Help for references wanted: Oeffag Mickl Pola G type

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Help for references wanted: Oeffag Mickl Pola G type

Postby seawings » Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:36 pm

Hi all,

I received an email from a contact of mine seeking help on finding decent refernce materiall for the Oeffag Mickl Pola G type flyin boat. His name is David and he writes:

"My floating/ flying interests lie in the area of WW1 Austro-Hungarian flying boats and float planes and the WWI float plane fighters of other nations, principally Germany ...

I’m not averse to larger floaties either and after their Felixstowe I’m just waiting for WingNuts to a Dornier Lindau in 1/32...!

The French monstrosities of the late 20s and early 30’s also have perverse appeal for me, although that is probably a little unfair to the Gallic designers – some of theirs were really very svelte and elegant. It’s a crying shame the reference books are so brutally expensive

I am still trying to find details to do a 1/48 or maybe even a 1/32 Oeffag Mickl Pola G type ( the type goes by various combinations of all of the preceding names, but never all of them ) ... BUT
• interior details and pictures seem to be non-existant ( there’s one really excellent crisp shot of the cockpit area of G2 which shows a wealth of external detail - the bomb racks and the installation of a canon and some of the rigging and engine mounts - but that’s about it ) and
• the ruddy Hiero engines they used are also hard to pin down – I need accurate dimensions to scale a reproduction but cannot find that anywhere –

If you could help with either of those queries/ requests or put out an SOS on the board I’d be very grateful !!"

Ok, consider this an 'S.O.S.' ;)

Any info out there to help David?
Best Regards,

Bryan Ribbans
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Re: Help for references wanted: Oeffag Mickl Pola G type

Postby Aeromarino » Thu May 14, 2015 10:47 am

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