later as N1200V. To Beldex Corp., St. Louis, MO., Nov. 1955. Bill of sale to McKinnon Enterprise Inc., Sandy, OR., to BC Air Lines Vancouver, B.C., Jan. 4, 1965 as CF-RQI. Leased to Northland Airlines Ltd. Winnipeg, MB., Aug. 16, 1968 for two months. Became Midwest Airlines 1969, then to Airwest Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, B.C. May 29, 1969. Accident June 3, 1969, left wing struck a boat while approaching the dock at Namu, B.C., due to gusty winds. Accident Sept. 29, 1972, overturned and sank during a wheels down landing at Comox Harbour, B.C. Nov. 29, 1972 sold as salvage for, $16,616 to Catalina Seaplanes Inc., CA. Rebuilt and registered to Tradition Air Transport, Leucadia, CA., as N62121, by 1975. To Sea Bee Air, Auckland, NZ., as ZK-ENY, Oct. 1977. Departed Auckland for Fiji, Sept. 26, 1982 and NZ registration cancelled Sept. 30, 1982 and registered as DQ-FDQ Oct. 1, 1982 for Sea Bee Air operating for Sun Tours Ltd., Nadi, Fiji. Returned to Auckland Oct. 7, 1984 for major refit. Re-registered ZK-ENY to Sea Bee Air, Auckland Dec. 19, 1984. to Stephen Pope, Auckland, July 1988 and Canterbury Planes, Christchurch, NZ by end of 1988. Re-registered as VH-ENY and arrived Sidney, Jan. 6, 1989 and then to Casey Airfield, Victoria, Australia, Jan. 7, 1989 for B. Young, Patterson Lakes, Victoria, Nov. 21, 1989. Cancelled from registry Oct. 29, 1990 and to Yellowbirds, Bangkok, Thailand Oct. 1990 as HS-TOM. To Tropical Sea Air Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Jan. 14, 1991. Sold by auction at Phuket, Thailand, to Klaus Dieter Martin, Munich, Germany. Has been shipped to Hamburg, Germany, trucked to Landsberied, near Munich for European Seaplane Services in 1995. Noted 70% restored in Apr. 2002 and similar in Oct. 2006. Stored in a shed and using parts from c/n's 1149 & B-141. Last noted, still stored inside, Jan. 26, 2011.

Pic with #6090 on photo, on page #1 is Grumman Goose NC-16911 (c/n 1002) Built as a G-21 and registered NC-16911 to Henry Sturgis Morgan, New York, Aug. 23, 1937. Upgraded to G-21A standard during 1938. Purchased by Dept. of Munitions & Supply, Ottawa, for the Royal Canadian Air Force and exported to Canada on Oct 16, 1940, wearing ferry markings of CF-BTF. Taken on strength at Rockcliffe, RCAF, with serial 940. Delivered to RCAF Sea Island, Vancouver, B.C. on Oct. 31, 1940. Sold by disposal W.A.C. (Western Air Command) to Charles H. Babb Co., Burbank, CA., Jan. 22, 1945, registered has G-21A, NC-16911 to Powell Crosley Jr., Cincinnati, OH., Mar. 2, 1945. To Bahamas Airways, Nassau, Bahamas as VP-BAE on Dec. 16, 1946. To Pan Am American Airways Inc., New York, NY., Jan. 3, 1947 as NC-66020. Returned to Bahamas Airways Ltd. Jan. 3. 1947 as VP-BAE. Written off in crash on Nassau South Shore Mar. 16, 1947. Shortly after takeoff from Nassau, the seaplane lost control and crashed into the sea, off the south coast of the New Providence Island. Both crewmen were rescued while the aircraft was lost.

Re: Pics & Info of Float Planes and Seaplanes + others

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:56 pm
by dogsbody
Wow! That's a lot of work you've put into this. This will be a great addition to this forum.

I await further installments.


Re: Pics & Info of Float Planes and Seaplanes + others

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:25 pm
by OGJ
No aircraft in my search zone between pages #2 to #19.

