Thomas Bros. Flying Boats

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Thomas Bros. Flying Boats

Postby JandenDas » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:24 am

During my inquiry concerning Thomas Bros. and Thomas-Morse aeroplanes/projects, I made the following conclusion concerning the Flying Boats. I used for the the site of aerofiles, book about consolidated and several other sources.
B-1 1912 Length 27' 3" or 24' 3"
Span tp 33' 6"
bt 23' 6"
Engine Kirkham 65/70 hp
They had trouble with the wooden hull absorbing water, thus adding weight to the aircraft, 30-gauge galvanised
iron sheets were used to cover the wooden frame hull.
1913, Great Lakes "Reliability Cruise". Thomas with 65 Kirkham motor, it was the first aircraft with an all-metal
hull in the US.

B-2 1914 Length 24'
Span tp 43' 6"
bt 33' 6"
Engine Austro 90 hp

B-3 1914 Length 25' 5"
Span tp 36' 4"
bt 28' 4"
Engine Austra 90 hp

B-4 1915 Length 28' 6"
Span tp 38'
bt 28'
Engine Curtiss O-X 2

B-5 1916 Length 31' 6"
Span tp 50'
bt 36/38'
Engine Thomas 135 hp
I dont know if this version was ever build.

Who can help me with any material which gives an impression of the hull/frame construction of the hull of the types?
Who has more information/material concerning these aeroplanes (articles, pictures, etc.)?
Who has more information/pictures of the Thomas plane during the Reliability Cruise?
Other information/materials concerning these aero planes?

Something what is also welcome is the hull/frame construction of the earley Curtiss flying boats, such as the E and F.
Thomas worked some time for Curtiss, its possible that the constuction is the same or almost the same.

Please let me know if you any information/material concerning Thomas Bros./Thomas-Morse aero planes and also of the modifications who were made of the T-M S-4C, such as Dycer, Brown, Yachey and others?

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