Hey Bryan ....

This is the place to ask for ideas such as finding a flying boat themed bar or club, share good places to find flying boat memorabilia, rate flying boat-related museums/movies/sims, and otherwise talk, well...... flying boats!! Obviously politics, swearing, rants, and trolling are right out. Anyone breaking this simple rule will be warned, then banned if repeated. Now, enjoy..!!

Hey Bryan ....

Postby Bumble » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:14 am

Hey Bryan,

I just wondered if you'd notice that there are now FOUR HUNDRED people around the world who are able to enjoy their love of flying-boats through this site ?

So a big " Thank you " for the thousands of hours of work you put in so that we can do just that.

Here's to the next four hundred !


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Re: Hey Bryan ....

Postby seawings » Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:29 pm

Hi Bumble,

You must be telepathic! I noticed that landmark at the weekend and meant to post but events over this past weekend prevented me from getting much computer time in.....

Yes, I am delighted but not only at the number, but more particularly at the quality of member; we are blessed with a very large number of members that, in their own right, are experts in their respective fields of flying boat interest and also past crew of flying boats, something that I had always hoped for when I created the forum, but never, ever thought would arrive in tg=he numbers they have done - especially of late - and the stories they could tell are fascinating (when they can be pursuaded to write it down that is!)

Some of the latest ex. crew forum members are what I would call 'flying boat aristocracy' - they have lived lives and flown craft that you and I can only now dream about. I would love to compile their stories on the forum for all to read and preserve for the future readers. I quietly work on it, but can only wait for their descision so to do.........One day!

So, Yes, we look forward to reaching 500 now; it will come I'm sure one day soon I hope. The amount of spam and false registrations are being battled (by me) at the rate of 1:50 on a daily basis right now but I manage to find the 'real ones' in there somewhere!.

To the 400 members; I thank you all for making this a really nice place to be. :D
Best Regards,

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