Martin Mars to Oshkosh

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Martin Mars to Oshkosh

Postby Kiwithrottlejockey » Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:14 am

Kermit Weeks has posted some interesting photographs to his Facebook page documenting yesterday's flight of the Martin Mars from Sproat Lake, Vanvouver Island to Oshkosh, Wisconsin....;4bW12swO~;IOARVFQ142ilU~_E8fILW1cyAItdACw9EHkAs2I1COnAUmYsCYsAFcqB7gYvAFJvaVZmI6QgizWJwLPquHE3KBpTIQTOBB2oXTC~;cvsgl25HQk~;xIzUlxsL1bChC~;8S32vXkaYVwoEW7gd6A9U0Fvg.bps.a.1110165449052533.1073742620.271937182875368/1110165472385864/?type=3&theater

Clicking through the photographs, I see comment from Kermit that he flew the takeoff from Sproat Lake. One of the photographs taken during the flight shows Kermit at the controls in the right-hand seat with the left-hand seat empty. I love his comment about “this being a scary sight!” Lucky bugger!!
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