Pic #46 on page #19 shows a Grumman Goose NC3022 (c/n 1055)
Built as a G-21A Dec. 1939 (I think that is a misprint, should be 1938) Bill of sale to CB Wrightman, Houston, TX., Jan. 11, 1939. Bill of sale to Standard Oil of Kansas, Huston, TX., Jan. 19, 1939. Bill of sale to British American Ambulance Corp. Inc., New York, NY., Apr. 28, 1941. Sold, probably at nominal price, to the UK Government, Sept. 24, 1941 and cancelled from USCAR, Aug. 21, 1943. Allocated serial HK822 by Air HQ Middle East circa Nov. 1941, packed and shipped to 107 MU, RAF Kasfareet, Egypt and then flown to RAF Habbaniyah, Iraq for repainting matt black and application of serial and code letter "N". To RAF Desert Air Force's Sea Rescue Flight in North Africa, Nov. 25, 1941, at Burg El Arab near Alexander, Egypt, transferred to No. 1 Air Ambulance Unit, RAAF in late 1942 and accepted by unit at Heliopolis on Dec. 1, 1942. Flt/Lt. Bartle flew the Goose to Benina on the 3rd, and practised water landings on the 5th. On Dec.9, 1942 while doing more water landings and take-off's, while fully loaded, HK822 crashed into the sea on attempting to land and overturned 15 miles NNW of Benghazi. All seven on board escaped into a small rubber dinghy but although they paddled all night they made little headway against the wind and currents. At 6:40AM next morning a search was made for the Goose by BH-86A, A31-7, but nothing was found. At midday the passengers and crew were rescued by a Walrus from the Sea Rescue Flight and taken to Berka West aerodrome. The Goose was never found.

Pic #48 & pic #49 on page #19 shows a Grumman Goose (c/n 1009)
Pic #48 is a pic of Lord Beaverbrook with his newly purchased G-21 Grumman Goose.
Lord Beaverbrook (William Maxwell Aitken) was a Canadian-British newspaper publisher and backstage politician. In WW 2, he was appointed Minister of Aircraft Production in Britain.

Pic #49 is another pic of the aircraft c/n 1009 G-AFCH
Built as a G-21 and registered G-AFCH to Lord Beaverbrook, delivered on Oct. 26, 1937. It was delivered to Batavia, Dutch East Indies as G-AFCH for survey work with Koninklijke Nederlandsch Luchtvaart Maatschappij (KNILM) the Royal Dutch Indies Airline Co. Re-registered PK-AER to Mijnbouw Maatschappij Nederlandsch Nieuw Guinea (MMNNG), the Dutch New Guinea Mining Co., July 1938. Believed destroyed by enemy action at Lake Tondano, Dutch East Indies Dec. 26, 1941.

Pic #52 on page #19 is a Savoia Marchetti S-56, s/n-26, registered as NC384N, no further info known about this aircraft.

The S-56 was built in the USA by the American Aeronautical Corporation (AAC) under license from Italy. Around 70 aircraft were built in models S-56, S-56A, S-56B & S-56C see:

Pic's #18, #19, #20, #21 & #22 on page 20 is of N175M.
Make: Savoia Marchetti, Model: S-55-P, (USCAR lists s/n 10520 ???) Registration Cancel Date: Aug. 15, 1938. Alaska Airways Inc., 508 Title Insurance Bldg., Seattle, Washington.

Pic #5 on page #20 of the Aero Trades building, is another pic of Lord Beaverbrook's G-21 Goose,

Pic #24 on page #20, is NC905V, a Savoia Marchetti S-56, s/n 35, no further info known about this aircraft.

Pic #30 on page #20 is a New York City Police Dept., Savoia Marchetti S-56, s/n 21, showing a tail identification of NS371N but was listed as NC371N.

