Whisper it quietly, New Sunderland in 1/72 Mk 5

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Whisper it quietly, New Sunderland in 1/72 Mk 5

Postby jaypee » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:43 pm

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June 2010
SH 72162 Short Sunderland Mk.V 1/72

Their Blackburn Roc in 1/72 was over a year late though. So don't hold your breath.
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Re: Whisper it quietly, New Sunderland in 1/72 Mk 5

Postby sunderlandmr5 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:02 am

This link was posted both on Britmodeller and Hyperscale this week

Special hobby (SH) short Sunderland

Having looked at the link some major issues with the model,

Currently the fuselage will only allow you to build a Mk I/II,
as the rear fuselage has three portholes, whereas the Mk III/a/V
only had two.
The Starboard side has wrong amount of portholes, should be
ten (10) not nine (9).

I happened to be looking at the plans/drawings from the Warpaint Book
Short Sunderland and suddenly the penny dropped

The Drawings/plans have all mk's of the Sunderland and I noticed that the Mk III/V had three portholes
in the aft fuselage... gets better, I counted the number of portholes in the Mk V starboard side and
guess what only 9

Some may say mere coincidence, maybe, but the the fuselage in the link above has three cutouts for the
track for the bomb carts, the fuselage and drawings look remarkably simmilar!!! ;)

As is to build a Mk III/a/V one would have to drill the extra starboard side porthole, and fill in the
rear third portholes both sides of fuselage.

I'm a little disappointed that SH didn't get it right, and to cap it off the early Mk I's had three portholes
on Starboard side just aft of canopy

I will be interested to see what they put in the box, for a Mk III/V turret and canopy wise, the ones shown
in the link are for a Mk I/II the turrets and canopy for Mk III/a/v were different again.

My observations


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