French Flying Boats of WWII

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French Flying Boats of WWII

Postby DBWilde » Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:23 pm

Am I missing a previous post on the newly released english language book by Gerard Bousquet:

French Flying Boats of WWII

White band Series No 9120

232 pages of wonderful. Many photographs, 3-view line drawings of each type, and 82 colour profiles.
Bousquet provides a brief history of the aircraft, production, deployments, and dispositions.

This is a must have book.
I just wish there was more: interior or cockpit photographs and more photos in general.

Amazon quickly ran out of their first batch but as of today (01 February 2014) they have 13 copies.

Now when will Anigrand step up to the plate and start kitting these great aircraft?

Doug Wilde
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Re: French Flying Boats of WWII

Postby seawings » Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:54 am

Hi Doug,

Yes, it's on my 'wish list' as well. I was surprised that the retail price was listed at £40 odd, yet Amazon has it for as low as £21 plus postage. Just shows it pays to shop around!

There quite number of French flying boat kits available, albeit in vac-form format, but I agree, it is an area that could do with more mainstream kits. I have most of the French flying boats and some of them are so highly detailed that one vac kit would take a couple of months to make, I feel.

The reason I havn't made them yet is purely down to lack of reference material so this book should help a lot. (I say should simply as I hav'nt seen it yet).
Best Regards,

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