Pic #32 on page #20 is NC353N, another Savoia Marchetti S-56, s/n 16

Pic #3 under "Aviation Country Club", page #21 is G-21A (c/n 1018)
Built as a G-21A and registered as NC20648 to The Texas Co. Inc. (Texaco), New York, NY., July 30, 1938. Accident on July 20, 1939, left axle broke after striking end of amphibian ramp at Lafitte, LA. Accident on July 6, 1940, left wing hit oil derrick while taxying at Lake Pelto, LA. Complete overhaul Apr. 14, 1941. Sold to US Government (US Navy) for $64,000, at TFH: 1085, Dec 18, 1941. Overhauled at NAS San Diego, CA., and sold to Royal Canadian Air Force (R.C.A.F.) and taken on strength with serial of 798, Apr. 17, 1942. Known to the RCAF as "Goose" throughout its life, (The second batch of these Grumman Gooses were JRF-6B's, not G-21A's and were known as Goose 1's) Initial allocation to Western Air Command's No. 122 (Composite) Sqn. at Patricia Bay, Apr. 17, 1942, then to No. 166 (Communications) Sqn., Sea Island, Vancouver, B.C. To Canadian Pacific Airlines, Vancouver, B.C., Aug. 30, 1943 for overhaul, then back to Patricia Bay, Jan 3, 1944 the back to Canadian Pacific Airlines, Vancouver, B.C. June 16, 1944 for overhaul and made available for disposal by Western Air Command, July 3, 1944. SOC, to War Assets Corp., Jan. 5, 1945. (TFH: 1,250hrs) with location stated as No. 3 Repair Depot, (Jericho Beach, Vancouver, B.C.). Sold to Charles H. Babb Co., Glendale, CA., as NC20648 on Jan. 22, 1945. Registered to Standard Oil Developing Co., New York, NY., Feb. 21, 1945. R-985-AN-12B engines installed, camera and view finder, large emergency door on right side of hull, cargo sides and cargo floor in hull, all fitted July 1945. Foreign Flight Authorization approved, July 31, 1945 for delivery to Ecuador. Sold to Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey) New York, NY., Mar. 14, 1947 and aircraft operated in Columbia by Apr. 4, 1947, major overhaul Oct. 3, 1947. To RM Hollingshead Corp., New York, NY., June 18, 1948. To Asiatic Petroleum Corp., New York, NY. To Shell Company of Ecuador Ltd. as HC-SBV, March 23, 1949. (Airworks took over the running of the Air Transport Division of Shell Oil of Ecuador in the beginning of 1947) N20648 cancelled from USCAR April 14, 1949 as exported to Ecuador. HC-SBV arrived at Shell Mera, Ecuador, Apr. 28, 1949, crashed shortly after as it was being tested for single-engine performance at a height of 1500ft. (500m) near Shell Mera when the live engine stopped without warning. With insufficient height to make the River Pastaza, the Goose hit the trees at the river's edge with a violent impact, killing Airworks chief pilot, Bob Ferguson and Airworks chief engineer, Harry Riggs. Aircraft written off and the wreck was removed by flood waters during the night of 12/13 May 1949, leaving no trace.

(Some info on this aircraft and used here, can be found in a book called: "Airwork: A History" by Keith McCloskey) this book does not mention anything about 1 person on ground being killed along with Bob Ferguson and Harry Riggs in the crash but the "Grumman Amphibians" does. ?????

Pic #41 on page #22 is a USCG Grumman JF-2 Duck Model G-9, #166 s/n 193. Re-serialed as V140 being shipped somewhere.

Pic #54 on page #22 is a Grumman G-44 "Widgeon" (c/n 1212) named "The Cape Codder".
Built as a G-44 and registered as NC28673 to Edward O. McDonnell, New York, NY. May 1941. Reported scrapped but still on USCAR 1945/46/47. The aircraft's appearance at RAF Kasfareet, Egypt circa May 24, 1942 has never been fully explained but it is widely assumed that the aircraft was acquired by or gifted to the British American Ambulance Corps., while remaining on the USCAR until 1947. It would then have been presented to the RAF (as happened with other aircraft). There is photographic evidence of what is presumably this aircraft being packed for overseas shipment by Dade Brothers of NY. It can be seen to be wearing the titles "British American Ambulance Corps." and "The Cape Codder". Its RAF career in Africa saw it at 107 MU, Kasfareet from May 25, 1942 but subsequent movements, probably in West Africa, are unknown until reported with a detachment of 1314 Flight (Accra, Gold Coast) at Waterloo, Sierra Leone in 1945 - still marked as NC28673. Vaguely reported as wfu in 1945, its fate is unknown. The reason for its operation by the RAF wearing a civil registration is also unclear but it may well be that it did have a RAF serial, albeit unknown , allocated by 206 Group RAF Middle East, Cairo, Egypt. [ A spurious RAF serial 'MV989' has been linked to this aircraft but is clearly incorrect. The true serial, assuming that it received one, is likely to be one of the unidentified aircraft in the range HK820 to HK999, allocated to 206 Group for their use in Sept. 1941]

Pic #16, also has #145 (blurred, bottom right) on pic it's self, on page #23 is a de Havilland DH.60-GM, Moth, serial 885, N9720 and was owned by a Herbert McCoy, 1217 1st. Ave., Middleton, Ohio from Sept. 9, 1939 until July 15, 1940.

Pic's #8 & #9, page #24 are of a Fairchild, Flying Boat, serial #1 and at that time (1928) was registered as NX7385 and then later as N7385. Registration ran from Mar. 12, 1929 until it was cancelled by Fairchild Aviation Corp. on Feb. 21, 1962.

Pic #38 on page #25 is a USCG Grumman JF-2 Duck Model G-9 #173 s/n 266. Re-serialed as V147. Struck a beacon during takeoff and crashed July 18, 1939, Amelia River, FL. One killed, one survived.

Pic #39 on page #25 is a USCG Grumman JF-2 Duck Model G-9 #170 s/n 263. Re-serialed as V144. To US Navy as 00372 Jan. 1941.

