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Supermarine Channel

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:38 am
by seawings
Hi All,

Anyone got any decent images of the Supermarine Channel in naval/RNAS/military markings..?

Re: Supermarine Channel

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:19 pm
by schneiderman
Hi Bryan,

The Channel, basically a cheap-and-cheerful civil aircraft, never saw service with the RNAS or other UK military but as it was adapted from the AD Flying boat I guess that is the one you mean. However there were numerous projects for bomber and fighter versions of the Channel that never left the drawing board.

The Windsock publication in your book list is the best reference for the AD Flying boat service colours, which are basically brown, brown and more brown :D

Re: Supermarine Channel

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:24 pm
by schneiderman

The August 2018 issue of Aeroplane has a long, comprehensive article by Pete London on the A.D. Flying Boat and Supermarine Channel. Recommended