Short S.A.8 — S.47

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Short S.A.8 — S.47

Postby Kiwithrottlejockey » Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:01 pm

The Short S.A.8 or S.47 was a rather interesting concept that was proposed in May 1947 (but which was never built)....a flying boat with a double-bubble pressurised hull (just like the Boeing 377 and Boeing 707), intended to be powered by four Napier Nomad compound compression-ignition engines (running on diesel? or kerosene?) which were meant to give the aircraft extremely long range. I understand it was intended for non-stop trans-Atlantic service, however BOAC wasn't interested so the project was dropped. The proposed design had a 160 foot wingspan.


I suppose it's interesting to wonder whether if BOAC had gone with this Short S.47 project, if perhaps TEAL would then have ended up purchasing S.47s instead of S.45A Mk.4 Solents. From the extremely limited amount of available information I've managed to dredge up about the S.A.8/S.47 project, it would appear these flying-boats (if they had been built) would easily have been capable of non-stop Auckland to Tahiti flights, or even non-stop Tahiti to San Francisco. All academic now of course, but still fascinating.
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Re: Short S.A.8 — S.47

Postby Stealer » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:38 am

If you're interested, you can see the Napier Nomad compound compression-ignition engine here:

There are several photos and you can view them in hish resolution as well. Just scroll down about half way down the page till you reach:

Napier Nomad II 3135 EHP compound diesel engine
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