Canadian Grumman Gooses

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Canadian Grumman Gooses

Postby OGJ » Wed Mar 24, 2021 2:17 am

I see by the CCAR (Canadian Civil Aircraft Register) that there are 6 Grumman G-21A Gooses registered in Canada and that got me thinking how may were there and since the on-line CCAR only goes back to 1982, it also means going through the Bible, which is of course, the book, "The Grumman Amphibians" by Fred J. Knight and Colin R. Smith. The write ups are mostly from "The Book" by Fred Knight, I have not copied them entirely but just kinda roughly followed the aircraft through its life.

SPOILER ALERT: I came up with 58 Grumman Gooses registered & used in Canada since they first came into Canada in 1938. Both Military and Civilian aircraft are shown here.

I started at the beginning of the c/n numbers, that's right, they were called construction numbers, not serial numbers but to simplify it, I will call them s/n's since most refer and call them serial numbers.

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So I will make two parts, Part 1 which will cover the s/n 1002 to 1200 and Part 2 will cover s/n B-6 to B-145.

Dates are: (Year) (Month) (Day)

s/n Aircraft:

Built as a G-21, reg. as NC16911 on 1937-08-25, upgraded to G-21A in 1938, purchased by Dept. of Munitions & Supplys, Owatta, ON., for the R.C.A.F., 1940-09-30 exported to Canada as CF-BTF on 1940-10-16, to R.C.A.F. known as Goose s/n 940. Sold 1945-01-22, re-reg. as NC16911, 1945-03-02. To Bahamas Airways, Nassau, Bahamas as VP-BAE, 1946-12-16. To Pan American Airways 1947-01-03, as NC66020. Returned to Bahamas Airways, 1947-01-03 as VP-BAE, crashed 1947-03-16 and w/o. Cancelled from USCAR: 1947-03-25.

Built as a G-21, reg. as NC16912 on 1937-09-17, upgraded to G-21A in 1938, exported to Canada when purchased by the R.C.A.F., taken on strength, 1941-03-19 as Goose s/n 942. Struck off command, 1945-05-09. CF-BHL allotted to Hamltair Ltd., Princess Louise Inlet, B.C., 1945-04-24. Bill of sale to Malibu Searo Services Ltd., 1945-06-20, as CF-BHL, with CofA and CofR issued 1945-07-05. Bill of sale to B.N.P. Airways, Vancouver, B.C., 1950-11-06 with CofR 1950-11-24. Bill of sale to Central British Columbia Airways Ltd., 1952-05-22. Accident, 1953-01-27, on a flight from Port Hardy, B.C. to Kemano, B.C., while over Princess Louise Inlet, pilot noticed a show shower ahead and decide to make a precautionary landing in the inlet. Just as the pilot was about to land a snow shower restricted his forward visibility. Just after touching the water, the aircraft struck an object tearing a hole in the nose. The aircraft pitched into the water and turned over. They decided to swim to shore, the pilot was the only one who made it, all six passengers drowned. Pilot was rescued the next afternoon. The aircraft sank in deep water and was not recovered. Cancelled from CCAR: 1954-11-23.
Pilot James "Jim" J. Siddle
Frank Russell Carlisle 62
Gustav Adolf Olsen 44
Bob Watson
E. C. Copley
Michael Fedyk
Paul Kushner

Built as a G-21, reg. as NC16914 on 1937-10-12, upgraded to G-21A in 1938, sold to Canada as CF-BTE for R.C.A.F., taken on strength 1940-09-25 as Goose s/n 939. Sold to Charles H. Babb Co., then to Shell Ecuador as HC-SBB, 1944-08-??. Crashed 1949-02-17 on water landing, Rio Curaray River, two slightly injured, aircraft w/o.

Built as a G-21, reg. as NC16916 on 1937-11-02, upgraded to G-21A in 1938, to R.C.A.F as Goose s/n 943, sometime between 1941-02-17 and 1941-08-25. Struck off command 1944-07-14. To NC39084 on 1945-07-28. Re-reg. to N16916, then on 1950-09-15 to VP-GAA, British Guiana Airways. Accident 1952-10-02, heavy damage repaired, on 1954-01-27, re-reg. as VP-BAA. Sold, became N10020, Damaged and repaired and re-reg. as N13CS, cancelled from USCAR: registration, (book says 1991-01-?? but certificate says 1983-02-15.)


Built as a G-21A, sold to John P. Bickell and reg. as CF-BKE, 1938-05-23, he donated it to the R.C.A.F. and was taken on strength 1939-09-12 as Goose s/n 924. Struck off charge 1945-01-01 and sold to broker Charles H. Babb Co, New York, NY., 1945-01-22 and reg as NC18175, 1945-02-26, then to N121H, 1954-06-16. Converted to McKinnon G-21E s/n1211, C of A 1971-08-03. Accident 1995-06-13, crashes on take-off, West Chicago, two fatalities and reported that fire consumed aircraft. USCAR cancelled 2013-01-30.

Built as a G-21A, purchased by R.C.A.F. and delivered on 1938-07-26, as Goose s/n 917. Crashed, 1942-07-21, one fatality, and one drowned seeking help, 5 survivors, aircraft w/o, some wreckage recovered and struck off command 1942-10-23.

Built as a G-21A, registered as NC20648 on 1938-07-30. Sold to R.C.A.F., taken on strengthen 1942-04-17 as Goose s/n 798. Sold and reg. as NC20648 on 1945-01-22. To Shell Co. of Ecuador Ltd., as HC-SBV on 1949-03-23. Crashed 1949-04-28 on Rio Pastaza River, while on single engine test flight when remaining engine failed! Crew of two and one person on the ground, killed. Aircraft w/o and removed by flood waters.

Built as a G-21A, registered as NC2385, 1938-08-??. Purchased by R.C.A.F. 1941-09-?? as Goose s/n 944. Sold, registered as NC2385, 1945-01-01. By 1966 reg. was N2385. Sold, re-reg. as N1621A in 1975, sold, to HK-2059 1977-10-??. Went missing 1979-11-30, between Isla de Providencia and Isla de San Andrés, with nine on board and never found.

Built as a G-21A, registered as NC20650, 1938-08-18. Sold to R.C.A.F. 1942-04-?? as Goose s/n 796. Sold, reg PP-XAN around July/August 1945 but not used. Aircraft ferried to Reyljavik, Iceland, arrived 1945-10-28. Reg. as TF-RVA. Cancelled 1951-04-07 on sale to Cordova Air Services as N1503V. Crashed 1961-12-24, Kodiak Island, Alaska, one passenger drowned and pilot and three others rescued, aircraft sank w/o, cancelled from USCAR: 1962-04-10

Built for the U.S. Army Air Corps as a OA-9 with a serial 38-564, acquired 1939-05-01.Reg. as G-21A, N51699, on 1949-11-08. To CF-HFF on 1953-07-07, cancelled from CCAR: 1957-10-29. Sold to Catalina Channel Airways and reg. as N4221A, crashed at Pebbly Beach, Avalon Bay, pilot and nine passengers uninjured, aircraft destroyed, w/o Canceled from USCAR: 1964-09-16

Built for the U.S. Army Air Corps as a OA-9 with a serial 38-579, acquired 1939-09-11. Ferry flight from Canal Zone Air Terminal to Barranquilla, Columbia, for NC1309, on 1944-11-15, to NX33178, 1946-01-??. Re-reg to N60X, 1955-10-11, then to C-GHAV, 1974-03-19. Accident, crashed on approach to Squamish Airport, B.C., 1991-05-06, killing owner, Clifford William Oakley, age 55 and passenger, Harry Clifford Molson, age 33, aircraft burnt out and w/o. Cancelled from CCAR: 1991-05-29.

Built as a G-21A, registered as NC2788, 1939-10-26. To R.C.A.F. date unknown, as Goose s/n 797. Struck off command 1944-10-25. Reg. CF-BXR to Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON., on 1944-12-19. Sold, reg. as N9642A, 1978-06-15. Repossessed Sept. 1978, and re-reg as CF-BXR, 1978-12-15. Capsized 1992-05-31, while moored at Rose Harbour, B.C. Salvaged, sold to Schooner Enterprises 1992-11-18 as N67DF, to N63MW, on 1995-06-21. Re-reg. as N72179, 1997-05-09, then to N39FG on 1998-03-26. Certificate Issue Date: 2011-04-25 Expiration Date: 2023-04-30 (as of March 2021)

Built as a G-21A, 1939-12-13, sold to John. P. Bickell, 1939-12-15, reg. as CF-BQE, on 1940-01-29. Sold to R.C.A.F., in 1940, taken on strength 1940-11-01 as Goose s/n 941. Sold to Charles H. Babb Co. 1945-01-22, as NC48550, later changed to N48550, then to N21LT, on 1988-02-29, assigned but ntu: to Strange Bird Inc., West Palm Beach, FL., as N48550, 1999-09-14. (As of March, 2021) USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 12/06/2012
Expiration Date: 12/31/2021
Reg. Owner: Strange Bird Inc., West Palm Beach, Florida.

Built for the U.S. Coast Guard as JRF-2, delivered to CGAS Brooklyn, 1940-02-26 as V-185. Sold as surplus 1946-11-??, converted to G-21A and reg. as NC95400, on 1946-11-??, later to N95400. Cancelled from USCAR: 1966-03-07 and CF-UAZ allotted to Northwest Industries, 1966-03-14. Eventually to Pacific Coastal Airlines, 1996-03-04, then to Wilderness Seaplanes Ltd., 2016-08-11. TFH: 33,735 reported on 2003-02-15

Built as a G-21A, sold to R.C.A.F. as Goose s/n 925 and given NX925 for ferry flight to Ottawa, Ontario from New York. Crashed 1942-11-07, at sea near Horse Chops, Trinity Bay, Nfld. with five fatalities, aircraft w/o.

