Pen Air Goose unscheduled stop

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Re: Pen Air Goose unscheduled stop

Postby gozonnablat » Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:19 pm

Rajay wrote:Gozonnablat, apparently you're new to the forum. Welcome!

Any time you want to discuss BLM Gooses, let me know. The remains of N641 (s/n B-115) and N643 (s/n B-145) are stored in a warehouse about 3 miles from where I am now, and I also have done a lot of research regarding the McKinnon and subsequent conversions on N640 (s/n B-123) and N642 (s/n B-137) and have had contact with their current owners over the past 6 - 10 years as well.

And BTW: which one is the one in your Avatar? Can't tell because it's so small!

It may be an old subject of old airplanes even from an old guy, but you're still fresh "blood" to this forum and we're looking forward to your fresh contributions.

Rajay......we have already had much discussion about the old BLM gooses and you've sent me tons of info via e-mail. Yes.....I'm pretty new to this forum, but enjoy going here and reading all the information I can find. I'm pretty sure the goose in the Avatar is N644R. Now in the Floyd Bennett Field you know I'm sure. I had not seen anything recent from you anywhere and it's good to get this response. Of course, I know all about the disposition of N641 and N643 already from our e-mail discussions. You also sent me the powerpoint about the McKinnon history, which I really enjoyed. You might recognize my e-mail address: Not sure I can contribute any more knowledge about the BLM gooses, but I couldn't resist commenting about the rescue of Penair's goose on Lake Clark because of my association with the person who conducted the rescue. If you come up with any questions or whatever on the BLM gooses please feel free to contact me vie e-mail.
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