ML824 - Hendon

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ML824 - Hendon

Postby 240Gardner » Sun Apr 05, 2009 11:07 pm

Nice to see Alex Norton's photos from prior to the restoration - I presume that some work had already been started, though, looking at the missing seats and instruments?

I had the great fortune to be able to roam freely inside it around 1979 for well over an hour - my father had lent RAFM his photos and log book to copy, and it was arranged that we would visit Hendon to collect them afterwards and be allowed into the Sunderland. At that time, the seats were still in, and I recall that all the instruments were in place. I remember my Dad saying that it even smelt right! That was the first time that he had set foot in a Sunderland since 1946.

One thing he did correct them on, though, was that it was displayed with the single prop blade down - he told them that they were NEVER left like that, so as to prevent the launches colliding with them. I believe they were repositioned corectly after that, but the detail seems to have been lost in the restoration.
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