Built as a G-21A, sold to R.C.A.F. as Goose s/n 926 and given NX926 for ferry flight to Ottawa, Ontario from New York. Struck off command 1945-06-25. Sold, and reg, CF-BZY, 1945-10-29. Sold, and to N3692, 1951-06-11. Went to B. N. P. Airways, Vancouver, B.C. for installation of extra fuel tanks, for trans Atlantic flight to England. On 1964-10-08 was reg. as G-ASXG. On 1964-10-30, G-ASXG landed at Cambridge, England, after a flight of 7,400 miles in 47 hours, 10 minutes flying time. Converted to G-21 Turbo (using McKinnon STC turbine engine kit No.2) by Marshal of Cambridge Ltd., between 1968-02-12 and 1968-07-15. Offered for sale 1971-07-??, US $275,000. CF-AWH allotted to Airwest Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1973-05-28. Due to high maintenance/overhaul costs of the PT-6A engines, it was converted back to piston power and G-21A rating, Accident 1988-05-12 at Rivers Inlet, B.C., two of the six passengers slightly injured, pilot also uninjured. The cause, was believed to be wind shear on take-off. Wings were tore from the aircraft on impact with the water and it was w/o. Cancelled from CCAR: 1989-11-20.

Built for Great Britain as a JRF-6B Goose 1A, with a serial of FP 486. Returned to U.S. Government in 1945, and taken on U.S. Navy charge with new serial of 66356, declared obsolete and struck off command 1946-09-30. Reg. as G-21A, NC1080M then later to N1080M. ABC/Amphibian Bahamas Charter Service, Miami, FL., by 1962-12-?? CF-CNR allotted 1965-01-18 to Robson Leather Co. Ltd., Oshawa, ON. Exported to U.S. reg. as N101LH, 1971-07-20. Accident 1971-07-30, crashed on take-off at Greenville, ME. Both engines failed due to lack of fuel. Aircraft had not been refueled since purchase and had preformed the ferry/delivery flight and had flown 45 min. local when it crashed. Pilot had only six hours on type. One passenger fatal and pilot seriously injured. Aircraft damaged by fire and w/o, cancelled from USCAR: 1971-10-04.

Built for Great Britain as a JRF-6B Goose 1A, with a serial of FP 495. Returned to U.S. Government in 1945, and taken on U.S. Navy charge with new serial of 66351, declared obsolete and struck off command 1946-09-30. Reg as NC1200V to Police Dept. New York City, 1947-04-??, and later as N1200V. To B.C. Airlines Ltd., 1965-01-04 as CF-RQI. Accident, 1972-09-29, wheels down landing at Comox Harbour, B.C. Pilot and two passengers injured and six other passengers uninjured. Aircraft flipped and sank, sold to Catalina Seaplanes Inc., CA as salvage for $16,616.00, Cancelled from CCAR: 1972-12-19. Repaired in U.S. and to N62121 by 1975. Sold to Sea Bee Air, Auckland, NZ. as ZK-ENY in 1977-10-??. NZ. reg cancelled 1982-09-30. Reg. as DQ-FDQ 1982-10-01 in Fiji. Re-reg. ZK-ENY, to Sea Bee Air, Auckland, NZ ., 1984-12-19. Re-reg. as VH-ENY, and arrived in Sidney, AU. 1989-01-06. Cancelled from reg.1990-10-29, and to Yellowbirds, Bangkok, Thailand as HS-TOM. To Tropical Sea Air Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand, 1991-01-??. Sold at an auction at Phuket, Thailand, to Klaus Dieter Martin, Munich, Germany. Dismantled and shipped to Hamburg, then trucked to Landsberied, near Munich for European Seaplane Services, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany in 1995. Noted 70% restored in April 2002 and similar in October 2006. Carries no markings but stored inside shed. The restoration was being done using s/n's 1149 & B-141 for parts/spares. Last noted, still stored inside 2011-01-26.

Built for Great Britain as a JRF-6B Goose 1A, with a serial of FP 503. Returned to U.S. Government in 1945, and taken on U.S. Navy charge with new serial of 66327, declared obsolete and struck off command 1946-06-30. Sold to Guatemalan Government, 1946. Sold to Frank W. Albert, Philipsburg, PA., 1948-05-05 and Reg. NC66327, Re-reg. as G-21A NC1376V, 1948-07-29. Sold, then to N1376V. Exported to Japan 1960-09-13. Reg. as JA-5063, returned to McKinnon Enterprises Inc, Sandy, OR. 1965-03-11, reg. as N93010, 1965-04-18. Sold to Rainy Lake Airways, Fort Francis, ON., as CF-SBS on 1965-05-19. Sold to Amphibian Parts Inc., Miami, FL. 1978-01-27, reg, 1978-05-11 as N143DF, Sold and re-reg. as N848HP, 1990-03-15. Sold and C-GDAO allotted on 1998-05-05. Accident, 1999-01-18/19, destroyed by overnight hangar fire at Whitehorse, YT. Nine aircraft and seven helicopters were destroyed in the fire.

Built for Great Britain as a JRF-6B with the intended serial FP506. Re-allocated to the USAAF and re-designated as an OA-9 with a serial 42-106980. Declared surplus 1945-11-10. To NC88821 on 1945-11-28. Aircraft converted to G-21A, April 1947, reg, later changed to N88821. Cancelled from USCAR; 1973-12-18. Reg. as CF-EFN to Alert Bay Air Services Ltd., Campbell River, B.C. on 1974-01-11. Accident, 1991-02-28, Ground-looped landing at Sandspit, A/P, Queen Charlotte Islands, B. C. Wreckage barged to Prince Rupert, B.C., and stripped of parts for rebuild of s/n 1059. Derelict at Seal Cove, Prince Rupert and cancelled from CCAR: 1992-12-18. Remains sold to Tongass Historical Society, Ketchikan, AK, as N88821, restored using parts from s/n B-25. Current and airworthy May 2013. Certificate Issue Date: 1993-03-08 Expiration Date: 2023-01-31 (as of March 2021)

Built for Great Britain as a JRF-6B Goose 1A, with a serial of FP 517. Returned to U.S. Government in 1945, and taken on U.S. Navy charge with new serial of 66328, struck off charge, as obsolete, 1946-06-30. Sold to Sun Pipe Line Co, Beaumont, TX, and converted to G-21A by Grumman and reg. NC74107, 1946-12-03, then to N74107, 1949-01-01. Sold to Bowaters Newfoundland Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd, 1950-03-31. Allotted CF-GSU 1950-05-17. Sold 1956-07-03 and Reg, as N2038A Certificate Issue Date: 1956-11-05 Cancel Date: 2013-08-07

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 04357. Struck off charge 1956-05-07 and reg. to Ellis Air Lines, Ketchikan, AK. as G-21A, N2751A in 1956. Re-reg. as N1257A to Kenmore Air Harbour, Kenmore, WA. by 1976. Cancelled from USCAR: 1998-05-21. Allotted C-GDDJ, 1998-05-28, to Rodgers Log Inc., Spruce Grove, AB. Sold to Pacific Coastal Airlines Ltd, Richmond, B.C. 2005-07-20. Transferred to Wilderness Seaplanes Ltd. Port Hardy, British Columbia, 2016-08-08

Built for Cuban Navy as JRF-5 and supplied via Lend-Lease. BuAer serial 39748. Returned to U.S.A. and reg. as N2720A (to unknown persons) Sold and allotted CF-IFN 1955-05-13. Cancelled from CCAR: 1970-12-23. Reg. to Antilles Air Boats, Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands as N8229. Allotted C-FPCK 1996-04-25. To Pacific Coastal Airlines Ltd. 1996-05-31. Accident 2008-11-16, crashed into wooded terrain, on Thormanby Island, 40 miles NW of Vancouver, B.C. Pilot and six passengers died on the scene, and although remaining passenger was seriously injured, he managed to walk to the shoreline where he was picked up by a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel. The aircraft was destroyed by post-impact fire. Cancelled from CCAR: 2009-09-10.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 34066. Struck off charge as obsolete and surplus, 1946-10-31 and reg. as G-21A, NC69264 to Vince Daly, Kodiak, AK. Allotted CF-OQA 1962-06-06. Authority to ferry Portland, OR to Vancouver B. C. 1962-07-16 to B. C. Air Lines Ltd., Vancouver, B. C. 1962-08-02. Accident 1964-12-10, on a flight from Klemtu, B. C. to Prince Rupert, B. C. in a low ceiling and snow showers, pilot attempted a precautionary landing ran up on rocks at the end of Cougar Bay. Cancelled from CCAR: April, 1965. To Webber Airlines, Ketchikan, AK., as N1045 in 1966. Accident 1978-08-25, on a flight from Laboucher Bay, AK., to Ketchikan, AK., aircraft crashed into the Summer Strait, at Point Baker, AK., after take-off. Pilot and 11 passenger killed, only four bodies were recovered, aircraft w/o, cancelled from USCAR: 1981-07-11
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Re: Canadian Grumman Gooses

