Charles Bronson's The Mechanic (1972)

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Charles Bronson's The Mechanic (1972)

Postby Rajay » Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:40 pm

I just had a new "Goose on the silver screen" sighting that is not (yet) listed on the Wikipedia article either: showing right now on the MGM Channel on my Dish Network SATV is The Mechanicfrom 1972 starring Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent. It’s about an older professional “hitman” (Bronson) teaching “the ropes” of the business to an apprentice (Vincent).

I actually tuned in halfway through the movie and there was a scene where they got after some guys in a large mansion in the hills above Los Angeles. One of the “targets” - maybe even the prime target since the other two seemed to be just security guards – makes a run for it on a small dirt bike and Bronson chases him on one of his own. Bronson ends up chasing him right over a cliff and the other guy’s bike explodes on impact, presumably finishing the job, but Bronson manages to dump his bike and slide to a stop before going over the edge.

Afterward, Bronson gets a phone call summoning him to meet with some rich guy who lives on Catalina Island (I haven’t seen enough to know if the “rich guy” is his “boss” or just a client or whatever.)

In any case, Bronson doesn’t waste anytime going to see the “rich guy” post-haste and the next thing you know, he’s sitting in the back of a Goose, starring out the windows at the fixed floats under the wings. The Goose lands in a cove at Catalina and taxis up onto a seaplane ramp and the pilot shuts down the engines and then Bronson opens up the hatch and as he walks to the waiting limo, you can clearly see that the Goose is N93G (s/n 1130) in Golden West Airlines colors.
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