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Searching for Great Uncle Fred

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:35 am
by jan19230
I am doing some family history research and am trying to find out more about my Great Uncle Fred who married my grandmother's sister.

Frederick John DAVIS, born about 1897 married Rosina May Stocker in 1932 at St Alphage Church, Hendon, Middlesex. On the marriage certificate it states that he is an Aeronautical Engineer and my mum recalls him working for Imperial Airways on the Flying Boats. I was wondering if anyone on this site would have any information, or be able to point me in the right direction for websites or places where I could obtain ground crew lists of the flying boat engineers.

I have found Fred and Rosie on returning from a trip to Egypt in December 1934. On the ships manifest it states that Fred's occupation was "Ground Engineer" and their address they were returning to was "c/o Imperial Airways".

There seems to be a lot about IA on the internet, but no crew lists or ground crew lists.

I don't have any photos of planes Fred was involved in, but while they were in Egypt they took a flight on the Handley Page Hannibal and I do have a picture of the plane in flight with the Pyramids in the distance. The plane registration was G-AAGX and apparently this plane was modified by Handley Page. I don't know if "modified" means that it was previously a flying boat and it was modified to take passengers, freight and mail to Indial and Africa.

This is all new ground for me, so if anyone can help with anything about the flying boats and ground crew, I would be very grateful, and if anyone can help me locate Fred on a crew list, that would be fantastic.

Many thanks.

Jan Rees