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Query about BOAC Short flying-boats in NZ

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:11 pm
by Kiwithrottlejockey
On the National Library of New Zealand website, there are several photographs of BOAC Sunderland flying-boats G-AGJL “Hobart” amd G-AGJM “Hythe” moored together at Mechanics Bay, Auckland in February 1946. There are also photographs of Captain G G Stead and Captain Steer at Mechanics Bay posing in front of one of the two Sunderland flying-boats. Presumably they were each respectively in command of one of the 'boats.

Does anybody know the full story about why both flying-boats were visiting New Zealand at the same time? Various books I have got mention G-AGJM “Hythe” visiting New Zealand in 1946 (perhaps on a survey flight?), but I have been unable to find any reference in any of the books I have about both 'boats being in New Zealand at the same time, although there are known photographs of G-AGJL “Hobart” on Wellington Harbour on 28th February 1946 during a meeting of the South Pacific Air Transport Council, having conveyed the British Minister for Civil Aviation, Lord Winston (Reginald Fletcher) to the meeting.

I'm trying to find out more information for a photographic essay regarding Short flying-boats in New Zealand that I am gradually putting together.