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Part 2

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 34071. To NAS Quonset Point 1952-01-31 for overhaul and modification to JRF-6 (to JRF-6X 1953-01-05 and JRF-6 1953-06-30) Struck off command 1956-09-01. Sold to ??, 1956-10-01 and reg. as G-21A, N9547C was re-reg. as N27Q to Coastal Aero, Houston, TX., 1957-02-04. CF-PVE allotted to Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd., Prince George, B. C., 1964-03-24. After a few different owners, was purchased by West Coast Air Services Ltd, 1972-11-16. Accident 1974-09-09, while on a flight from Tofino, B. C. to Vancouver, B. C., crashed into Nitinat Canyon at the foot of Mt. Hooper in low cloud and poor visibility. An explosion was wing struck a tree while turning. Pilot and ten passengers killed. Cancelled from CCAR: 1978-10-02 and wreck reported sold October 1979. (From accident report there could not have been much left.)
Pilot: John Richard Creighton Ferguson 32
Herbert Johnny Moore 26
Marguirite Mary Moore 23
Herbert Hector Moore 2
Peter Yaremkevich 41
Robert Burton Richardson 42
Arne David Johnson 22
Lillian Dupont 27
Doreen Janet Nagy 29
Rock Poirier 58
William Frederick Appleby 50

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 34077. Struck off command 1955-07-11. Converted to G21A for U. S. Fish & Wildlife, Washington, D. C. and reg. N749 in 1956.Re-reg. N7401 to Griffco Aviation Co., Seattle, WA. Allotted CF-UVJ, 1966-06-25 with authority to ferry Seattle to Vancouver, B. C. Bill of sale from Griffco to Pacific Western Airlines, Vancouver, B. C., 1966-08-05 for US $105,000. Accident, 1980-08-29, crashed 1½ miles NE of Digby Island Airport, Prince Rupert,
B.C., at the end of a flight from Kitsault, B. C. Both engines cut out at 500ft. on base leg of approach. Aircraft crashed into rolling ground. Fuel ran out due to the shut-off valve on the left fuel tank being left in the "off" position after maintenance. Pilot & six passengers fatal, 3 passengers seriously injured. Aircraft damaged beyond repair, w/o and cancelled from CCAR: 1980-11-14.
Pilot: Dennis Charles Adams 30
Thomas Nicholson Richardson 45
Douglas Roy Fletcher 34
Harold Bernard Martin 36
David Nelson McRonald 34
Frederick Joseph Hawinkels 40
Robert Roland Taylor 47

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 34085. Struck off U. S. Navy command 1952-10-13. Transferred to U.S. Coast Guard, designated JRF-5G with serial 4085. Sold to William Steiner, Downey, CA., 1954-12-13, as N2819D. Sold to Murdock Lumber Co. Chicoutimi, PQ. reg, as CF-JIF, 1956-11-27. Cancelled from CCAR: 1959-12-08. Reg. N64LM, then later N64L. Cancelled from USCAR: 1963-02-07 after an accident, but no details known.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37771. Struck off command 1956-07-02. Reg. as G-21A, N721, for U. S. Wildlife Service, Washington, D. C., probably in 1956, but certainly by October, 1959. To State of Alaska, Anchorage, as N7211 by 1966. Hulk,carrying AK Fish & Game crest, seen at Viking Air, B. C., March 1980. Certificate of Reg. for C-GPIA to Anglo-Canadian Aviation Ltd., Pitt Meadows, B. C., October, 1984. Cancelled from CCAR: 1988-01-29. Sold and re-reg. as N7211 to Wilson C. Edwards, Big Springs, TX. (as of March 2021) USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 2020-11-18
Expiration Date: 2023-11-30
Reg. Owner: Rickards Aviation Group LLC , Millsboro, Delaware

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37779. Struck off command 1953-01-09. To U. S. Coast Guard as JRF-5G and serial 7779. Sold to Griffco Aviation Co., Seattle, WA.,1955-01-25 for $8,650. CofR N4945V, 1955-02-07. Sold, 1955-06-05 to Ontario Central Airlines Ltd., sold back to Griffco Aviation, 1955-06-15 and leased back to Ontario Central Airlines Ltd., reg. as CF-IEC, 1955-06-17. Cancelled from USCAR: 1955-07-15. N2844D applied for 1956-04-25, cancelled from CCAR: 1958-08-08. Sold to Pacific Western Airlines, Vancouver, B. C., 1960-08-08. Allotted CF-MSK, 1960-08-15. N2844D cancelled from USCAR: 1960-11-16. Returned to N2844D with bill of sale from Pacific Western Airlines to Griffco 1960-10-20 and cancelled from CCAR: 1960-10-26. Reg. changed to N9750Z, 1961-04-03. Bill of sale, Griffco to Pacific Western Airlines, Vancouver, B.C., 1961-03-23 and reg. as CF-MSK, on 1961-04-06 and N9750Z cancelled from USCAR: 1961-04-24. Accident, 1966-03-10, departed Stewart, B.C for direct flight to Prince Rupert, B. C., but landed at Maple Bay due to weather. Departed Maple Bay and later encountered snow showers and tried to land between mainland and a small island but undershot, hit overhead wires and crashed into Portland Canal. Six fatalities. Pilot taken to hospital with minor injuries. Aircraft recovered the next day. Bill of sale from Pacific Western Airlines to Foreign & Domestic Enterprises Inc., Seattle, WA., 1966-11-22, with CofR N9750Z, 1967-08-31. Cancelled from CCAR: 1967-07-31. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid:
Certificate Issue Date: 2012-12-13
Expiration Date: 2021-12-31
Reg. Owner: Loel Fenwick. Coolin, Idaho

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37786 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-03-03, as Goose II, serial 382. Struck off command 1946-10-04 Sold to William Robert Grattan Holt. Montreal, PQ., 1946-11-01, as CF-ESZ Cancelled from CCAR: 1951-06-13. Reg. N60093, 1951-12-27. Cancelled from USCAR: 1957-09-12, exported to Guatemala, to be used there by Keystone Helicopters Corp., Philadelphia, PA. Fate unknown.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37787 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-03-06, as Goose II, serial 383. Written-off following accident, 1951-08-25, aircraft swung to port, flipped over and sank when the nose dug in when landing in semi-glassy conditions on Weslemkoon Lake, ON. Struck off command 1951-09-05.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37792 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-03-24, as Goose II, serial 384. Sold to Powell River Co. Ltd., Vancouver, B. C., 1947-09-01, for $10,000. Formally, struck off command 1947-09-27. Allotted CF-GEB, 1947-09-12. Then through a few different owners over the years, until while owned by B. C. Airlines, on a flight from Vancouver, B. C to Tahsis, on Vancouver Island, 1966-01-02. He departed Vancouver, and after passing Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, advised he was returning to the mainland due to heavy snow. He was cleared for a straight in approach to Runway 12. Landing clearance was given and acknowledged, but when the controller asked if the pilot had the runway in sight, there was no reply. The aircraft crashed about 2000ft. from the threshold of Runway 12. The left wing broken off outboard of the flap area and the left engine had separated from the wing. The nose section was crushed back into the cockpit, the hull was broken across the top behind the wing centre section and down the main and emergency exit cut-outs. The pilot (Francis Emmett McCavrill) and two passenger, Kevin Peter Campbell 4 and William Hirst Pearsell were killed and the remaining six passengers were seriously injured. Sold to Griffco Aviation, Seattle, WA., 1966-02-07. Cancelled from CCAR: 1966-04-01. Sold from Griffco to Foreign & Domestic Inc., Seattle, WA., 1966-08-18, reg, as N1042 on 1967-08-24. Sold to Winship Air Services, Anchorage, AK., 1975-07-07. Accident, 1978-05-12, crashed on take-off run from the lagoon near Port Moller, AK. Pilot and two passengers minor injuries but aircraft destroyed. Sold to KC Aircraft Sheet Metal Inc., Long Beach, CA., 1979-11-14. CofR issued 1980-02-05. Cancelled from USCAR: as "destroyed" 1983-04-23.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37793 but diverted off contract to the British Air Commission, Washington, D. C. as Goose II, serial FP 471, delivered, 1944-03-06. Allotted to No. 3 Training Command, R.C.A.F., Montreal, PQ., 1944-04-24. Aircraft returned to British Air Commission, Washington, D. C., 1945-03-05. Assumed to have been returned to U. S. Government but any military identity un-traced. Transferred to Rubber Development Corp., Washington, D.C., 1945-03-30. Reg. as G-21A, NR46497, 1945-05-05 "as cargo hauler in overload condition". Reg. as NC4697, 1945-05-15. Sold to Arthur J. Williams, dba British Guiana Airways Ltd., Georgetown, British Guiana, 1946-03-26, for $3,000. Re-reg. NC1048V to British Guiana Airways Ltd., 1948-08-26; complete overhaul, July 1949. Re-reg. VP-GAC, 1950-09-15, to British Guiana Airways Ltd., and cancelled from USCAR: 1950-12-27. To Governor of British Guiana, 1955-12-14 (operated by British Guiana Airways Ltd.). Became Guyana Airways Corp., 1963-09-01, and re-reg. as 8R-GAC, 1967-07-19. Bought from Guyana Airways Corp., by Antilles Air Boats, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, for US $92,500, 1973-03-27. Ferried from Timehri Airport, Guyana to Virgin Islands as "N328" N328(2) allotted, 1973-04-13, but nut and CofR for N1048V issued 1973-04-04 and i/s Antilles Air Boats 1973-05-23. Accident, 1974-05-07, struck rocks after encountering large swell while water taxying on the step after landing at St. Thomas. U.S. Virgin Islands. Pilot and eight passengers uninjured but aircraft substantially damaged. Antilles Air Boats ceased operations in 1981, aircraft reported wfu March 1982. To Dean H. Franklin, Miami, FL.,1983-10-07. To Larry J. Siggelkow, Las Vegas, NV., 1985-06-10. To Amphibians Inc., Miami, FL., 1991-09-17. To Worldwide Aviation Distributors Inc., Miami, FL., 1999-11-17. To Aero Accessories Inc., Gibsonville, NC., 2000-02-01. Fuselage sold to Sam Damico, Pittsford, NY., for use in rebuild of s/n 1051. Still wrongly listed by FAA to Areo Accessories Inc., as valid, but not airworthy (as of March 2021)

