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Monaco Grand Prix 1920

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:43 am
by AquilaAudax
The Monaco Grand Prix of 1920 (20 April to 2 May) was the first staging of the event in the aftermath of WW1. I am trying to establish whether the Nieuport-Tellier 1100 cv trimotor attended that event.

Davilla & Soltan (French Aircraft of the First World War, Flying Machines Press, 1997) claim that the aircraft appeared at the 1920 Grand Prix, complete with a 75 mm cannon.

Michel Borget's series of articles about Tellier flying boats in Le Fana (#318-321, 1996) say that in April 1920 " L. v de Laborde presented the trimotor 'armed for war' with canon and bombs, at .. Monaco, where it obtained a legitimate success".

The extended account of the event in Flight magazine makes no mention of the trimotor aircraft, but has photos and narrative relating to three other Tellier flying boats that were competing. On page 467 of the 29 April edition, the Technical Editor reports (for Tues 20 April) that "the Sunbeam-engined Nieuport-Tellier No 5" was flown in by Sadi Lecointe, followed later by the "Tellier-Hispano .. which arrived from Toulon with Pilot-Ensign Gisard and Mechanic Castora" on board. Extensive notes on Lecointe's activity follow in the 24 April report and note (on p 469) the arrival of a second twin-engined "Tellier-Hispano piloted by Ensign Hurel". No mention anywhere of a Nieuport-Tellier trimotor.

Davilla has presumably used Borget's account as his source, which doesn't provide any substantial confirmation. The complete absence of comment from Flight strongly suggests that the aircraft didn't make an appearance. Unfortunately the aviation newspaper Les Ailes didn't arrive on the scene until 1921 (!!) Has anyone seen other reports of the 1920 Grand Prix that can clarify the situation ??

Thank you, in advance.

Cheers, Ray