Grumman G-44 c/n 1346

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Grumman G-44 c/n 1346

Postby dogsbody » Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:06 pm

OGJ asked me to post this here.

Condensed version from "The Grumman Amphibians" by Fred J. Knight
Grumman G-44 c/n 1346
Built for the U.S. Navy as a J4F-2, BuAer serial #37716 and delivered on Dec. 16, 1943. Some records missing.
To Naval Air Station, Seattle, WA., Sept. 1945 for reconditioning and SOC there May 31, 1946.
Bill of sale to Hamilton Aero Ltd., Beverly Hills, CA. for $10,000, registered as NC67586, Feb. 12, 1948.
Bill of sale to Paul Mantz, dba Paul Mantz Air Service, Burbank, CA., registered as N67586, Mar. 15, 1950.
Through a few more owners and then converted to a Super Widgeon by McKinnion-Hickman with Lycoming GO-480-B1 engines and Hartzell HC 83x20-2A props, keel re-enforced and hull vents installed, Feb. 1955.
Through 3 more owners, one being McKinnion-Hickman again, Bill of sale to T Bar Three Ranch, Philipsburg, MT. Apr. 18, 1956. Gross weight increased to 5500lbs. (land and sea) per STCs SA4-60 and SA4-61, Jan 1958, Cessna wing tips installed Feb. 1958 and CofR issued July 31, 1959.
Bill of sale to Alfred E. Gay, dab Gay Airways, Anchorage, AK., Oct. 6, 1959, Bill of sale to Cordova Airlines Inc., Oct. 22, 1959.
(The pic, I'm guessing, is from this time period, late 1959 after it left Montana on its way to Anchorage, Alaska, stopping at Dog Creek for fuel on the way up, as Williams Lake Airport wasn't open until 1960/61, but like I said, I have no proof/knowledge that this is when it was taken, I'm only surmising/guessing)
Emergency escape hatch installed March 1960, major repairs Aug. 1961 after accident on a beach on Hichinbrook Island, CofA Dec. 1, 1962 at TFH: 4,363 hrs. Bow compartment converted to 200 lbs. baggage compartment per STC SA5-58, Aug. 1963.
Accident July 17, 1964, substantially damaged with a wheels up landing at Cordova Municipal Air Port, again repaired and through another 5 owners ending up in 1973 as CF-EHI with United Engineering (1964) Ltd., Victoria, B.C. CofA issued Oct. 21, 1973, TFH: 6,697 hrs. Bill of sale to Usibelli Coal Mine Inc., Healy, AK., on May 12, 1980. CofR N3767Z issued June 12, 1980 and CofA June 20, 1980 at TFH: 8,924 hrs.
Accident July 2, 1983, fuselage split open and aircraft sank in 200 ft. of water after a hard water landing in Walker Lake, AK. Salvaged and sold to Timothy R. Martin, Anchorage, AK., Sept. 21, 1989. Rebuilt using parts from SCAN-30 c/n 30, G-44 c/n 1347 and G-44A c/n 1442. Re-regd. as N480AK on Oct. 13, 2009 with CofA Nov. 6, 2009 at TFH: 9,000.
Listed as current and good until July 31, 2019

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Re: Grumman G-44 c/n 1346

Postby MrWidgeon » Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:53 pm

OGJ, could you send me a larger copy of that one to add to my files ?

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