New Supermarine S5 replica project

If YOU are restoring an existing flying boat, we would be pleased to see images and details of the progress you are making and to hear what it is like to undertake a job of this nature and complexity.

New Supermarine S5 replica project

Postby BenoitLescot » Sat Jul 05, 2014 8:00 pm

Hi Guys,

As seen in "Pilot" magazine, Will Hosie is trying to raise funds to build a replica of the Supermarine S5, Will is the son of Bill Hosie who bought the first replica (built after it was damaged due to engine failure on takeoff) the aircraft was repaired but sadly was lost, taking Bill's life, in 1987 when the rudder fluttered..(This was basically the only part not rebuilt after the engine failure crash) The AAIB report noted different factors leading to the flutter, humidity in the structure, smaller amount than expected of glue joining the ribs/spar and probably most pertinent the CG of the control surface was 29% cord behind the hinge line which should have been max 15%, to my knowledge, static balancing was introduced on the S6 and was not there on the original S5 either. I'm sure this will be picked up in the next replica.

The first replica was 1/2 the weight of the original, the second replica will be powered by a continental 200hp engine. The first replica was visually identical to the original S5 but lost of modifications were made to make it safer, larger floats, same size on both sides, more foregiving wing profile, slightly wider cockpit etc.. Bill said the replica was like a 152 on floats :)

more info here :

Let's hope Will sees his project through..
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