Catalina Aerials

Information requests on flying boat fixtures and fittings such as anything internally, radio's, galleys and anchors or Yagi Aerials and Radar fitted externally - anything that is not specifically a weapon as such. This is the place to post photos, plans and documents to form an historical archive.

Catalina Aerials

Postby seawings » Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:01 pm

Hi All,

Had and email in from a good flying boat modeler who is currently working on the Tigger Models 1/32 scale vac-form. He sent me a question:

I need some information on an aerial array carried by some RAAF machines during WWII. It is three aerial wires on fore and aft horizontal spreader bars between the wing trailing edge and the tailplane leading edge. The photos I have only show this array faintly and I need to know how it was attached both fore and aft.

Has anyone any information 'out there' for him, please?
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