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Wings Over Bermuda by Tom Singfield

PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 4:58 pm
by DavidLegg
Tom Singfield, well-known Percival Aircraft historian and organiser of the annual Gatwick Aviation Enthusiasts Fair has just had his long-awaited book Wings Over Bermuda published. In his own words…

"My new book (with co-author Ewan Partridge) was launched in the UK at LGW2014. "Wings over Bermuda - 100 years of aviation in the West Atlantic" has taken 6 years in research and writing and the end result is very impressive if I do say so myself! With over 300 pages, this high quality hardback contains information, photos, stories and facts from the aeronautical world of Bermuda, Britain's oldest Colony. Prior to WW2 there was no runway on Bermuda so all aviation was water-based with seaplanes and flying boats (plus a few airships!). Once the US forces had built Kindley Field airfield from virtually nothing, the island's aviation story grew and evolved to a point where it became a vital stepping stone on transatlantic military and civil services up until the advent of long-range airliners. USN and USCG flying boat and amphibious operations continued right through until the early/mid 60s. The end of the Cold War saw the US Navy finally leave the island in peace and since then the holiday paradise has concentrated on commercial and executive operations. Copies of the book are available in the UK for £40 plus £5.60 P&P via Parcelforce or UK 1st Class. Contact Air-Britain Sales ( ) (credit card accepted). Signed/unsigned copies can also be ordered from me at . Overseas buyers will need to make contact to find out P&P costs."

I have a review copy of the book and it looks to be excellent with plenty of seaplane content.