Rathmines Catalina Festival 2012

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Rathmines Catalina Festival 2012

Postby Stealer » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:56 pm

I checked the website of the Catalina Flying Memorial in Rathmines and read that 20,000 people attended lat year's Flying Boat Festival! Have a read of the December 2012 news letter so you can all see what a great success it was.


The Rathmines Catalina Festival 2012

The Catalina Festival has finished for another year.

This must have been the most successful Festival yet. Almost 20,000 people jammed roads going into Catalina Park with the queue going back over 5 kilometers and people waiting over an hour just to park their car.

Everyone thought the wait was worth it, particularly to see the HARS Black Cat Felix alight on the bay and taxi up onto the hard stand.

As the HARS Cat emerged rather hurriedly up the ramp there was water pouring out of the bilge pumps as well as underneath the aircraft. Apparently there were a couple of bungs missing beneath the plane which led to a large amount of water going into the bilges under pressure on landing.

The photo below shows Felix approaching the hardstand and was taken by Phil Buckley. The undercarriage has been lowered in preparation for coming up the ramp.

The photo on the left was the CFML Cat doing a splash and go on the same bay at Rathmines almost 4 years ago.


The HARS Cat and the CFML Cat are "sisters" having both come from Seia in Portugal where they were used as firefighting water bombers

Hopefully next year you'll see the two "sisters" together on the hardstand.


There are some good photos too, and there's lots of support for the return of the "Black Cats" back to Rathmines. You can visit the website and download the newsletter for yourselves here:


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