Flying Duchesses: Aristocraft Adventures...

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Flying Duchesses: Aristocraft Adventures...

Postby Rajay » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:42 pm

new book: Flying Duchesses: Aristocraft Adventures of a Canadian Pilot by Patricia McCuaig about her father Ken McCuaig, who flew Grumman Goose G-ASXG for the Duke of Westminster and the Grosvenor Estates.

Her Web site is here:

I've been corresponding with her about what old records of her father's she might have pertaining to the Goose in question.

Bryan, she might be interested in more formal advertising for her book, possibly on your Seawings home page for example. She can be contacted through her Web site via and anyone interested can order a copy of her book that way too.
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Re: Flying Duchesses: Aristocraft Adventures...

Postby seawings » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:29 am

Morning Dave,

Thanks for this. I love that front cover painting - sort of thing I'd like about 4 feet deep on the wall!
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Re: Flying Duchesses: Aristocraft Adventures...

Postby Rajay » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:21 pm

That'd be easier to accomplish than you might realize. If you have a projector that you can connect to a laptop, take a screenshot of the artwork on her homepage, crop it down as necessary, call it up with an image viewer program, and project it on the wall of your choice. Then you just pencil in light lines around the details in accordance with the projected image and then fill it in with paint - just like a giant paint-by-numbers kit. The hardest part would be custom mixing the paint colors, but it wouldn't have to be a perfect match to still look good....
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Re: Flying Duchesses: Aristocraft Adventures...

Postby MrWidgeon » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:48 pm

The cover painting was by John Fehrigner and is titled Out of the Ordinary.
The airplane he used as the model was N1340V then owned by Merrill Wien.
He has a couple other paintings with Widgeons as the subject matter.
A good friend has this one and another of his pieces and I wish I could have hung a couple on my walls as well, alas, not to be.

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