Pic #40 on page #25 is a USCG Grumman JF-2 Duck Model G-9 #162, s/n 189. Crashed into bay at Cape May, NJ., Jan. 19, 1935. 1 of 2 onboard killed. Re-serialed as V136, even though no longer on inventory. (Joe Baugher statement but see below as there is a pic #42 of V136)

Pic #41 on page #25 is same aircraft as in Pic #39 above, USCG V144

Pic #42 on page #25 is same aircraft as in Pic #40 #162, s/n 189 Re-serialed as V136, W/o Jan. 19, 1935 at Cape May, NJ. One killed, one injured.

Pic #49 on page #25 appears to be a US Coast Guard Goose in flight, check out tail & stripe compared to the ones in the next pic (pic #50)

Pic #50 page #25 shows three US Coast Guard Grumman Gooses. The ID numbers are hard to see but it looks like the centre one is V176 and far left is V17?, far right unknown, There were only 3 numbers in the V17? range issued to US Coast Guard Gooses, V174, V175 & V176.

V174 (c/n 1063) Built for US Coast Guard as JRF-2. Delivered to CGAS Brooklyn, New York, NY., on Dec. 7, 1939 as V174. In use by Senior CG Officers, 7th. Naval District, NAS Charleston, SC., by Dec. 1941, CGAS Biloxi, MS., by Feb. 1943, CGAS Port Angeles, WA., by Aug. 19, 1944, detached to NAAS North Bend, OR., Jan. 13, 1945. To St. Louis for flood protection duties Feb. 28, 1945, CGAS Port Angeles May 8, 1945 to Dec. 1945. SOC in 1946 and disposed of by WAA, (recorded in storage at BuchananField, Concord, CA., Jan.21, 1947). Sold to Keith Thomas Petrich, Seattle, WA., Jan. 1947 and registered as G-21A NC68902, trail end here as subsequent fate unknown.

V175 (c/n 1064) Built for US Coast Guard as JRF-2. Delivered to CGAS Brooklyn, New York, NY., Oct. 7, 1939 as V175, CGAS Elizabeth City, NC., Aug. 1940 until at least Jan. 1942, CGAS Port Angeles, WA., by Nov. 1942 until Dec. 27, 1943, went for overhaul at NAS San Diego, subsequent history and fate unknown.

V176, (c/n 1065) Built for US Coast Guard as JRF-2. Delivered to CGAS Brooklyn Oct. 12, 1939. CGAS San Francisco, Oct. 1939, CGAS Port Angeles by Dec.1941. Destroyed in fatal accident Apr. 6, 1943, while en route Port Angeles to NAS Seattle on a routine training exercise, the aircraft struck Blyn Mountain, WA., in thick fog, killing all four crew members.
Complete story can be found below: ... lyn_Mt.htm

Also another pic of this aircraft & with same write-up is coming up on page #33

Pics #51 & #52 on page #25 shows a Grumman Goose for shipment, possibly to Portugal as there seem to be no wheel wells showing in the fuselage as they were ordered as sea planes and not amphibian. The Portuguese Naval Aviation ordered 12 aircraft, c/n 1088 to c/n 1099. ( Portuguese s/n's 97 to 108)

Pic #53 page #25 shows a G-21B Grumman Goose c/n 1088, test flown as NX97 for the Portuguese Naval Aviation Dept. as the first of 12 aircraft ordered. Delivered on Apr. 15, 1940, reassembled June 1940. Stayed active in Portugal until Oct. 1956, fate unknown.

Pic #54 page #25 shows a G-21A Grumman Goose c/n 1056 PK-AKA. Delivered to Asiatic Petroleum Corp., New York, NY., July 31, 1939. Shipped to Dutch East Indies and reassembled at the Dutch Navy yard at Sourabaya, Java. Operated without wheels (to gain 300lbs. useful load) from Shell Oil base at Babo, 1939/1940. Leased to KNILM Nov. 1941. Broken up at Army request at Andir, Mar. 8, 1942 in advance of Japanese invasion. (This was the first Goose PK-AKA as there was a second one, Goose PK-AKA c/n 1107 bought in 1946 to replace the first one that was destroyed.)

