FBA 17

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FBA 17

Postby JMSmith » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:41 pm

hi guys,

found this on the Polish Archive site.


Re: FBA 17

Postby TASSE » Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:49 pm

There is a man standing at the bows urinating.

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Re: FBA 17

Postby fastaviationdata » Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:10 am

TASSE wrote:There is a man standing at the bows urinating.


Hahaha. He is peeing. lol
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Re: FBA 17

Postby EdCraft » Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:36 pm

Well, let's talk about serious FBA17-related things now.

Here are images from one ended auction, showing 1930 long-range Flight in Brazil. This is good example of French - Brazilian connection, which actively developed at that period.

Main participant - Brazilian Military Aviation School (Escola de Aviação Militar).

Dates - July - August 1930.

The direction of Flight - from Rio de Janeiro to Belem do Pará.

Aircraft type - 4 of white-painted Schreck FBA17 Ht.2 hydroplanes with codes K 334, K 335, K 336, K 337 and Brazilian National insignia (7 of such aircrafts were used in Brazil from 1929 until 1937).

The Pilots and Navigators - Colonel-Lieutenant Henri Janneaud and Major Terrassou from French Military Mission in Brazil, and Brazilians - Captains Althayr Eugenio Rozangi and Emilio Goelser, Lieutenants Antonio de Lemos Cunha and Benjamin Quintella from the School. The technicians - Sergeants Amaro Polycarpo de Oliveira and Dario Derli.

1) Preparation to flight - here is dark-painted plane with code K 3?? (K 333 is most probably):


2) Collage - note white K 334 plane, crashed plane, dark K 33?? (K 333 most probably) aircraft:


3) 4 beautiful birds ready for flight. Note the date - August 4, 1930:


4) The arrival of "Schrecks". Note the date - August 28, 1930. I seem, two officers with wide white bands on their caps are the French - they have some another uniform, than other men:


5) Note separate letters from the abbreviation NYRBA, barely visible in background in left part of image. Possibly, Rio de Janeiro ?
The officer with light band on his cap (ninth from the left) is the same French, as on previous image (there he stands behind little girl in white dress). The officer (eighth from the left) looks like language translator between French and Brazilian (seventh from the left) officers:


6) Dark K 333 again. Note the Woman Pilot - most probably, this is Anessa (Anésia) Pinheiro de Machado, one of first Brazilian woman pilots. The officer in cap is the same, as on image 1 (there this officer is second from the right):


7) In addition - the image of K 334 in Flight (from the Net):

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