Air-Britain's Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland

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Air-Britain's Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland

Postby DavidLegg » Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:39 pm

David Legg
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Re: Air-Britain's Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland

Postby Pondskater » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:09 pm

Oh, what a coincidence. My copy arrived just this morning.

It is a lovely book, very well produced, as you'd expect. And a bit different in that it focuses more on the units + bases than previous books and has a good section on the civil aircraft with a short individual history of each aircraft.

I've only skimmed through so far but looks very good - certainly recommended. I met John Hamlin a few years ago when he was working on it - he's done a good job.

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Re: Air-Britain's Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland

Postby sunderlandmr5 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:59 am

Received my copy yesterday - Really great book and well laid out to.

Great photos also, some I'd not seen before :D


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Re: Air-Britain's Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland

Postby seawings » Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:13 am

Allow me to join this 'exclusive' club!

Went out yesterday with Sandy to the Aero Expo Show at Sywell airfield near Wellingborough, Northants (work for me and a day out for her) and whilst rummaging through the contents of the Aviation Hobby Shop stand I found a copy for sale, so was thumbing through it, letting out the odd gasp as to the content, when to my utter astonishment, she bought it for me! :D

It is a stunning Air-Britain volume and in a nut-shell lists every single Sunderland ever built by serial number, and all the Solents, Sandringhams etc, plus all the derivatives, and provides a paragraph type statement on it's history from construction to final end. It lists all the foreign operators as well. Just about every page has a photo or two/three on it and some of them I hadn't seen before, either.

If that wasn't enough, the same treatment is granted to Sunderland bases around the world and the appendices even attempt to list a Roll of Honour of every single individual (well, very nearly) that was lost whilst operating or working on these aircraft. Astonishing.

It rounds off with a series of colour photo's and a lovely series of detailed colour profiles at around 1;144th scale or thereabouts.

All-in-all, it's a real tour-de-force that fills a gap in anyone's Sunderland library, mind you it's £40 quid to purchase unless you are an Air-Britain member, then you save £10. I expect that Amazon will have a say in the price as they handle it as well. I noted last night that some book-sellers are listing this as a paperback as well.

So, I came home a very, very Happy Bunny, and hav'nt had my nose out of it since! It's not a total 'reading' book, more of a volume to dip into all over the place; the text on the development of the Sunderland, the bases and a bunch of other chapters is very well written and very readable but for me the 'real deal' is the individual 'boat listings. Finally, I can have one reference that will answer all those "what happened to Pxxx serial 'boat, in one volume.

I havn't checked it for errors but I suspect it's pretty accurate, as it has a certain air of authority to it that you just know from Air-Britain it's going to be good.

The author John Hamlin is to be congratulated for the massive amount of work that he has put into this volume; it's one that I will now treasure for the rest of.....etc, not only was it a gift from SWMBO but it's simply brilliant.
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Re: Air-Britain's Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland

Postby MrWidgeon » Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:14 am

A Happy Bunny indeed (& I'm Green with envy) you lucky sod.

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