New Book: Rohrbach - German All-Metal Aircraft Pioneer

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New Book: Rohrbach - German All-Metal Aircraft Pioneer

Postby seawings » Wed May 19, 2021 8:40 am

Rohrbach – German All-Metal Aircraft Pioneer

German aircraft designer Adolf Rohrbach realised before others that the future in aircraft design lay in metal, rather than wood and canvas. His firm quickly grew to become one of the largest aircraft producers in
Germany. His designs were pioneering, and he invented several features that are common in aircraft today, but although Rohrbach aircraft, especially the flying-boats, were successful and set world records, they were commercial failures. On the other hand, the Rohrbach Roland landplane successfully served for many years on one of the most demanding air routes in Europe.

Rohrbach’s lifetime ambition in aviation did not really bear fruit and insufficient funds and the Wall Street crash in 1929 contributed to the demise of his company. It continued to exist, but no longer built aircraft that carried the name Rohrbach. The fact that Rohrbach, despite all obstacles and setbacks, managed to stay in the aviation business until his premature death in 1939 is just one of the intriguing circumstances that form part of this story. It is based on extensive research in the archives and contains a unique collection of photos that will bring the reader back in time to a mix of historical fact, technical detail and nostalgia.

Authors: Lennart Andersson and Rob J M Mulder
Pages: 192, 250 photographs, advertisements, drawings and 8 colour profiles
Format: 210x297mm, hardback
Language: English
Publisher: European Airlines Rob Mulder
ISBN: 978-82-93450-11-5
Price: NOK 295,- + pp (approx. £25.50 / €29.50 / $36)
(not including local VAT, import duties or taxes)

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Re: New Book: Rohrbach - German All-Metal Aircraft Pioneer

Postby AlexNortonesq » Thu Jun 17, 2021 1:23 am

My copy arrived today. Looks comprehensive.
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Re: New Book: Rohrbach - German All-Metal Aircraft Pioneer

Postby Fred » Mon Jun 21, 2021 11:06 am

And another book about Rohrbach:
Das Rohrbacharchiv Nr.1 (The Rohrbach Archive N° 1) by Peter Kühne

The author started work on this publication, when the private archive about Adolf Rohrbach and his
lifework was comitted to him by the former owner Peter Zietsch, promising to publish the history of
this German aircraft maker, which, compared to other names in German aviation, may still be a bit
The first number, of what is intended to become a whole series, deals in detail with the "Staaken
1000 PS Verkehrsflugzeug" (Staaken 1000 hp airliner), aka E.4/20, which still was built under the
auspices of Zeppelin, but already a construction of Adolf Rohrbach. More than 60 photos, drawings
and contemporary representations from the above mentioned collection were used to comprehensively
illustrate this bookazine in German language, which is self-published by the author, as the originally
planned way of publication had to be changed, due to the sudden death of a publisher.
For the next isseu, the Ro II, Ro III, and Ro IIIa (Rodra) are the planned theme.
Potential buyers please PM me, I'll forward it directly to the author then, not to show real contact data
here. Price is 21,- € including package and postage within Germany, printing on demand.
A good addition to this interesting era of aviation !

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