Caledonia over Manhattan 1937

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Caledonia over Manhattan 1937

Postby longshot » Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:56 pm

When Caledonia made the first experimental Imperial Airways mail crossing to New York in 1937 it made a triumphant circuit around Manhattan, as recorded rather distantly by Margaret Bourke-White for LIFE magazine in Seawings photo archives. My guess is that it flew from Port Washington on Long Island Sound, over the Bronx, down the Hudson then back up the East River passing over Roosevelt Island There are photos showing Caledonia by the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings but not in the LIFE selection.It occurs to me that the photos with the iconic skyscrapers could be fakes concocted for the newspapers.
(The Beech 17 seen in the LIFE photos might have been another 'photo-ship' but its wings and struts would have been an obstruction) I wonder if there are other photos?
From Popular Aviation Oct1937 p31 ... AQ6AEIKzAE (and printed this way up )

Also by searching Manhattan Fly-By ... st#license
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