Curtiss H-16 trials

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Curtiss H-16 trials

Postby barnstormer » Fri Dec 11, 2009 10:54 pm

Just joined, as I am a big fan of the early flying boats. In addition to many file drawers of the Original Curtiss, and later, Curtiss Wright Company files, I also have a collection of mostly British Commonwealth photos and negatives that were the old Chris Asworth aviation photo collection. It took me a couple of months to index them, as there are some 30,000 photo prints and more than 120,000 negatives of all sizes and eras. One thing that stands out in this collection is the vast number of old flying boat photos and negatives of all makes & many countries. Fortunately. most of the negatives are in individual glassine envelopes with type-written descriptions on each one, as to mfr, model or Mark, aircraft serial or reg.#, Squadron, and often, location, pilot, date and special info.Here is a more unusual view of a Curtiss H-12, from 3/8/17 showing the trials of towing by a lighter at 30 knots. Also have a lot of the Curtiss Company original (first generation)8 x 10 photos of their pre-WWI and WWI flying boats. Even a few of the old 8 x 10 negatives. The negative index (just by mfr & model/Mark index) is 42 pages long and print list is 8 pages long. Some of the more popular makes have many hundreds per type. Short Sunderlands have 359 negatives, and 489 prints, so obviously need fairly specific requests to help others. I have been an avid ("obsessive?") aviation information collector for over 40 years.
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Re: Curtiss H-16 trials

Postby TASSE » Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:27 pm

Welcome barnstormer. Fascinating stuff. We will no doubt be calling on you for more photos from now on.

Regards TASSE.
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Re: Curtiss H-16 trials

Postby lefty » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:11 am


Barnstormer, maybe you can help. The aircraft shown here is listed in E.R.Johnson's 'American Flying Boats and Amphibious Aircraft' as the Curtiss-Judson Triplane from 1917. However, that trusty source, Aerofiles, shows an entirely different machine under that designation, and the Putnam Curtiss book by Bowers has yet another entirely different aircraft.

To muddy the waters even further, the San Diego Museum site has this aircraft listed as a 'Kanter Triplane' for which I can find no information whatsoever.

Can you shed any light on this ?
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Re: Curtiss H-16 trials

Postby MrWidgeon » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:06 am

Welcome Aboard Barnstormer, glad to have you with us.
I'm sure you'll have an eager crowd at your email door in no time at all.
If you run across any Grumman amphibians - Widgeon (Gosling), Goose etc. let me know, I'm alwys looking for more.
In water flying attitude is everything
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