Pics #58, #59 & #60 on page #25 are pics of a US Coast Guard, Hall PH-2 V164 aircraft. The twin engine Hall PH-2 responded to a distress call 150 mile southeast of New York on July 15, 1939 to pick up an ill crew member of the research ketch Atlantis. They arrived, picked up the crew member
but crashed on take off, killing pilot, Lt. William Lee Clemmer, AP1 John Radan, Jr., as the navigator pilot, & ill crew member George T. Priest. Aircraft and three bodies never recovered, other 5 members were rescued by crewmen of the Atlantis.
For a full story, see:

Pic #62 on page #25 is of a General Aviation PJ-2, US Coast Guard #51. Five examples were operated by the US Coast Guard during the 1930s, named Antares, Altair, Acrux, Acamar, and Arcturus (hull numbers FLB-51 through FLB-55). In 1933, Antares underwent a major refit that included a redesign of her engine nacelles, converting these to tractor configuration and became model PJ-2 distinguishing it from the pusher type PJ-1 aircraft.

See: ... pj-1-pj-2/

See: PJ-1 Flying Life Boat (USCG s/n V113 FLB-53) ... otograph-0

See: Left rear 1/2 partial view of U.S. Coast Guard General Aviation PJ-1 Flying Life Boat (USCG s/n V113 {FLB-53 253}) on beach at Jamaica Bay near Floyd Bennett Field, New York, May 18, 1938. ... photograph.

Pic #2 on page #27 could possibly be NC6813, an Ireland Aircraft Co, N-2 Neptune s/n 17, registration Cancel Date: Oct. 23, 1929. Registered to Curtiss Flying Service Inc., Clinton Rd., Garden City, New York.

Pic #3 on page #27 appears to be NC93K, an Ireland Aircraft Co., P-2 (Privateer) s/n 62, built in 1930 and registered on Nov. 1, 1939 to Stephen Kmetko, Route 1 Box 272, Waterford, Wisconsin. Registration cancelled Nov. 1, 1940.

Pic #5 on page #27 is NC7080, a Ireland Aircraft Co, N-2 Neptune s/n 18.

Pic #13 on page 27 I've seen listed as US Navy A8696 Loening XSL-2, that's the XSL-1 re-engined with the 160hp Menasco B-6 engine, but I can not confirm that. See next set of pics.

Pics #15, #16 & #17 on page #27 is a US Navy A8696 Loening XSL-1 Keystone Aircraft Corporation, Loening Aeronautical Division Model SL submarine based scout. Model XSL-1 with Warner Scarab engine. Modified with Menasco B-6 designated XSL-2. Assigned to NACA Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, VA 1931. XSL-1, Prototype with a 110hp. Warner Scarab engine. XSL-2, Prototype re-engined with a 160hp. Menasco B-6 engine. Only 1 was built for the US Navy. For wind tunnel testing on this aircraft in Oct. 1931 see link below: ... ning_XSL-1

Pic #19 on page #27 looks like NX61K, Keystone Aircraft, Model K84 Commuter, s/n 306, operated by City of New York Police Dept. Aircraft CofR Oct. 19 1938 to Airways Inc. Waterville Municipal Airport, Waterville, ME., cancelled Sept. 15, 1939.

Pic #26 on page #27 is a Loening C-4C, s/n 600, registered at that time as NX62K, later as NC62K.

Pic #28 on page #27 appears to be NC9703, Keystone Aircraft Corp., Loening C-2-H, s/n 213. There were 23 C-2-C built and had the Wright Cyclone engines while 13 were built & 1 converted from C-2-C with the 525hp. Pratt & Whitney Hornet engines, these were C-2-H's.

Pic #30 on page #27 appears to be NC4592, a Loening C-W Air Yacht s/n 201, built in 1928, registered on Dec. 17, 1934 to Frank Ernest Johnson & Chester H. Pickup of Roosevelt Flying Services, West Palm Beach, Florida, registration cancelled July 1, 1936.

Pic #31 on page #27 is a Loening C-2C Air Yacht s/n 203, registered as NC5999

Pic #45 on page #27 is US Navy A8085, Loening OL-8A. Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corp. Development of the OL-8 with arrestor gear for carrier operation.

Pic #52 on page #27 is a US Navy, A8276, Loening OL-8A. Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corp. Development of the OL-8 for ambulance duties.

Pic #123 on page #27 is a Keystone Aircraft, model K84 Commuter, s/n 321, registered as NC340W built in 1930 and registered to Keystone Aircraft Corp., Bristol, PA., registration cancelled June, 27, 1930.

Pic #126 on page #27 is AC 28-73 a U.S. Army, Loening OA-1C

Pic #130 on page #27 is A8971, US Navy, Loening XS2L-1 Keystone Aircraft Corporation, Loening Aeronautical Division. SOC Nov. 1933

Pic #5 on page #28 under: "SEVERSKY" is a Seversky Aircraft Corp., model EP1, s/n 301, registration of X2106, registered to Seversky Aircraft Corp., General Delivery, Long Island, NY., was cancelled Mar. 5, 1937 as it was exported to Mexico.

