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German Trimotors

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2015 9:19 am
by AquilaAudax
I am trying to finalise my notes on the German flying boats for my book on Trimotors.

There are two German-language references that I have not seen at this stage which would be very useful for cross-referencing with the primarily English-language sources I have been using. From experience with the French trimotors, reliance on English-language sources only can be a big mistake, and has made me determined to seek suitable German-language source documents.
Does anyone have, or have access to, copies of the following two books ? :

Gutschow, Fred; Die Deutschen Flugboote, Motorbuch Verlag, 1978.
Becker, Hans-Jurgen; Die Deutschen Luftfahrt #21 - Wasserflugzeuge, Bernard & Graefe, 1994.

Would it be possible to get scans of the 3-engined flying boats and the floatplane version on the Junkers G 24 ?

Any other German-language material would also be very useful.

Send me a PM as it will be easier to send emails to my offline address.

Thank you, in anticipation

Cheers, Ray