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37795 but diverted off contract to the British Air Commission, Washington, D. C. as Goose II, serial FP 472, delivered, 1944-04-01.Returned to US Government and on US Navy charge by February 1946, with new BuAer serial 66361. Struck off charge, 1946-08-31. Details of purchaser and any US Civilian registration unknown but reportedly delivered to Aviación Militar Hondurena circa 1946; based at BA Toncontin, Tegucigalpa, Honduras and given serial 110. Sold to Marrs Aircraft, Hollywood, FL., 1951-06-18, with CoR as G-21A, N3945C, 1951-12-21. After a few different owners, reg. as N755G, 1970-05-19, by Air International, Miami, FL. Sold to International Telephone & Telegraph Corp., New York, NY., 1970-05-25. Sold to International Paper Co., New York, NY., 1980-09-26. Sold to Muriel H. Weyerhaeuser, Chesterfield, MO., 1982-03-15. Cancelled from USCAR: 1982-03-22 as exported to Canada, as being sold to Air Park Aviation Ltd., Lac du Bonnet, MB., and CofR for C-GRCZ issued 1982-05-??. Sold to Green Airways Ltd., Red Lake, ON. 1983-05-25. Sold to Keyamawun Lodge Ltd., Red Lake, ON., 1883-06-06. Sold to Charles Greenhill, Mettawa, IL., 1990-09-02, with CofR N121GL, 1990-09-17 and cancelled from CCAR: 1990-09-17. After a few owners it was cancelled from UCAR: 2012-10-23 and exported to Australia and reg, as VH-GWH, 2012-12-07 to Hunt Aerospace Pty Ltd., Howard Springs, NT. (operated by Air Frontier Pty Ltd., out of Darwin, NT.)

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37797 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-04-13, as Goose II, serial 385. Struck off charge, 1946-10-04. Sold to John G. Sharp, Mimico, ON. for $30,000; application for reg. by Sharp, 1946-10-31 but ntu. Bill of sale from Sharp to British American Oil Co. Ltd., for $40,000. Converted by Grumman from JRF-5 to G-21A, 1947-02-06. CofR for CF-EXA for British American Oil Co. Ltd., Toronto, ON., issued, 1947-03-14. Accident, 1948-10-26: crashed and sank at Memnin Bay (on Lake Meniwen) PQ., Canada. Upon landing, left pontoon was forced under the water and snapped off. Pilot could not steer aircraft to shore. The left wing continued to fill with water and while the aircraft was being towed to shore, it capsized. Sold to Stewart Smith (Canada) Ltd., 1948-11-22 and ferry Lake Meniwen to North Bay, ON., authorized 1948-11-25, after salvage. Sold to Ministry Of Colonization, Quebec Government, PQ., 1949-01-20 for $25,000. To H. J. O'Connell Supplies Ltd., Montreal, PQ., 1956-04-18. Accident, 1958-06-25; after a flight from Mont Joli, PQ., pilot started decent to Runway 10 at Montreal A/P. The throttles were advanced to check the rate of decent but there was no response and the aircraft hit the ground coming to rest about ¾ mile from the threshold and was substantially damaged. Cancelled from CCAR: 1960-03-31

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37801 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-05-09, as Goose II, serial 387. Struck off command, 1956-02-14. Sold to Universal Trading Corp. Panama City, Panama, as G-21A, N2721A. To Kiekhaefer Corp., Chicago, IL by 1962. To Franklin Flying Service, Miami, FL. 1966, operated by Chalk's Flying Service, Miami, FL. Painted with "Tasman Airlines Australia" titles and noted as such Miami, FL., 1974-07-21. Delivered via Stornaway-Edinburgh-Southend, U.K., 1974-08-16, arrived Sydney, Australia 1974-10-25. Reg. to Tasman Airlines, Melbourne, VIC., 1974-08-28. Reg. VH-CRC allocated 1976-08-06, but nut and aircraft carried N2721A [The registration was widely wrongly reported to be VH-CRL] CofA issued 1978-07-15 and departed Adelaide on delivery to West Irian, Indonesia. Reg. PK-LEH to SAATAS, Indonesia, 1978-09-21 and leased to McDermott Inc. by April 1984. To SAATAS East Indonesia Air Taxi by 1985. Wfu and registration cancelled 1990.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37802 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-05-09, as Goose II, serial 386. Struck off command, 1955-01-12, Reg as G-21A, CF-HUY to Powell River Co. Ltd., Vancouver, B. C. To Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd., Sioux Narrows, ON., 1959-05-05. Accident, 1970-06-13, substantial damage when nosed over after landing at Taltheilei, N.W.T., after a charter flight. No injuries. To Parsons Airways Northern, Flin Flon, NB., 1972-06-23. Accident, 1973-09-23, substantial damage after wheels-down landing in Hatchet Lake, SK., pilot uninjured. To Barney E. Lamm, Gimli, MB., as C-FHUY, 1978-07-27. To Ontario Central Airlines, Gimli, MB., 1983-05-08. To Nunasi-Central Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1984-06-27. Cancelled from CCAR: 1978-06-23. Exported to U.S.A, to William Ross Enterprise, Elk Grove Village, IL., reg. as N7F, July 1987. To Philip L. Bingman, Anchorage, AK., October, 1993. To Lester L, R. Bingman, dba Freshwater Adventures, Dillingham, AK., 1998-03-12. Re-reg. N159F, 2008-02-16. (as of March 2021) USCAR shows:
Status; Valid:
Certificate Issue: Date: 05/21/2012
Expiration Date: 05/31/2024
Reg. Owner: Freshwater Adventures Inc., Dillingham, AK.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37806 but diverted off contract to the British Air Commission, Washington, D. C. as Goose II, serial FP 473, delivered, 1944-05-10. Allocated to the BCATP (Canada) and delivered to No. 3 Training Command of the R.C.A.F., Montreal, PQ., 1944-05-22. Released from Canadian charge and returned to the British Air Commission, Washington, D. C., 1945-02-05. Reg. as NR1800 to Foreign Economic Administration, Washington, D.C., 1945. Re-reg. as G-21A, NC1800 to Edgar J. Wynn, dba Trans American Airways, New York, NY., August 1946. To International Holdings, NY., 1947, but based in Ontario, Canada. To N1800 for Packer Pontiac, Detroit, MI., by October 1951. Reg. YV-P-APZ, to Orinoco Mining Co., Caracas, Venezuela, cancelled 1967-06-02. To N1133 for Catalina Airlines, Long Beach, CA., 1967-08-02. To Golden West Airlines Inc, Long Beach, CA., by 1969-12-01. To Catalina Seaplanes, Long Beach, CA., as N18CS, 1974-02-08. Accident, 1976-04-10, crashed after left engine lost power on a return flight from Camp Fox. Aircraft landed "across sea" off Avalon, took on water and sank. USCAR: certificate shows Cancel Date: 06/16/1976 but book states: "Cancelled from USCAR: June 1995"

