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Avro 504 N/O documentation

PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:19 am
by gkandylakis
Hi everybody,

this is my first post here, even though I have visited here many times in the past, only recently did I register.

I am an aeromodeller, with a special fondness for early aircraft. Among my favorites are the Sopwith Batboats, I have built 2 models of them in the past ( both type 1 and 2), so I think I am well within the spirit of this forum. I like rather small flying models, approx. 1/20th is my usual preferred scale.

This new topic, however, is not about a flying boat, but about the Avro 504 "O" hydroplane, as sold to Greece in 1925 and later produced in the Greek State Aircraft Factory in some small numbers. Seawings forum is the closest I could find for posting about it.

I am interested in building a model of it for indoor scale competition, and I would like to make it as accurate as possilble. I already have the 3 published drawings of the AVRO "N" (Ian Stair, Cox, Aeromodeller) which is essentially the same aircraft with ground landing gear ("O" when equipped with floats).

I could not find anything on the floats, in terms of general arrangement drawings or similar information. I do have photographs, both of Greek and of foreign aircraft, but not enough yet to allow a proper drawing to be created.

So, I am posting this to ask for any help in that direction. I am looking for any kind of drawings that will allow a proper interpretation of the float arrangement. Photographs of Greek Avros are also welcome, even though very rare. The ones we do know of at the moment can be found in this Greek modelling forum: ... 622.0.html

Any assistance or further suggestions are most welcome.

George Kandylakis

Re: Avro 504 N/O documentation

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:24 pm
by EdCraft
Hello, George !

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