Farman-Blanchard trimoteur HB5

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Farman-Blanchard trimoteur HB5

Postby AquilaAudax » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:20 am

Hello Seawings

I am trying to finalise my notes on the Farman trimotor, produced in response to a specification issued by the STAé in Jan 1918, for a hydravion de haute mer. The type is referred to variously as the Farman-Blanchard trimoteur HB5 or the Farman 'haute mer' hydravion.

Charles Claveau (in his Trait d'Union history of Farman), and Jean Liron (in his Docavia on Farman), state that the aircraft was powered by three 350 hp Panhard-Levassor engines.

The 1921-22 edition of L'année aeronautique states (in Monographie d'Avions, p23) that the aircraft had three 330 hp Panhard engines. Davilla and Soltan (French A/c of WW1) make the same claim, but probably got the 'information' from L'année aeronautique without any cross-referencing.

Lucien Morareau (in Les Aeronefs de l'Aviation Maritime) states that the engines were 350 hp Sunbeam Cossacks.

My money is on Lucien Morareau's information, but I would like to see some confirmation from another 'authoritative' source. Any clues would be most appreciated !!


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