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37807 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-05-30, as Goose II, serial 388. Struck off command, 1945-04-13. Reg. as G-21A, NC4762 to Alaska Coastal Airlines, Juneau, AK., February, 1946. Rebuilt by Alaska Coastal Airlines as of 1953-02-01. CofR for N4762C issued, 1953-02-18. Transferred by bill of sale to Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines, Juneau, AK., 1962-09-18. Merged with Alaska Airlines Inc., Seattle, WA., 1968-03-27. Sold to Antilles Air Boats, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1969-09-19. Antilles Air Boats, ceased operations in 1981. Cancelled from USCAR: 1981-10-15, as scrapped.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37808 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-06-07, as Goose II, serial 389. Accident at Bella Bella, B.C., on 1945-02-04; nose dug in on landing and aircraft flipped onto its back; recovered and inspected for possible repair by No. 3 Repair Depot, Jericho Beach 1945-02-09 but eventually formally written-off 1945-07-27.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37817 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-07-28, as Goose II, serial 390. Struck off command, 1946-08-22. Reg. as G-21A, CF-ETJ, 1946-09-05 to T. Eaton Co. Ltd., Trenton, ON. Sold to R. L. Avey, Dorval, PQ., 1952-05-16, for $47,500 and then sold the same day, 1952-05-16 to Canadian Forest Products, Sproat Lake, B.C. Certificates re-issued as C-FETJ, 1976-03-30. Cancelled from CCAR: 1982-08-08, exported to U./S.A., and reg. as N2888J, 1982-08-10, to AirPac Inc., Anchorage, AK. To Ronald J. Rivett, Aberdeen, SD., with CofR 1988-01-05. Re-reg. as N888GG, July, 1989, to Rivett dba Quest Aviation. USCAR: as of (March 2021) shows: Certificate Issue Date: 2013-05-17 Cancel Date: 2018-03-07. Was Reg. to: Paul C. Ehlen, Hamilton, Montana.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37823 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-08-24, as Goose II, serial 392. Struck off command, 1947-01-16. To Dionne Automobile Engineering, Rimouski, PQ., 1947-05-23. Transferred by bill of sale to Rimouski Airline Ltd., Rimouski, PQ., 1947-05-20. Reg. as G-21A, CF-FEM, to Rimouski Airline Ltd. Sold to George W. Crothers Ltd., Leaside, ON., 1947-10-21. Accident, 1948-04-03; while landing on Runway 29 at Toronto, the gear folded up and aircraft came to rest on the grass on the side of the runway. Bill of sale DeHavilland Aircraft of Canada to British American Oil Co. Ltd. via loss adjusters, Stewart, Smith (Canada) Ltd., Montreal, PQ. , 1948-11-26. To British American Oil Co. Ltd., Toronto, ON., CofR 1948-12-14 and re-reg. as CF-BAE. Sold to BNP. Airways Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1951-12-13. Sold to Powell River Co., Vancouver, B.C., 1952-05-30. Certificates re-issued for C-FBAE, 1977-05-30. Sold to Pan Aviation Inc., Miami, FL., 1985-01-17, Reg. as N91GS and cancelled from CCAR: 1985-01-22. To Amphibian Sales Inc., Miami, FL., October, 1990. To William J. Burdis/Classic Wings Inc., Coraopolis, PA., April 1991. Re-Reg. N93GS to Thomas Friedrich/Caribbean Clipper Inc., Isle of Islay, Scotland, 1993-09-29. Accident, October, 1996 at Elstree, U.K: starboard undercarriage collapsed. Cancelled from USCAR: 2007-03-09, exported to Canada. Reg. C-GPCD to Pacific Coastal Airlines, Port Hardy, B.C., 2007-04-04. Accident, 2008-08-03 aircraft crashed into mountainside near Kyuquot Inlet, B.C. on a flight from Port Hardy to Chamiss Bay, B.C. Aircraft caught fire on impact and suffered major damage. Five of the seven on-board, including the pilot were killed, but two survived. Aircraft w/o and cancelled from CCAR: 2009-09-10.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37824 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-08-23, as Goose II, serial 391. Struck off command, 1946-02-14. Sold to R.C.M.P Air Service, Ottawa, ON., for $50,000 on 1946-03-30. Reg. as G-21A, CF-MPG, 1946-04-23. Certificates re-issued as C-FMPG, 1977. Cancelled from CCAR: 1995-11-17 and moved to the National Aviation Museum, Rockcliffe, Ottawa, ON. CCAR has the serial number listed as 37824 but that is its BuAer number, B-77 is its proper serial number.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 37830 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-10-02, as Goose II, serial 393. Remained in storage with No.6 Repair Depot, Trenton, ON., until approved for disposal 1954-08-23. To Crown Assets Disposal Corporation, but not administratively struck off command until 1956-02-14 although CF-HUZ allotted to Powell River Co., 1954-12-07 and bill of sale Crown Assets Disposal Corp., 1954-12-09 to Powell River Co., Vancouver, B.C. Authority to ferry Picton, ON., to Vancouver, B.C., 1955-01-26. Sold to B.N.P. Airways Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1955-08-03. Certificates issued for G-21A, CF-HUZ, 1955-09-13. Sold to West Coast Transport Co. Ltd.. Vancouver, B.C., 1964-06-01. CofR re-issued as C-FHUZ, 1977-04-22. CofR issued to McMillan Bloedel Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1980-01-22 (nominal change). Bill of sale McMillan Bloedel to Pacific Coastal Airlines, Port Hardy, B.C., 1994-10-11 (sale included CF-IOL, s/n B-107). Book states: Withdrawn from service 2012-09-24 due to lack of availability of certified spare parts. (As of March 2021), CCAR states: Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: 2015-11-19.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 84795 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-10-02, as Goose II, serial 394. Destroyed in a hangar fire at No. 6 Repair Depot, Trenton, ON., during the night of 1951-12-31 & 1952-01-01. Struck of command 1952-01-30.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 84803 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-12-05, as Goose II, serial 395. Struck off command, 1947-09-25 and Reg. as G-21A, N94750. Canadian CofR and CofA for CF-GEC issued to Powell River Co. Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1948-06-08. Transferred to B.N.P. Airways Ltd., Vancouver, B.C. CofR to B. C. Hydro & Power Authority, Vancouver, B.C., 1964-07-02. CofR to Courier Trading & Enterprise Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1969-07-04. CofR to Midwest Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1969-09-08. [Midwest became part of Transair, Winnipeg, MB., November, 1969, but this was not recorded on the CCAR] CofR to West Coast Air Service, Richmond, B.C., 1973-05-02. Accident, 1978-08-14: destroyed in a crash at Westview Air Port, Powell River, B.C., attempting a downhill, downwind take-off to avoid weather at the other (uphill) end of the runway. Witnesses said that "the aircraft never got airborne. It veered off the runway, hit a bank and split in two". Two were seriously injured, pilot and five passengers minor injuries and two uninjured. Fuselage broke into three. Parts and pieces taken to Viking Air, Victoria, B.C., for possible rebuild! Cancelled from CCAR: 1985-06-14

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 84804 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1944-12-16, as Goose II, serial 396. To Storage Reserve at No. 10 Repair Depot (HQ Calgary, AB.) but location not stated. Reduced to spares and produce and struck off command by No. 10 Repair Depot, 1946-06-13. No military or civilian information known of, after that last date.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 84806, used around the San Diego NAS during the war and struck off command 1947-03-31. Reg. as G-21A, N62899 to James F. Conroy, Long Beach, CA. To H. F. Keeler, Seattle, WA., 1952-06-05. Sold to Forest Industries, 1967-03-10; authority to ferry Renton, WA. to Vancouver, B. C., 1967-03-16, and flown to B.N.P. Airways, Vancouver, for overhaul. Cancelled from USCAR:1967-03-09. CofR and CofA for CF-VFU, issued 1967-04-07 to Forest Industries Flying Tankers Ltd., Alberni, B.C. Acted as "bird dog" for Martin Mars water bombers. CofR re-issued as C-FVFU, 1983-04-22. Bill of sale to TFL Forest Ltd., Vancouver, B. C., 2001-07-19; leased by TFL Forest Ltd. to Flying Tankers Inc., Port Alberni, B.C.2001-07-19. Bill of sale TFL Forest Ltd. to C-Tec Ltd., 2001-10-06. To Croatia for operations by European Coastal Airlines, November, 2001. Long range tanks installed by Viking Air, Victoria, B.C., for ferry flight to Germany. Pilots K. Dankl & B Varga left Victoria, B.C., 2001-11-02 and flew via Brandon, MB. — Thunder Bay, ON. — La Grande Riviére. PQ. —Kuujjuaq, PQ.— Sondre, Stormfjord, Greenland — Reykjavik, Iceland (November, 6)— Wick, Scotland (November 7) — Groningen-Eelde, Holland —arriving in Oberphaffenhofen, Germany 2001-11-09, after 48 hours flying, CofR to C-Tec Ltd., St. John, NB., 2002-02-06. Reported active in Croatia in May, 2002, as C-FVFU, aircraft named "Aline", but European Coastal Airlines went out of business. Cancelled from CCAR: 2005-07-08. Aircraft stored Borovo, Croatia from 2008 with plans to resume passenger services in 2008. Bought by Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd, Sidney, B.C. Reg.C-FMXW, 2015-10-23. CofR re-issued 2015-11-09 Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd, North Saanich, B.C. (address change) (as of March 2021)

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 84812 but diverted off contract for sale to R.C.A.F., took on charge 1945-01-20, as Goose II, serial 397. Struck off command,1948-01-08. Bill of sale to Imperial Oil Ltd., 1947-12-19. CofR and CofR issued for G-21A, CF-IOL, to Imperial Oil Ltd., Toronto, ON., on 1948-02-05. Sold to Imperial Oil Transport Ltd., Toronto, ON., 1949-03-04. Sold to Bruce McKenzie Farris, 1950-09-08. CofR to West Coast Transportation Co. Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1950-09-26. Certificates re-issued for C-FIOL, 1979. CofR to MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1980-01-23. Sold to Pacific Coastal Airlines Ltd., Richmond, B.C. 1994-10-11. Total Flight Hours, reported on 2003-02-15 was 31,097hrs. Withdrawn from service 2012-09-24 due to lack of availability of certified spare parts. Sold/Transferred to Wilderness Seaplanes Ltd., Port Hardy, B.C., 2016-08-08

