Dinky Toys Aircraft and flying boats

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Dinky Toys Aircraft and flying boats

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When I started collecting Dinky Toys I amassed at least 10 reference works that I tried to use in addition to many websites including DTCA. Lots of good but dated information, lots of errors too, and nothing new in years. It was almost impossible to use and very hard to compile and follow - an altogether frustrating experience that I set out to rectify with this book.

Incidentally, I dedicated the book to Sue Richardson and her husband, Mike, wrote about her background and also introduced the book.

The format of the book is all new in that each and every aircraft made by Dinky Toys in France or Great Britain assigned with a reference number is described in a monograph along with photos of it, a description, all casting markings on the undersides, newly confirmed production dates, all references using the same casting. Some of the early toys also have a period photo of the actual airplane Dinky designers used and the coverage includes coverage of the many different variants. There are some toys that have over 30 variants and many of these variants are shown in photographs.

Here is the Table of Contents of the book.
The Dinky Toys Aircraft Collectors Guide
1. A Short History of Dinky Toys
2. Principal Castings and Variations
3. The Gliding Game
4. Catalog Reference Numbers
5. Scales
6. Materials Used and ‘Metal Fatigue’
7. Directors' Models, Prototypes, and Mock Ups
8. Copies, Counterfeits, and Repaints
9. The Dinky Toys ‘Jinx’
10. Gift Sets and Trade Distribution Boxes
11. Souvenir and Individually Boxed Aircraft Toys
12. Two Key Considerations

The British Aircraft Produced at Binns Road Factory, Liverpool
1. The First British Aircraft, 1934-1936
2. Seaplanes and Flying Boats, 1936-1941
3. Civilian and Commercial Aircraft, 1938-1941
4. Dinky Toys Prepare for War, The Military Aircraft 1937-1941
5. Early Postwar Reissued Aircraft, 1946-1948
6. New Postwar Aircraft, 1946-48
7. The 1950s and 1960s Aircraft, 1952-1965
8. The ‘Big Planes’ Range, 1965-1979

The French Aircraft Produced at the Bobigny Factory, France
1. The First French Aircraft, 1935-1936
2. Civilian and Commercial Aircraft, 1937-1940
3. French Dinky Toys Prepare For War, 1938-1940
4. Seaplanes and Flying Boats, 1940
5. Early Postwar Reissued Aircraft, 1946-1948
6. The Last French Aircraft, 1956-1961

Curiosities and Items of Interest for the Dinky Toys Aircraft Collector
1. Toy Museum Commemorative Models
2. John Alcott’s Dinky Toys Conversions
3. Other Items That Compliment A Dinky Collection
4. India’s Nicky Toys
5. Argentine ‘Dinky Toys’

AIRCRAFT INDEX {by Dinky Toys reference number}

When you compare this to any other Dinky Toy reference work which may cover aircraft in some fashion, it should be clear that this work is much broader in scope, covers areas that have not been reviewed before in depth, and has a huge selection of never before published photographs of just about everything.

The aircraft are noted in their presumed order of appearance based on ads in Meccano Magazine and other sources, not just by reference numbered order. All aircraft are discussed from each time frame.

Also three major collections are covered in the book along with collecting guides and information never before published: photos and discussions of some rare never-before published director's models, examples of the differences in boxes, roundels, props, camouflage, finishes, parts modifications, scales used, differences in packaging systems, counterfeit toys, finish variations, gift sets, souvenir issues, trade distribution boxes, etc., and all are explained along with a profusion of photographs.

Additionally, the book covers the India Nicky Toys with photographs of every variant they produced from Dinky tooling. The long-lived rumor of Argentine Dinky Toys is also discussed and a photograph of one example, the Mercury seaplane, is included.

To preview the book go to
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