WWII RAF Base Apapa Nigeria

Any photos, plans, drawings, directions, helpful hints on visting places where flying boats have been operated from historically, or are being operated from today. I am always interested in receiving 'Then & Now' type photographs to assist current day visitors to these place. I'm trying to record the best places to visit before they disappear for ever.

WWII RAF Base Apapa Nigeria

Postby sunderlandmr5 » Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:08 am

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone had a good resolution photo/diagram
of RAF Apapa in Lagos Nigeria.

In particular a photo/diagram of the seadrome would be most

I would like to ascertain the seadrome/Bouy trot araes

I have a map which shows Apapa and proximity to the river/lagoon

It was apparently a BOAC Airfield, and RAF 270 Squadron were
based there.
Volume 3 of the Sunderland, Flying Boat Queen, has a photo but not so


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Re: WWII RAF Base Apapa Nigeria

Postby barnstormer » Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:09 pm

A most unusual request. And by most unusual conicidence, I posted some Original 8 x 10 aerial photos of Apapa Nigeria Aerdrome on the well known aution site. look under seller name of

or see: Item number: 120757346555

I believe I have several different aerial photos of that Apapa Aerdrome. Might be several in that auction lot, I also have more of them, (somewhere) I haven't checked, yet,but I think all of the photos are dated 1942 and very sharp and clear.
I have some 24-30 of those original photos of a whole bunch of different/obscure WWII, 1942 airdromes in North Africa.
This group of photos are from the personal archives of famous U.S. aviation figure, Cliff Henderson (Director of The National Air Races, and many othe aviation events, betwen the wars) who was the decorated U.S. Colonel (Air Service)that was Military
Commissioner of Dakar. and responsible for many of the small obscure airpots in WWII North Africa. Each photo is specifically identified as to location, name etc. Some interesting shots show large groups of all different types of aircraft, on the ground.
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