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 84816. Accepted & delivered 1945-01-10 to CGAS: Brooklin; CGAS: Salem, February, 1945 until at least July 1946, when formally transferred to the U. S. Coast Guard and struck off command by the US Navy. Adopted the new designation JRF-5G, circa 1950, with serial 4816; CGAS: San Francisco by August, 1950 until at least February, 1951. To storage at Elizabeth City, NJ., 1954-09-08. CF-UDD allotted to Lund Aviation (Canada) Ltd., Montreal, PQ., with authority to ferry Elizabeth City, NJ. to Montreal, PQ. Authority to ferry Montreal to St. John's PQ., 1956-08-15 for wing spar repair. Authority to ferry St. John's, PQ. to Rochester, NY. and Rochester to Montreal, PQ., 1956-09-13. CofA and CofR issued for G-21A, CF-UDD, to J. C. Udd, Brockville, ON., 1956-09-18. Bill of sale, the Estate, of J. C. Udd to Archiepiscopale Catholique Romaine de Saint Boniface for $34,500. CofR to La Corporation Archiepiscopale Catholique Romaine de Saint Boniface, MB. 1963-05-27. Cancelled from CCAR and sold in Peru, 1963-06-18. To OB-AEX-702 for Vicaritario Apostolico de San José del Amazonas, Iquitos, Peru, 1963-08-16. Re-reg. OB-V-702 April, 1964. Peruvian reg. cancelled, 1966-10-22. CF-VIA allotted La Corporation Archiepiscopale Catholique Romaine de Saint Boniface (CACRSB), MB., 1966-10-21 and authority to ferry Iquitos, Peru to Winnipeg, MB., same date. Bill of sale (CACRSB) to Antilles Air Boats Inc., for $45,000, but CofR and CofA for CF-VIA issued belatedly to (CACRSB), 1967-01-23. Cancelled from CCAR: 1967-03-03. Reg as N777V to Antilles Air Boats Inc., Christiansted, US Virgin Islands, with CofR, 1967-03-21. Accident, 1978-09-02, crashed into the sea off St Thomas, US Virgin Islands after left engine failed, while operating Flight 941 from St. Croix to St, Thomas. Pilot, Charles F. Blair, Antilles Air Boats Inc., President, founder and husband of movie actress, Maureen O'Hara, along with three passengers were killed, seven other passengers survived. The NTSB stated the following, in their report:
"The NTSB concluded that pre-flight planning was improper because the maintenance release was falsified by a licensed mechanic. The mechanic had certified the aircraft as airworthy when, in fact, it was not. The plane was flown 22 hrs beyond the scheduled inspection time with the knowledge of certain key managers, supervisors, and licensed personnel."

" The total times in the aircraft logbook had been falsified with the full knowledge of management, supervisors, and licensed personnel. Company policy and decisions were made by Blair, who violated or condoned violation of the regulations in the interest of company objectives."

" The left engine failed when the No. 5 cylinder and piston separated from the engine, causing the engine cowl to separate. That engine was not airworthy because it had been in storage for 10 years before it was installed on the accident plane. The added drag caused by the loss of the cowling, combined with the decreased efficiency of the improperly maintained right propeller, combined with the over-weight condition of the aircraft—which resulted from a deficient FAA supplemental type certificate—made it impossible to maintain level single-engine flight."

The aircraft broke up upon impact and sank in 85ft. of water. Listed by the FAA, October, 2010, as revoked. As of March 2021 the on-line USCAR certificate, shows the following: Cancel Date: 2017-02-04

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87723. Accepted 1945-02-17 and delivered to NAS New York, 1945-02-19. Struck off command, 1956-09-11. Sold to Avalon Air Transport for $18,571.40. Reg. as G-21A, N325, 1956-11-15. Sold to Ada Oil Co., Houston, TX., 1956-12-28. Re-reg. N525, 1957-01-31. Sold to Aviation Sales & Engineering, Houston, TX., 1957-05-10. Sold to Alley Lumber Co. Ltd., Medford, OR., 1958-09-29. Sold to Alley Brothers, Medford, OR., 1960-04-30. Sold to McKinnon Enterprises Inc., Sandy, OR., 1961-06-12. Aircraft modified for gross weight to 9,200lbs.1961-07-10. Sold to Peyton Hawes, Portland, OR., 1962-12-28. Sold back to McKinnon, 1972-11-07. Sold to Executive Seminars Inc., Lincoln, NB., 1973-04-05. Sold to Land Management Corp. of North America, Lincoln, NB., 1973-05-31, with CofR for C-GYVG allocated to Keewatin Arctic Camp Co., 1977-03-11. Bill of sale Management Corp. of North America to Keewatin Arctic Camp Co., Henik Lake, N.W.T., 1978-04-14. N525 cancelled from USCAR: 1978-07-05. Leased to Calm Air International Ltd., Lynn Lake, MB. 1978-05-01. Bill of sale Keewatin to Weldwood of Canada Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1980-02-11. Accident, 1980-05-15; after a flight from Powell River, B.C., aircraft nosed over on to its back, landing at a logging strip at East Toba, B.C., due to brake problem. Aircraft repaired. Two crew uninjured. Aircraft repaired. Sold to 147973 Canada Inc., Calgary, AB., 1985-12-27. Sold to Unilease Inc., Don Mills, ON., 1991-03-09. Leased to Juergen Puetter, Calgary, AB., 1991-08-20. Bill of sale Unilease to Juergen Puetter, 1993-08-30. Sold to Pacific North American Development & Financial Corporation, Vancouver, B.C., 1998-10-13. CofR re-issued 2007-07-04 for Pacific North American Development & Financial Corporation, Sidney, B.C. (address change) as of March 2021,CCAR shows: "Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: 2020-11-09"