Pic #11 on page #28 is another pic of X2106 as in pic #5 above.

Pic #12 on page #28 is another pic of X2106 set up for land, without floats.

Pic #11 on page #33 shows a number of G-21A Grumman Gooses being built. The one with the tail number of 2TP-2H is one of 4 that were ordered by the Peruvian Air Corps. Grumman c/n's 1050, 1051, 1052 & 1053 and they correspond to the Peruvian s/n's 2TP-1H, 2TP-2H, 2TP-3H & 2TP-4H.

Pic #23 on page #33 is a pic of a JRF-2, US Coast Guard Grumman Goose, V176, c/n 1065. Delivered to CGAS Brooklyn Oct. 12, 1939. CGAS San Francisco, Oct. 1939, CGAS Port Angeles by Dec.1941. Destroyed in fatal accident Apr. 6, 1943, while en route Port Angeles to NAS Seattle on a routine training exercise, the aircraft struck Blyn Mountain, WA., in thick fog, killing all four crew.

Complete story can be found below: ... lyn_Mt.htm

Pic #24 on page #33 shows two Grumman Gooses, a black one, right side and a white one, left side.
The pic was taken in Apr. 1960 at the Grumman factory in Bethpage, N.Y. and is from McKinnon archives. The black one with the normal 2 × Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-6 Wasp Junior, 450hp engines is N704A a G-21A Goose, c/n 1054. The other white one on the left which starts out with a c/n of 1147, started out as a JRF-6B/Goose 1A, built for Great Britain and given a British serial of FP497. Returned to US Govt. in 1945 and taken on US Navy charge with a new serial of Bu 66357. SOC Sept. 30, 1946, registered as NC709 in 1946 to US Fish & Wildlife Service, Anchorage, AK. and later as N709, based Kodiak until accident in autumn 1956. Sold to McKinnon Jan. 15, 1957 and became the first McKinnon conversion to G-21C with 4 Lycoming GSO-480-A1A6 engines. But they still weren’t happy with the performance. The engines were changed to 4 Lycoming GSO-480-B2D6 versions. FF Jan. 25, 1958, re-registered as N150M with c/n 1201 to McKinnon Enterprise Inc., Sandy, OR. Converted to G-21D "Hybird", with two UAC PT6A-20 turboprops with c/n 1251, and re-registered as such June 1960. To Precision Valve Corp., Yonkers, NY., Dec. 16, 1966; CofA issued Feb. 16, 1967. To Peyton Hawes, dab Payless Drug Stores, Portland. OR. 1974. To On Mark Aviation, Van Nuys, CA., Sept. 1977. Re-engined with PT6A-60A, with intakes above the nacelles. To World Jet Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL., Mar. 1980. Non-fatal accident at Fort Lauderdale, FL., June 21, 1980. To Water Fowl Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL., July 1982 with CofA Nov. 5, 1982. Confiscated in Haiti for alleged drug smuggling in the 1990's and after several failed attempts to rescue the Goose, it was reduced to scrap. (Some reports say it was seized in Cuba)

In the "Grumman Amphibians", where the above came from, it states: "To On Mark Aviation, Van Nuys, CA., Sept. 1977." but in part-3 of David Marion's article, (see below) he states: "Hawes sold it to Harold 'Bubba' Beal of On Mark Aviation in Knoxville, TN.*
*Not to be confused with On Mark Engineering of Van Nuys, CA.

For more info on this aircraft, see these articles written by David H. Marion, who also contributed & helped with the material for "The Grumman Amphibians" by Fred J. Knight / Colin R. Smith. He was also Director of Customer Service & Product Support, Antilles Seaplanes LLC, the company that was attempting to re-build the Grumman Goose until money became a problem. ... se-part-1/ ... se-part-2/ ... se-part-3/

Rather interesting aircraft, starts out as a JRF-6B with c/n 1147, then to British FP497 as a Mk.1A, back to US as a JRF-6B with serial Bu66357, then to McKinnon as a G-21C with serial 1201, then to McKinnon as a G-21D Hybrid with a new serial 1251, then to a McKinnon G-21G Turbo Goose but kept the same serial 1251.

