Here's the start of a new section for you all to share......

Ekranoplans - the Lun Class, the A-90 Orlyonok, the 'Caspian Sea Monster', the civilian classes - indeed anything that can be naturally classed as a W.I.G. can be discussed here.

Here's the start of a new section for you all to share......

Postby seawings » Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:00 am

Following on from one of my last SEAWINGS up-dates, I have been asked to provide a section specifically for the fascinating W.I.G's - and here it is.

Personally, I would be very keen to see further photographic details of the A-90 Orlyonok on display in the Moscow Technical Park if anyone knows where there may be any; thinking specifically of a close-up photographic walk-round.

Anyway, here's another section for you all to fill!

Enjoy! :D
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