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100th Anniversary of the Death of John Cyril Porte

PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:37 pm
by AlexNortonesq
Porte died on October 22, 1919.

He was a controversial figure, but one to whom the world of flying boats is indebted.

About him, it was said by: C. G. Grey, Editor of The Aeroplane, ... in a long obituary, "The history of John Cyril Porte is a tragedy relieved by the example of indomitable will and loyalty which he has set to all who serve the King. Few have suffered more and none have done better work in spite of physical and mental suffering"

And by Walter Raleigh in his book The War in the Air [summing] up the importance of Porte's work during the First World War: "The shortest possible list of those who saved the country in its hour of need would have to include his name."