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87726 but diverted off contract and, following acceptance by US Navy, 1945-03-17. Transferred to US Army Air Force 1945-03-19 as OA-13B, with a serial 45-49088. Eventually delivered to ATC North Africa, 1945-06-06. Lost to inventory (9th AF, Cairo, Egypt). Reg. as G-21A, NC3096, to Superior Oil Co, Houston, TX., and later as N3096. Authority to ferry Houston, TX., to Kenora, ON., 1960-03-10. Cancelled from USCAR: 1960-05-10. CofR and CofR issued 1960-05-10 for CF-IWW to Ontario Central Airlines, Kenora, ON. To Can Am Aircraft Ltd., Kenora, ON., 1966-05-30. Back to Ontario Central Airlines, 1968-05-28 now at Redditt, ON. To Jack H Edwards, Kenora, ON., (date not recorded) Leased to Parsons Airways Ltd., Kenora, ON. Accident, 1976-07-08: substantial damage after forced landing in bush 3 miles South of Churchill, MB., on a flight from Red Lake to Churchill. Left tank ran dry and engine would not restart when fuel switched to cross-feed. Aircraft would not maintain altitude on one engine and landed in the trees short of runway 33. Pilot and 4 passengers uninjured. Wreck bought from insurers by Barney Lamm. Wreck taken apart,lifted out by heavy lift helicopter to Churchill. Then by rail to Gimli, MB. Rebuilt. CofA renewed at TFH: 11,952, valid until 1978-08-23, CofR to Barney E. Lamm, Gilmi, MB., 1977-08-26 as C-FIWW. CofR to Ontario Central Airlines Ltd., Gimli, MB., 1978-06-07. CofR to The Ranger Ltd.. Winnipeg, MB., 1980-05-29. To 241805 Alberta Ltd., Edmonton, AB., 1980-07-30. Bill of sale to Victory Aviation Corp., Willington, DE., 1983-11-01. Cancelled from CCAR: 1983-12-02. CofR for N4575C, 1983-12-08 and CofA, 1983-12-12. Bill of sale to American City Construction Co., New York, NY., 1983-12-12, with CofR, 1984-12-25. To Blue Arrow Challenge, New York,NY., 1988-01-21, with CofR, 1988-02-08, Aircraft dismantled and shipped to Leavesden, UK., for rebuild April 1989. Bill of sale Blue Arrow to Sherman Aircraft Sales Inc., West Palm Beach, FL., 1994-12-06 with CofR, 1994-12-09. Ferry fuel system installed 1994-12-14, flew Wick, Scotland—Reykjavik, Iceland, 1994-12-27, to Narsarssuak, Greenland, 1994-12-28 en route to Sherman. Ferry fuel system removed 1995-01-11. Bill of sale to Aerofloat G21a Inc. (Owner Trustee), Dover, DE., 1997-05-06 with CofR 1997-05-13.Flew Godthab, Greenland—Reykjavik, Iceland, 1997-06-06, and Glasgow, Scotland, 1997-06-09 to be based at Weston, Ireland. Bill of sale to Senate Inc. Trustee, Wilmington, DE., 2009-06-18. Sale reported July 2010 to Osmond J. Kilkenny, Dublin, Ireland but listed by FAA, October, 2010 as "certificate terminated". The CofR was cancelled 2013-04-01 but the Reg. remained assigned.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87734. Accepted and delivered to NAS New York, 1945-05-30. Struck off command at Quonset Point, RI., 1956-11-23. Auctioned by US Navy and bought for $25,669.10 by Beldex Corp., St. Louis, MO., CofR for N89U issued 1956-12-20. CF-HBC allotted to Hudson's Bay Co., 1961-03-03: authority to ferry Pompano Beach, FL., to Winnipeg, MB., 1961-03-06; Bill of sale Beldex to Hudson's Bay Co., 1961-03-10. CofR as G21-A, CF-HBC issued to Hudson's Bay Co., Winnipeg, MB., 1961-03-22 and CofA issued 1961-03-27. Cancelled from USCAR: 1961-04-18.Bill of sale from Hudson's Bay Co. to Arthur J. Howser, 1974-04-26 for $112,000, Cancelled from CCAR: 1974-06-07 and Cof R for N88007 to Arthur J. Howser, West Linn, OR.,1974-06-12. Bill of sale to Peyton Hawes, Portland, OR., 1975-01-20 with CofR 1975-02-20 Bill of sale to McKinnon Coach Inc., Sandy, OR., 1978-06-15. Bill of sale to Overtrade Inc., Salem, OR., 1978-06-16 with CofR, 1978-07-18. Bill of sale to Air Pac Inc., Dutch Harbour, AK., 1980-03-10 with CofR, 1980-04-15. Bill of sale Amphibian Sales Inc., Maimi, FL., 1990-01-04 with CofR, 1990-03-07. Re-reg N6DF, 1991-03-05.Bill of sale to Roy W. Mabee, Anchorage, AK., 1991-07-03 with CofR, 1991-07-25. Stored Chino, CA., a/o October, 2007. Address change to Ketchikan, AK. Current and airworthy May, 2013. As of March 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 1991-07-25
Expiration Date: 2023-12-31
Reg. Owner: Roy W. Mabee, Ketchikan, Alaska.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87735. Accepted 1945-06-09 and delivered 1945-06-12. Struck off command 1953-04-07 [The US Navy record would appear to have been a retrospective adjustment] Reg. as G21A, N101 to CAA, Washington, DC., in 1951 for use in Alaska Region. Re-reg. as N121, 1957-06-10. Transferred to FAA, Washington, DC., 1959-01-01. Re-reg N5096K to Griffco Aviation, Seattle, WA., 1960-05-31. Bill of sale to Pacific Western Airlines, 1961-04-13 and allotted CF-NIF same day. Cancelled from USCAR: 1961-06-17. CofR issued for CF-NIF to Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1961-05-19. Accident, 1962-09-27; after a flight from Fort Smith, N.W.T., both engines failed due to fuel starvation, aircraft landed on soft ground, near Edmonton, AB., slid onto solid ground and overturned. Repaired, Accident, 1963-05-09: left engine failed about 4 miles inland over Brodeur Peninsula, 20 miles west of Arctic Bay, N.W.T. en route to Spence Bay, N.W.T. Height could not be maintained on one engine and a return to Arctic Bay was made where a wheels up landing was made on the ice. Authority to Ferry Arctic Bay to Edmonton, AB., 1963-05-14. Transferred by Bill of sale to Pacific Western Northern Services Ltd., (nominal change) 1968-07-25. Bill of sale to Trans Provincial Air Carriers Ltd., Prince Rupert, B.C., 1969-07-31. CofR re-issued as C-FNIF, 1975-05-23. Became Air B.C. Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1980-10-31. CofR issued to Jim Patterson Industries Ltd., 1983-05-17, nominal change. Bill of sale Jim Patterson Industries to Air B.C. Ltd., 1986-12-31 and CofR issued 1987-02-11: authority to ferry Vancouver to Port Hardy, B.C., 1987-06-17. Bill of sale to Pacific Coastal Airlines, 1987-12-31 but leased back to Air B.C., same date for one year, later extended to 1989-12-31. Bill of sale Pacific Coastal to Greyvest Financial Services, Ltd., 1989-04-26 (sale included C-FUAZ, s/n 1077) Leased Greyvest to Pacific Coastal 1989-05-01 for 83 months. Accident, 1994-06-07, after landing at Port Hardy, B.C. the left break failed, the aircraft ground looped and ran off the right side of the runway. The fuselage and wing were substantially damaged. Bill of sale Greyvest to GE Capital Canada Leasing Services Inc., 1994-11-10. Bill of sale to Pacific Coastal Airlines, 1994-11-21. Bill of sale to Hallmark Leasing Corp (still damaged) dated 1994-08-15 and CofR issued 1994-11-25. TFH: 23,717hrs. reported. Repair in process reported 1997-02-15 at TFH: 23,790hrs. [Note; If the reported flying hour totals are correct it might suggest that after the June 1994 accident, the aircraft was repaired by February 1995 and then suffered another (un-reported) accident prior to February, 1997] Bill of sale to Tuthill Corp., Hinsdale, IL., 1998-05-20 and cancelled from CCAR: 1998-05-21. Reg. N453T, 1998-05-22. Re-reg. as N21A with CofA, 1998-07-02. Accident 2002-06-17, while on approach to Runway 22 at Northway, AK., after a flight from Whitehorse, YT., pilot reported he encountered a strong crosswind. After touchdown, during the landing roll, a gust of wind lifted the right wing and the aircraft veered to the left, left the runway and rolled down an embankment into a wooded area. Substantial damage but no injury to the three onboard. To Wave Runner Aviation LLC, Graham, NC., (Antilles Seaplanes) 2008-01-11. Accident, 2008, 01-29; while practising water landings, left wing contacted the water and aircraft water-looped. Aircraft recovered but substantially damaged, taken to Homestead, FL. To Amphib Inc., Lake Zurich, IL., with CofR, 2008-06-30. To DB Aero Inc., Wilmington, DE., with CofR, 2011-04-13. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 2011-04-13
Expiration Date: 2023-04-30.
Reg. Owner: D B Aero Inc., Wilmington, Delaware.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87744. Accepted 1945-07-31 and delivered 1945-08-08. Struck off command 1952-10-13. Reg. (probably as a JRF-5) N779 to US Dept. of Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service, Washington, DC., November, 1952 and ferried to Alaska, eventually gaining its CofA as G-21A. (and in use with such until at least May 1962) Withdrawn from service and re-reg. as N16484, 1966-03-24 to Charles E. Walters, Spokane, WA. Re-reg. as N501M, 1966-05-05. Sold to McKinnon Enterprises Inc. Sandy, OR., 1967-08-24. Converted to G-21C Hybrid s/n 1203 with two UAC PT6A-20 engines by McKinnon at TFH: 3,928hrs., 1968-06-26. Cancelled from USCAR: 1968-02-02. The G-21C was neither certified or registered in the U.S.A., but sold directly to the Highways Department, Government of B.C., Canada, 1968, with a CofR CF-BCI, 1969-04-03. Accident, 1971-06-24; substantial damage after overshooting landing at Victoria, B.C; pilot seriously injured. CofR to Airwest Airlines, Vancouver, B.C., 1973-01-19; Cof R as C-FBCI to Airwest Operations Ltd., 1979-08-23. CofR to Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd., Prince Rupert, B.C., in 1980. Accident, 1980-10-11, left brake failed and left main gear collapsed landing at Stewart, B.C., no injuries. CofR to Air B.C. Ltd., Richmond, B.C.,early 1981. CofR to Jim Patterson Industries Ltd. (owner of Air BC), 1983-05-17. To Lindair Services Ltd, Richmond, B.C., in 1984 for major overhaul; engines replaced with PT6A-27. CofR to Crown Forest Industries Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1990-11-02. CofR to Walsten Aircraft & Leasing, Richmond, B.C., 1991-06-26. Reg. N660PA to Peninsular Airways Inc. Anchorage, AK., 1991-09-13 and cancelled from CCAR: 1991-09-18. Accident, 1996-08-11, crashed somewhere near Dutch Harbor, AK., on a flight from Anderson, Bay, AK. Aircraft "missing" with two presumed fatalities. TFH: 13,381hrs. Part of main door and some smaller parts found washed up on a beach in 1998. Aircraft w/o and cancelled from USCAR: 1998-01-10.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87745. Accepted 1945-08-14 and delivered to NAS New York, 1945-10-05. NAS Quonset Point, RI., November, 1945. NAS South Weymouth,MA., February, 1946 until at least August, 1948, (records missing) in overhaul at Bethpage. NY., January, 1950. NAS San Diego, CA., 1950-05-04. NAS Kodiak, AK., 1950-05-31. NAS San Diego, CA., 1952-05-14. NAS Quonset Point, RI., 1952-07-16 for overhaul and modification to JRF-6. NAS Norfolk, VA., 1953-06-05 for sea freight to Norway. Naval Attaché Oslo, Norway, 1953-06-26. NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco, 1954-01-20. NAS Norfolk, VA., for repairs, 1954-05-24. NAS Quonset Point, RI., for overhaul 1954-09-13. To storage 1955-03-31, retired 1956-08-11. Struck off command 1956-11-23. For sale as JRF-6, November, 1956, at TFH: 581hrs. Condition described as "fair to poor, Both outboard wing panels and propellers available but not installed. Floats, ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudder missing……..aircraft not considered flyable" Bill of sale November, 1956, US Navy to Pan Air Corp., New Orleans, LA., for $23,513.90 and CofR for G-21A, N93E, 1957-01-25. Bill of sale to Comor Inc., New Orleans, LA., 1957-04-17 with CofR 1957-04-30. Transferred back to Pan Air Corp., New Orleans, LA., by bill of sale, 1963-06-24. Bill of sale to Williams Drilling Co.. Baton Rouge, LA., 1963-11-27. Bill of sale to Pan Air Corp., New Orleans, LA., 1964-06-15. CF-WCP allotted to Great Bear Lake Lodge and authority to ferry New Orleans to Winnipeg, MB., 1964-06-15. Bill of sale Pan Air to Great Bear Lake Lodge, Sioux Narrows, ON., on 1964-06-17 for US$65,000. Lease from Great Bear Lake Lodge to Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd., 1964-06-20 to 1964-09-10. CofR for CF-WCP issued 1964-06-22 to Great Bear Lake Lodge Ltd., and amended to Commercial 1964-06-24. CofA issued 1964-07-03 and N93E cancelled from USCAR: 1964-07-08. Leased to Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd., 1965-06-15 to 1965-09-10. Bill of sale Great Bear Lake Lodge to Plummer Holdings Ltd. Winnipeg, MB., 1966-06-13. Aircraft jumped a few times between Plummer and Great Bear a number of times with both leasing it to Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd. Finally a bill of sale from Plummer to Ilford Riverton Airways Ltd., Winnipeg, MB., 1970-06-03. Bill of sale to Dean H. Franklin Aviation, Miami, FL., 1972-10-13 for US$72,500. Cancelled from CCAR: 1972-01-02 and reg. N90892, 1973-02-06 but CF-WCP re-allotted 1973-01-18 and cancelled from USCAR: 1973-03-09. CofA issued 1973-03-13 at TFH: 4,241hrs., and CofR issued to Island Airlines Ltd.. Campbell River, B.C., as C-FWCP, 1973-04-14. Cancelled from CCAR: 1978-07-14. Bill of sale to Catalina Airlines Inc., Gardena, CA., 1978-07-14. CofR for N22932, 1978-07-25. Accident, 1979-09-17, crashed into sea off Pebbly Beach, East of Avalon,CA., when elevator cable separated from yoke during take-off, one fatality and aircraft was salvaged and sold to KC Aircraft Sheet Metal Inc., Long Beach, CA., 1981-03-12. Bill of sale to Air Transport Services Inc., Kodiak,AK., 1982-04-30. Bill of sale to Peninsular Airways Inc., Anchorage, AK., 1986-01-30. From 1993 to 2004 three accidents with aircraft damage and repaired. To Victoria Air Maintenance, Sidney, B.C., August to October 1994, for rebuild. After Pen-Air ceased Goose operations to Akutan in October, 2012, the aircraft was sold to Freshwater Adventures Inc., Dillingham, AK., with a CofR 2013-01-30. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 2013-01-30
Expiration Date 2022-01-31
Reg. Owner: Freshwater Adventures Inc., Dillingham, Alaska.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87748. Accepted 1945-10-01 and delivered to NAS New York, 1945-10-18; NAS Richmond, FL., November, 1945; NAS Key West, FL., December, 1945; NAS Norfolk,VA., August, 1946; To joint US-Brazilian Mission, Rio de Janeiro, 1946-10-25; NAS Trinidad, July 1947. NAS Norfolk,VA., December, 1947: records missing. NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada; NAS Norfolk,VA.,1950-05-17; NAS Annapolis, MD., 1950-06-30; NAS Quonset Point, RI., 1951-05-16 for overhaul. NAS Norfolk,VA., 1952-02-13 for sea-freighting; NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco, 1952-04-02; awaiting modifications at Port Lyautey, 1953-06-26; NAS Norfolk,VA., 1953-09-29 undergoing repairs; NAS Quonset Point, RI., 1954-05-18 for overhaul. Loaned to NACA, Langley Field, VA. Struck off command 1957-03-27. (TFH: 1,502hrs.); remained in NACA initially as '103' and then '202' until 1960-03-20 when sold. Reg. as G-21A, N704 to US Dept. of Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service, Washington, DC., by November, 1962. Re-reg. as N7041, 1966-04-04 and cancelled from USCAR: 1966-10-06. To B.C. Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., as CF-VAK, 1967-05-15. CofA and CofR to Pacific Leasing Corp. Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1967-08-11. CofR to Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd., Terrace, B.C., 1969-05-02. CofR to Victoria Flying Services Ltd., Sidney, B.C., 1976-11-01. Seen in bare metal at Viking Air, Victoria, B.C., March, 1980 and reported as being rebuilt by Viking Air, B.C., 1980-11-14. Sale reported 1982-05-27. Cancelled from CCAR, on sale to USA, 1993-05-31. Re-reg, N9074N reserved for Ross Enterprises, Incline Village, NV., 1995-08-07 but ntu. To Michael T Warn, Milwauke, OR., 1998-04-17. To North Coast Aero LLC., Port Townsend, WA., 1999-04-27. To Charles Greenhill, Lake Zurich. IL., 2005. To Ruth Sanders, Jackson, CA., with CofR 2006-12-06. Under restoration, dismantled, at Lone Eagles Nest, CA., in 2007. Address change to Sutter Creek, CA. Current but not airworthy May 2013, with CofR due to expire 2016-04-30. As of March, 2021, USCAR shows:
Status: Valid
Certificate Issue Date: 2006-12-06
Expiration Date: 2022-04-30
Reg. Owner: Ruth Sanders, Sutter Creek, California.

