Grumman JRF Gooses in French service

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Grumman JRF Gooses in French service

Postby Rajay » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:42 pm

I have Steve Ginter's Naval Fighters(?) No. 63 Grumman Goose book and I have seen other sources discuss the use of a dozen or so (maybe 15) Grumman Goose amphibians in French military service, primarily in French Indochina (i.e. Vietnam), some French colonial islands in the South Pacific (don't recall which right now) as well as in Algeria in Africa. However, I have never been able to find any kind of definitive list of just exactly which Gooses (by serial number) they had or used.

Can anyone here help out with that?

I figure that the French Gooses must be some of the most interesting ever to see miltary service. Whereas US Navy and US Coast Guard Gooses used for anti-submarine patrols during WW2 could and did carry 250 lb. GP bombs or 325 lb. depth charges and all of the 12 model G-21B pure flying boats built by Grumman for the Portuguese Navy in 1940 carried a defensive .30 cal machine gun on a swivel mount in an open dorsal hatch above the normal aft baggage area, the French Gooses used in Indochina are rumored to have been equipped with multiple fixed, forward-firing machine guns in the bow section and could be used offensively.

If "war" was anything else, the idea of an "attack" Goose would kinda tickle me!
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Re: Grumman JRF Gooses in French service

Postby MrWidgeon » Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:33 pm

I can't help you with a list French Gooses (wish I had one myself), but I have at least 20 photos of French Gooses and none of them are armed as best as I can tell.

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