Now if you think that is ironic, what about this, remember the two aircraft in the pic #24?
The white one was c/n 1147 which has been covered above, ended by being seized for alleged drug smuggling. The black one was c/n 1054 and it was also seized for drug smuggling.

c/n 1054, Built as a G-21A and delivered to Gillies Aviation, Hicksville, Long Island, NY., Feb. 17, 1939. as NC3055. (For those that don't know, Gillies Aviation, owned and ran by Jack Gillies, was the selling agent or de facto company for Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., he was also the brother of Brewster Allison "Bud" Gillies, test pilot for Grumman Aircraft and he was also husband to Betty [Huyler] Gillies, she was a pioneering American aviator, and the first pilot to qualify for the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron [WAFS], later amalgamated into the Women Airforce Service Pilots [WASP], so much for a little history lesson, let's get back to G-21A c/n 1054.) CofR issued Feb. 18, 1939, used as a demonstrator. Permission granted Oct. 11, 1939 for a flight from New York to Cuba via Miami by Franklin T. Kurt (Grumman Pilot and later Author of "Water Flying"), to take Dr. L. Soro and three of his family members back to Havana, Cuba. Offered for sale to RCAF Jan. 12, 1940 at TFH: 275hrs. for $63,100 and although Kurt flew the aircraft to Canada Apr. 1, 1940, presumably for a demonstration, the offer was ntu. Sold to The Texas Co. (Texaco), New York, NY., June 14, 1940 at TFH: 320 and CofA issued Aug. 30, 1940, used by Texaco's Producing Department's Louisiana-Arkansas Division, initially at New Ibera, LA. CofA Apr. 2, 1941 at TFH: 649hrs., transferred to Houma, LA., (FN:34) early 1942, to replace c/n 1018. Major overhaul Mar. 1943 by Southwest Airmotive Co., Dallas, TX. Sold to Malcolm L. Hardy, Waynesboro, PA., Nov. 32, 1948 for #28,000, transferred by bill of sale to Hardy Aviation Inc., Waynesboro, PA., May 24, 1949. To Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp., Bethpage, NY., July 25, 1949, re-registered as N704A, Aug. 1, 1949. Sold to McKinnon Enterprises Inc., Sandy, OR., Apr. 5, 1960, retractable floats fitted. Re-registered as N33S, Mar. 31, 1961 and to Sun Oil Company, Philadelphia, PA, Apr. 26, 1961. Bill of sale to Pan Air Corp., New Orleans, LA., May 5, 1966 for $62,552.92, with CofR July 27, 1970. To Goose Transport Inc., Gainesville, FL., Aug. 17, 1979 and CofR issued Jan. 24, 1980. Reported "destroyed" by crashing Beech 18, N43L, Sept. 10, 1980. Seized by Belize Government, Nov. 9, 1982, after alleged use for drug running and ordered to be forfeited Mar. 24, 1983 after a court hearing. Sold by Belize Government for Bzd$20,000 (around US$10,0000 and delivered to purchasers Jeffery E. & Robert A. Johnson of Fort White, FL., July 11, 1983 at Sartenejo village in Corozal District of Belize. To Jeffery E. Johnson (co-owner) , Fort White, FL., with CofR Dec. 12, 1983. Re-registered as N66QA, Jan. 14, 1984 and placed on aircraft Jan. 18, 1984. To Waterlines Ltd., Wilmington, DE., with CofR Mar. 11, 1985. Still "active" June 1997. Wreck found in Discount Aircraft Salvage yard in Deer Park, WA., by staff from Antilles Seaplanes LLC. Purchased and taken to Gibsonville, NC., where it is stored. Waterlines Ltd.'s registration cancelled due to expiration on June 12, 2013.

For more info on this aircraft, see David H. Marion's article: ... es-part-1/

Pic #2999 on page #51 shows a pic of a G-44 Grumman Widgeon, showing US Military markings, with group of people and a sign above the Widgeon stating: "100th Widgeon" if that's the 100th Widgeon, it should be c/n 1300 as the first one was c/n 1201.

