Water techniques

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Water techniques

Postby Cameraman » Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:48 am

Good Morning Guys n Gals,

I wonder if some of our experienced modelers would care to pass on their favoured techniques for re-creating water?

My long term goal is to recreate a couple of scenes from my past, in 1/72 scale plastic. This will involve water take offs, water touchdowns and one with an aircraft moured at a pier.

I would like to practise the techniques, so I can get 'em right, before I build the aircraft themselves, so It's almost a reverse of the norm.

So I'm looking at diorama's that have very little movement (moured at the pier), some with reasonable movement (take off's of Beavers and Cessna 172's) and some with lot's of movement (Albatross touchdown).

I'd like any replies to include (where possible);

1, what works for you and why
2, what doesn't work for you and why
3, what products and suppliers you found helpful
4, any 'magical' processes and short cuts you've found on the way
5, any photo's, either during the build or of the finished artical

I'm sure that many people would appreciate guidance, not just me!


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