Types not yet represented here...

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Types not yet represented here...

Postby Rajay » Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:15 pm

Hey Bryan,

Last year when I asked you to add a section dedicated to the PBY Catalina (I know that to you Brits, the "PBY" and "Catalina" were separate and distinct types as are Cansos and Nomads, etc but to us "Yanks" they are one and the same - but we do give you credit for naming it the "Catalina"*...but I digress) that new section was hugely popular for a while. It seems to have fizzled a little bit lately, but then so too have the other sections. There just isn't enough "new" or in the way of "news" to keep all of these sections active.

What about trying to stimulate some interest in other significant types not yet represented here at all?

For examples:
Consolidated PB2Y Coronado
Martin PBM Mariner
Martin P5M/P-5 Marlin
Martin P6M Seamaster
Shin Meiwa (or whatever it is called these days) PS-1/US-1A series
Canadair/Bombardier CL-215/CL-415 series
Beriev Be-6 "Madge", Be-10 "Mallow", Be-12 "Mail", Be-200, etc. (might stimulate some "Eastern" interest and/or participation in the forum...)
and the mack-daddy of them all, the Hughes-Kaiser HK-1 aka Hughes Aircraft H-4 Hercules aka the "Spruce Goose"

Would think that most of those types would be of interest to both history buffs and modelers...

Just thinkin' out loud...

*BTW I've noticed that the Brits also claim all of the credit for naming the Grumman G-21A the "Goose" but it seems to me that Grumman was already previously naming its amphibians after waterbirds (the JF/J2F "Duck" for example) and Roy Grumman had already nicknamed the prototype G-21 (s/n 1001, r/n NC16910) the "Grey Goose" in 1937 - long before the contract was ever written for the 50 model JRF-6B aircraft for the RN FAA in late 1941 and that were first delivered as "Goose Mk. 1A" aircraft in January 1942. Once again, just sayin'...! ;)
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