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Candy Clipper

PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2013 5:01 am
by N63350JR
Not exactly the right part of this forum, but I'll post up here anyway just for kicks.

Came across a nice decal set recently to do the Candy Clipper Duck in 1/72 scale.
Bill, I know you'll read this. Do you have any images of this plane to help me get markings and decal placement right?


Re: Candy Clipper

PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2013 7:34 am
by MrWidgeon
I only remember seeing one old photo of the original Candy Clipper waaaaaaaaaay way back when.
First, it was a J2F-5 so it had the shorter chord cowling unlike Kermit Weeks' J2F-6 which has the longer chord cowling and is sort of painted to represent the original.
Second, it had been damaged & sunk then raised, field repairs were carried out by some of the local AAF & USN mechanics to get it flying again and the paint job was scruffy to say the least.
The only photo I've seen was a very poor quality close up and I don't' think you could determine with any accuracy what colors it was.
When I built mine eons ago I painted it in the overall Lt. Gray hull/Chrome Yellow upper wing scheme over Silver wings and Green Zinc Chromate hull.
When I sprayed on the Lt. Gray I misted it on lighter in some places than others to make it look like the paint was worn away, I did the same with the Yellow upper wing.
I probably should have added some patches, but didn't know where to put them.
So I guess the best I can tell you is the standard colors for a J2F-5 in Dec. 1941, overall Lt. Gray and Chrome Yellow top of the upper wing & horizontal stabilizer with a non standard semi gloss Black cowling.
National insignia were the Red ball in a White star in 4 positions (aft fuselage, upper left wing, lower right wing), no horizontal tail stripes on the rudder (Kermit has the USMC stripes & that's wrong).
Google Candy Clipper and you'll find a painting by Tony Weddel, that's probably as good a guess as anyone's until more solid evidence comes along.
If you're lucky someone here will have the old Airfix magazine that had a copy of the original photo.