Built for U. S. Navy as JRF-5 BuAer serial 87751. Accepted 1945-10-31 and delivered to NAS New York, 1945-12-18. Struck off command 1953-09-30. Transferred to Dept. of Interior, Washington,DC., 1953 for operation in Alaska. Converted to G-21A, and N643 allocated but ntu. Re-reg. as N643H to Fleet Air Transport Inc., Anchorage, AK., by 1960. To Foreign & Domestic Enterprises, Seattle, WA. To Griffco Aviation, Seattle, WA., by April, 1966. Allotted CF-UMG, 1966-04-01. CofA and CofR issued for CF-UMG to Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., 1966-05-03. Canceled from USCAR: 1966-06-08. Bill of sale Pacific Western Northern Services Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., 1968-07-25 and CofR 1968-08-02. Bill of sale 1968-07-31 to Trans Provincial Air Carriers, who then changed their name to Trans Provincial Airlines (TPA), Terrace, B.C. Nominal change to Air BC Ltd., Richmond, B.C., 1981-01-16 as C-FUMG. CofR to Jim Patterson Industries Ltd. Richmond, B.C., 1983-05-17. CofR to Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd., Prince Rupert, B.C., 1988-06-02, Cooper & Lybrand appointed as Receiver for TPA Ltd., 1993-03-19. To Hallmark Leasing Corp., Vancouver, B.C., 1993-05-12; leased to Waglisla Air, Richmond, B.C., 1993-06-23 (until 1996-06-30) Accident, 1993-12-04; struck trees after take-off on a scheduled flight to Kincolith and crashed 10km (6.1 miles) North of Prince Rupert, B.C., due to engine problems. Pilot, Sanderson Parker 27 and one passenger, Colin Andrew Stevens 27, fatal, and three injured. To Pacific Aircraft Salvage, Vancouver, B.C., 1994 and wreck stored at Vancouver A/P 1995 Aircraft written off and cancelled from CCAR: 1995-12-04. Remains reported in Discount Aircraft Salvage junk yard in Deer Park, WA.
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Re: Canadian Grumman Gooses

Postby dogsbody » Wed Mar 24, 2021 5:08 pm

Nice bit of Canuck info there. Thanks!

"What young man could possibly be bored
with a uniform to wear,
a fast aeroplane to fly,
and something to shoot at?"
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Re: Canadian Grumman Gooses

Postby MrWidgeon » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:13 am

B-111 Was N7777V, you missed a 7.
B-83 C-FHUZ was in service with Pacific Coastal after that last date, I believe it's in restoration.
B-70 N888GG crashed in a mountain pass near Sula Montana 17 Jun 2014 after flying into a snow squall. Late cancellation date is probably due to the owner not return a Triennial request form from the FAA.
B-54 PK-LEH was scrapped shortly after it was cancelled.
1157 N88821 is not airworthy and won't be, the restoration is for Museum display.
1061 N48550 was involved in a big legal fuss between Jimmy Buffet (Strange Bird Inc.) and the first shop he took it too. It's now in another shop and I understand it's back under active restoration again.
1013 N121H did indeed burn, completely (sidebar, I put that airplane to bed several times when I worked in New Orleans in the 70s, it was a beautiful Goose).

Not bad, that was a lot of info, Well Done !

In water flying attitude is everything
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Re: Canadian Grumman Gooses

Postby OGJ » Sun Apr 18, 2021 1:48 pm

MrWidgeon wrote:B-111 Was N7777V, you missed a 7.

Wow!!! a lot of people would consider that a mistake, but since I've never made a mistake in my life, only errors in judgments, some time a few, OK, so there maybe have been many, some might say a lot and even some may put them at humongously high and I've even heard astronomically high (from some SOB's) and as for size of those minor errors, some have said little, others big or large, I've also heard considerable and enormous, but then those (SOB's) again came up with mind-boggling, I almost lost it.

I'm not what you would call a typist, yes I took typing back in Jr. high, we are talking 1958/59 but I still use the triple "S" method, that's Search, Seek & Strike.

B-83 C-FHUZ was in service with Pacific Coastal after that last date, I believe it's in restoration.

My bad, you are correct, I should have said " Latest Certificate of Registration Issued to Pacific Coastal Airlines: 2015-11-19"

Not bad, that was a lot of info, Well Done !


Please don't take my weird sense of humour too seriously, nothing meant personally, three well done's coming from you, with your knowledge on these Grumman Amphibians is highly rewarding and glad you enjoyed them and from the Widgeon page, to have had a hand on 8 aircraft or 22% out of a list of of 36 aircraft is getting to the almost mind-boggling category, careful, you may start thinking like me.

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Re: Canadian Grumman Gooses

Postby MrWidgeon » Mon Apr 19, 2021 7:59 pm

Glad you took my corrections with a sense of humor. I certainly meant no slagging or rudeness.
I never took typing, so I can't say anything there, I rely on auto correct and proof reading. (And STILL make mistakes) :D

My attachment to the Widgeon goes back 69 years. The first time I remember riding in one with my Father I was 4 years old.
I flew with him until he retired when I was 12, then came a long 10+ year stretch with only a few rides in an airplane based at the local airport were I was working.
Then another very long stretch from the late 70s until the late 80s when I met a man who owned one in Seattle who ended up becoming one of my best friends.
That was the fuel that that really fired my collection and obsession, through him and his friends who also owned Widgeons the ride list grew, the slide and photo stack got taller, my knowledge base on the engines and airframes grew by leaps and bounds. It was his airplane I helped rebuild after an accident.
I learned an extraordinary amount in only 6 years before he moved to Alaska and the last part of that whole scene fell apart.
Two of the airplanes had been sold, one owner had died of a heart attack, one had moved away and another had left the local area (his was the 2nd one I had helped rebuild).
But what I learned has never left me and from it the obsession has only grown to include all of Grumman's other waterbirds.
My knowledge base is still expanding, I'm still learning, still collecting and will until my ticket finally gets punched.

In water flying attitude is everything
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