Would anyone be interested in this, or part of this?

This is the place to ask for ideas such as finding a flying boat themed bar or club, share good places to find flying boat memorabilia, rate flying boat-related museums/movies/sims, and otherwise talk, well...... flying boats!! Obviously politics, swearing, rants, and trolling are right out. Anyone breaking this simple rule will be warned, then banned if repeated. Now, enjoy..!!

Would anyone be interested in this, or part of this?

Postby maxmwill » Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:56 am

Recently, I bought a cdrom off Ebay. This had the patent applications and three-views of seaplane and flying boat designs from the teens on through the 1990's. I've been going through this and have found more than a few intriguing "what-ifs", as well as witnessed the birth off such designs as the Catalina, the various Clippers, and others which were patented in the US.

If anyone would be interested in a copy or copies of the three-views, please let me know, through pm's, or through my email addy.

There is are a few designs by Bernelli, him of the lifting body transport fame, as well as a few flying boat fflying wings.
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