Books and References

Ekranoplans - the Lun Class, the A-90 Orlyonok, the 'Caspian Sea Monster', the civilian classes - indeed anything that can be naturally classed as a W.I.G. can be discussed here.

Books and References

Postby DBWilde » Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:08 pm

Soviet and Russian Ekranoplans by Sergey Komissarov and Yefim Gordon

The much anticipated and just published book. Copyright 2010.
This 336 page book is a must have if you like your planes big and ugly.
Printed on shiny stock the book is pretty heavy, and heavily illustrated with multiple photographs and drawings per page.

Table of contents (with starting page number):
Alekseyev, the Pioneer: Standard-Setting Designs (17)
Bartini Bold Ideas: Italian-born Designer's Projects (131)
Beriyev's Activities: Seaplane versus Ekranoplan (173)
Sukhoi: Attempt at Diversification - WIG Vehicles on the Agenda (201)
Enthusiasts Make Their Contribution (215)
Free Enterprise: Enter New Companies (265)
Ekranoplans Outside Russia (319)

The english is pretty good. Proofreading gets a little shaky at the very end.
But if you like these sorts of aircraft and you can afford only one book, this is the book.
Amazon in the USA has this listed at $39.87, a bargain.

Just what you need to build that steady stream of 144 kits from Anigrand, including the just released ALEXYEVE KM CASPIAN SEA MONSTER.

Can anyone comment on his previous book: Russia's Ekranoplans: The Caspian Sea Monster and other WIGE Craft - Red Star Vol. 8?

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