Built for US Navy as J4F-2, Bu 32946, accepted Mar. 22, 1943, NAS San Diego, CA., Apr. 19, 1943, records missing but with CASU-31 NAS Hilo, HI., by Aug. 1944. Pool NAS Pearl Harbor, HI., Feb. 1945 and SOC there July 31, 1945 as obsolete but possibly following an incident/accident July 20, 1945. Bill of sale RFC Honolulu, HI., to K-T Flying Service Ltd., Honolulu, HI., Oct. 1, 1945, for $8,000, wing tip floats, anchor and ropes removed Nov. 1945 to give 74lbs. increase in useful load. CofA and CofR as G-44, NC62003 issued Dec. 3, 1945. Bill of sale to Early J. Moore, Belmont, CA., Dec. 1, 1947 with CofR Apr. 27, 1948, re-possessed by Bank of America National Trust & Savings Association May 3, 1949, then as N62003, repaired May 1950 after landing accident. Bill of sale Bank of America to Aircraft Sales & Brokerage Co., Long Beach, CA., Aug. 28, 1950. Bill of sale to W. J. Holliday, Indianapolis, IN., Aug. 29, 1959 with CofR Oct. 6, 1950. Bill of sale to F. Kirk Johnson, Fort Worth, TX., June 18, 1951 with CofR Aug. 2, 1951. Bill of sale to River Construction Corp., Fort Worth, TX., Aug. 31, 1951, major overhaul and keel modification with CofA Mar. 19, 1952 and CofR Mar. 27, 1952. Converted to Super Widgeon with Lycomming GO-435-C2B's, per STC SA4-64, by Lockheed Aircraft Service Inc., Burbank, CA., Mar. 1953 with CofA Apr. 14, 1953 at TFH: 1,253hrs. Bill of sale J. D. Reed Co. Ltd., Houston, TX., July 7, 1955 with CofR Aug. 1, 1955. Bill of sale to The Superior Oil Co., Lafayette, LA., Oct. 18, 1955 with CoR Oct. 25, 1955 and CofA dated Feb. 16, 1956 at TFH: 2,505hrs., converted to 24 volt system Nov. 1957. Aircraft rebuilt Mar. 1959 (after accident??), address change to Houston, TX., Mar. 19, 1959. Re-registered as N403E, June 3, 1963, horizontal stabilizer modified per McDermott STC SA61SW, May, 1965. Bill of sale to Houston-Beechcraft Inc., Houston, TX., Aug. 3, 1966 and sold the same day to John W. Ingle, Naples, NY., with CofR Sept. 1, 1966, auxiliary fuel tanks installed per McKinnon STC SA4-958, Sept 1970, "extensive repairs" July 1974 after wind damage. Bill of sale to Alfred F. & Jeanne S. Wright (bda Wright Air Service), Fairbanks, AK., Jan. 31, 1977 with CoR Mar. 2, 1978, modified for 5,500lbs. gross weight (water) per STC SA380WE and escape hatch installed per SA4-967, Apr. 1978. Bill of sale to Kenneth Larson, Anchorage, AK., Aug. 1, 1987 with CofR Aug. 26, 1987. Bill of sale to H & H Aero Inc., Wilmington, DE., June 26, 1989 with CofR July 27, 1989. Bill of sale to Jord Corp., Wilmington, DE., Sept. 30, 1991 with CofR June 13, 1992. Re-registered as N60JK issued Aug. 4, 1992 but nut and cancelled Sept. 9, 1993. Bill of sale to John H. Callanan. Clifton Park, NY., May 21, 1993 with CofR Sept. 9, 1993 as N403E. Bill of sale to Race Flying Boats Inc., Newark, DE., May 21, 1999 with CofR June 23, 1999, address change to Bear, DE., with CofR Mar. 23, 2001. Transferred by bill of sale to Race Aviation Inc., Longmeadow, MA with Oct. 1, 2004 for $210,000 with CofR Dec. 9, 2004. Although there are no airworthiness Forms 337 in the file after May 1986, the aircraft was listed as current and airworthy May 13, with CofR due to expire Jan. 16, 2016. CofR issued Aug. 25, 2016 to Race Aviation Inc., 150 Old Ferry Rd., Northhampton, MA., with expiration date of Aug 31, 2022, Status listed as valid.

Counting the first owner, the US Govt., there have been 18 owners of this aircraft, I think a good name for this aircraft would be "The Solder"

Actually when I started this I thought there would be a lot more aircraft to fit my search pattern but it seems to have dwindled out, hope all have enjoyed this as it's been fun & interesting searching through the records.

Re: Pics & Info of Float Planes and Seaplanes + others

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2021 4:47 am
by Rajay
It sure is a shame that is no more. I'll have to find some other way to make those articles available online again.

In the meantime, I satisfied a 15-year old quest today by finding the actual final resting place / location of McKinnon G-21D s/n 1251, N150M, aka "McKinnon's Most Modified Goose"

It turns out that the rumors of it being seized and scrapped in Haiti were not true. Instead, the much quieter whispers that it was instead in Cuba were after all correct. A Hungarian plane-spotter named Laszlo Kurilla posted a photo of it in a children's playground in Bayamo, Cuba on the site about a year ago - and I just today found that post.

The G-21D may be recognizable now only to me... You can see it here....

Re: Pics & Info of Float Planes and Seaplanes + others

PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2021 1:15 am
by MrWidgeon
Wow ! Good find Dave, it can be no other.