Looking for pictures of Solent 3 - 'Scarborough'

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Looking for pictures of Solent 3 - 'Scarborough'

Postby seawings » Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:41 am

I've been contacted by a chap called Martin Smith, whose father was aboard Short S45 Solent 3 - Serial Number: S.1301 - Coded: G-AHIM - Named: 'Scarborough' - Built: Rochester 24.5.48 - Scrapped: Belfast 1952 when it crossed the Equator at 11.20 am on 25th December 1949 - under the command of Captain L.H. Carey - travelling South.

He say's: "This much was recorded on a certificate bestowed on my late father by Phoebus Apollo himself which, in addition to confirming the above, initiated him into the Winged Order of Line Shooters. I'm not entirely sure what was the final destination -my father had business connections in both South Africa and Kenya and had by that time made the journey on a number of occasions".

He still has the certificate in safe keeping.

What can we provide for him? Any pictures? Any idea of the end destination? Be nice if I could email him a picture he could frame to go with the certificate.

Incidentally, have I got the designation correct? I have read various titles this morning that list 'Scarborough' as a Solent 2 and a Solent 3 - I went with the 3 as there were more of those than the 2...!

Ok, Chaps - all yours.......... ;)
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Re: Looking for pictures of Solent 3 - 'Scarborough'

Postby sunderlandnut » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:15 am

Hi Bryan

Solent 2 G-AHIM Scarborough Built Rochester C/N S.1301C of A issued 24.5.48 Scrapped Felixstowe 1956

Shorts Aircraft Since 1900 - C H Barnes (Naval Institute Press 1989)

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